The VirtualPreneur Podcast by Ruben Licera

Do you want to become a Virtualpreneur (a.k.a. Digital Entrepreneur)? Do you want to start your own online business? Do you want to become a Digital Millionaire? Is your ultimate goal is scaping the 9-5 and finally create a digital business based on your lifestyle design?

if your answer to all the questions above is YES, This podcast channel is for you.

Hi I am RUBEN LICERA – a former burger-flipper from the third-world who started a digital career with a USD 100.00 savings and a borrowed PC and had successfully helped companies grow their businesses to 7-figure.

I have worked with publicly traded companies and helped small stratup businesses grow. Personally I have also created a streak of my own running ESTRAT Digital Marketing Company and other digital brands.

It was not an easy road for me who doesn’t have prior entrepreneurship background, or at least a fast-learning ability. I am just an ordinary guy who wants to provide well to people that I love.

If you are still struggling and finding your AHA! moment, this is for you!

Together with friends and colleagues from the industry, I am attempting to create the largest FREE digital resource podcast for up and coming entrepreneurs. We are hopeful to inspire another generation of virtualpreneurs.

What The VirtualPreneur Podcast will answer

The Virtualpreneur Podcast is a 30-minute interview with successful digital business owners who had successfully made the 7-FIGURE mark. It also aims to successfully untangle the curtain behind

  • Success Mindset to get you where you want to go
  • How To START a Digital Business from zero capital or funding
  • GROW and SCALE A Digital Business
  • The VirtualPreneurship Journey – The Highs, The Lows and Everything In Between
  • Know more about becoming a Virtualpreneur from THE VIRTUALPRENEUR and our invited guests.
  • and a lot more…