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The Average Marketing Expert Salary: How Much Can You Earn?

The Average Marketing Expert Salary: How Much Can You Earn?

If you’re considering a marketing job, you may be curious about marketing specialists’ salaries. Marketing gurus develop and implement methods to boost income and clients. This article examines the average marketer’s compensation, its components, and ways to increase earnings. Understanding the Role of a Marketing Expert It’s important to define exactly what a marketing specialist […]

‘Digital Marketer of the Year” Grateful for God’s Blessings


BROTHER RUBEN LICERA JR., a deacon in the Local Congregation of Balamban, Ecclesiastical District of Carcar City, Cebu, is a multi-awarded entrepreneur, a husband, a father, and above all, an active Iglesia Ni Cristo member. He is the recipient of the Digital Marketer Award of 2021 among other awards, and is the CEO of a […]

How To Pivot Your Business Digitally during CoronaVirus Pandemic

How To Pivot Your Business

COVID-19 Pandemic brought the world to its knees. With citizens now subject to strict social distancing measures and lockdown, brick and mortar businesses are forced to close with no clear direction of recuperation pending the availability 1of vaccines. Perhaps, Pivot Your Business Digitally can be a consideration. Business Think Tanks are discussing ways to mitigate […]

Chief Growth Hacker and Why You Should Hire One?


When we hear about the word hacker or hacking, what comes to our mind are computer geeks relentlessly typing on their keyboards trying to break into the system of a bank or trying to steal information. That is what the movies or TV shows tell us, in reality it’s much less of a fanfare than […]

Best Digital Marketing Expert Mentor and Speaker: Top 20 To Follow

Top Digital Marketing Experts and Speakers to Follow in 2018

Are you lost with the latest trends of marketing, specifically the ever growing digital marketing sphere? Are you currently on a crisis on how to get the leads and sales from online platform.    Successful Technopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners nowadays have tapped the services of Digital Marketing Expert Mentors to provide them working […]

Another Virtual PRENEUR’s Hack To Online Payments

acess messenger

As an digital preneur (a.k.a.) most of our businesses are conducted online. But the fact remains that we still need to transact and process our utilities and other daily needs offline. This is true months ago. For me, I have used Paymaya to pay bills, pay staff and purchase online easily. Read more to know […]

Trends and Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Campaign in 2018

Effective Video Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing in 2017 has been effective when it comes to initiating new trends. That we think would be extensive by 2018. It’s already the last quarter of 2017 and in groundwork of what’s coming up with Video Marketing in 2018, we’ve collated some trends and tips for you to have an Effective Video Marketing […]

Why Social Media Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses Matters Today

Social Media Marketing for Small and Medium Business

The internet has over 3 billion active users, more than 2 billion of these digital nomads have active social media accounts. The average American spends about 37 minutes on social media each day. The influx of people in different social media platforms is actually skyrocketing in the past few years. Social media has become a place where people […]

Web Design Trends and Predictions for 2018

Web Design Trends and Predictions for 2018

We are already at the digital age where almost everyone can connect to the Internet with ease. And for every site owner out there, taking note of this change would benefit them the most. That means opting their site to give it more impact, turn in more traffic and ultimately gain more profit. And aesthetics […]

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018


The year 2016 is one hectic year in the digital marketing industry. There were a lot of changes, with Google releasing a new algorithm update every now and then and the shifting of marketing priorities to name a few. We have already left it behind, but that does not mean 2018 is going to give […]

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