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for Aberdeen Football Club


Formed In 1903, Aberdeen Football
Club Is A Scottish Professional Football
Club Based In Aberdeen
Compete In The Scottish Premiership
And Are One Of The Most Successful Football
Clubs In Scotland. They Have Won Four
Leagues Titles And Seven Scottish Cups.
They Are Also The Only Scottish Team To
Have Won Two European Trophies The
European Winners Cup And The
European Super Cup.


we partnered with the club to run a one month trial, testing whether facebook
advertising could increase season ticket sales for the 2017/2018 football league season.
we had a test budget of 1,000 and launched a campaign in april 2017.

By the end of the campaign in mid-may, we had reached over 250,000 different people
and sold 808 season tickets. this generated more the 200,00 for the club. (it is
worth noting that a percentage of the said purchases may have occurred regardless of
the campaign),



Aberdeen FC had no experience of paid activity on Facebook and wanted to test
whether it could play a part in season ticket sales. IN previous years they had relied on
traditional advertising efforts such as billboards and newspapers.

The club’s goal was to sell over 11,00 season tickets for the first time. The club gave
Blue Cliff Media the creative freedom to build a Facebook campaign around the club’s 
annual season ticket video.


Before we start the campaign, we implemented relevant tracking codes
(The Facebook Pixel) on the afc.co.uk website to track the customer’s journey from
purchases were made as a direct result of our campaign. We started off by promoting
the club’s season ticket video out to the following audiences:

*Our look-alike audiences were groups of people who “look like” current season ticket holders, based on demographics, interests
and online behaviours.

We allocated the majority of the budget into retargeting ads, where we invited people
who had already shown an interest in the club to purchase their ticket.

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Season ticket video
With the annual season ticket video, we reached over 255,00 people, of which 200,000 people watched it.
The club sold at least 808 tickets as direct result of the campaign, totalling
£200,000 in revenue. Cost per purchase: £1.24 (based on 808 sales)

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