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Ruben Licera


Father | Branding Coach | Speaker | Corporate Trainer

RUBEN LICERA is an international award-winning communications professional, a multi-awarded content creator, and a respected result-oriented digital marketing strategist and business coach.

He is currently active in advocating VirtualPreneurship - the lifestyle a person needs to acquire to be able to run a business anywhere, anytime and live life according to his/her own terms.

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P.S. I’m ROI obsessed. Everything I do for my clients is directly tied to a return on investment. My clients get results. Period.

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You Deserve To Start, Grow & Scale Your Client-Based Business To 7-Figures!

Is Brand Accelerator applicable to high-ticket courses?

YES! In fact we have an entire pre-made high-ticket funnel and email sequence that all clients receive along with sales call training and objection handling training. We also have an entire ads course just for high-ticket specifically.

Will this include basic level at training or is it assuming I'm already somewhat competent?

There is training for both basic and advanced, but more importantly they are separate Facebook Ads courses for initial audience-building, live webinar funnels, automated webinar funnels and high ticket offers.
You cannot just learn Facebook ads. Facebook Ads strategies change completely, based on the type of funnel. There is no “one-size-fits-all”. Amelia covers all scenarios with a separate head cause of each one.

Do I need to have a following in order to sell & promote my services?

NO! Amelia started with ZERO following. In Brand Accelerator, you are taught how to make money while during your initial following. Amelia’s process, unlike most audience-building methods, allows you to make profit from Day One.

Is Amelia on the coaching calls herself?

YES! There is currently one call per week; every Thursday 6pm SGT GMT +8

Is Brand Accelerator a course? A Coaching Program? What?

Brand Accelerator is a coaching program that comes with several course, done-for-you funnels and email sequences. You will use the course material, downloadable funnels and email sequences to build your business depending on where you are when you come on into the program. This includes support for building an audience and high-ticket phone closing, etc. Then, you’ll come on weekly calls to help you implement what’s in the program so you can execute on what you learnt that week. The program teaches you what to do and how to do it, and the coaching calls help you do it well.

Do you review our funnels and give suggestions? Or is that just for your high-level mastermind members?

Amelia and her campaign managers in her team will answer questions and review issues or potential issues with funnels. However, this does not mean we will watch your entire webinar or read all of your email. Most questions can be answered on the call by simply sharing your screen for a few minutes. So YES, we do give direct suggestions by looking at your actual ads, funnels, etc.

Is Amelia active in helping people in the community?

YES! The time to get advice from Amelia is on her weekly call; however, she does jump on the community group quite often to answer simple questions. BUT she will not answer a question in the group that requires you to come on the call because she would rather give you a solid answer on the call than a vague answer in the group. If it’s more than a simple question, it’s highly recommended you come on the call. The group is great for engaging with other members in between the call as well s for asking simple questions.

How often (and how long) are the weekly coaching calls?

There is one call per week. Each call is roughly two hours long, or until everyone gets their questions answered.
We have yet to have a situation where someone didn’t have enough time to get their questions answered. If we did, we would simply add a second call. All calls are recorded and uploaded within 48 business hours into the membership area. Not only that, every single question is time stamped so you can go to the recording, find the question you’re interested in and fast-forward to that point in the call.

How many students are on these calls? Will there be enough time for my call?

An average of 12 students attend each call, as most students do not attend every single call. It is Amelia’s personal policy to make sure everyone gets their questions answered on the call. The calls go until all questions are answered or until we hit approximately two hours. Currently, we have never had an instance where someone did not get their question answered. In the future, if the calls were to get crowded, and people could not get their questions answered, we would simple add a second call. Currently, we are nowhere near that level.

How long does it take to complete Brand Accelerator?

Brand Accelerator is self-paced. You are not required to complete it in any certain amount of time. You may work as fast as you like or as slow as you like, but for someone working diligently, week by week, it can be completed in as little as 6 weeks.

For how long do I have access to the program and the calls?

You have unlimited access to the program for as long as our company is in business, and we don’t plan on going anywhere! Officially, as long as the program exists, you will have access to the calls.

Are there any more upsells?

No, there are absolutely no upsells in Brand Accelerator! Amelia believes in putting everything into one product and one product alone. While Amelia does have a private mastermind, which includes meeting with her in person 3x per year in her office. This is simply an option to get more attention from Amelia to scale higher at a much faster pace. We do not actively force anyone to upgrade, not is it a requirement, it’s simply an option if you want to pour gasoline on the fire. Brand Accelerator has become everything you need to start, grow and scale a client-based business from the very beginning to the very end, including dealing with customer support and every other possible scenarios.

What makes this program different from all the other courses out there?

First of all, this is not a course. It is a high-level coaching program. It comes with several courses to support you, but it is definitely a coaching program. What makes it different is that Amelia was able to build a 7 figure business without any help from other influencers. She did not have an advantage by doing a joint-venture, nor did she get any head-start. She built it from scratch, with nothing more than a laptop and a Facebook account. So if you’re someone, who wants to learn from the best in the business and someone who has created hundreds of six-figures earners and dozens of millionaires from scratch, without the need for influential friends, then this program is for you.

Does this program cover more than FB Ads?

YES! This program cover every aspect of running a client-based business. There is absolutely nothing left out of this program related to running a client-based business.

Is this program on drip?

No, absolutely no part of this program is dripped out. This is a premium program, and premium programs do not drip out content; however, they do get continuously updated.

Is this program up to date?

YES! Amelia shares any important updates on the live coaching calls, teaching new material for a few weeks before putting it in the membership area. That way, the students don’t have to wait to get access to the updated material. Once it’s polished and ready to be published, Amelia adds it into the Brand Accelerator program so that the program becomes a revolving door of updates. As a premium product, this program is continuously updated.

I don’t have a following. Will this program work for me?

Absolutely! In fact, it is specifically designed for someone with or without a following to come to the appropriate place in the program and hit the ground running. Amelia has absolutely no following when she started, yet she was still able to build a successful business. You will learn how to do this even if you have no following and not a single person on the planet knows who you are.

Can I have my assistant or staff join the program?

You are more than welcome to have your assistant, media buyer, or staff member join in on the coaching calls to help you ask technical questions or just be a fly on the wall. Your staff may not attend the calls by themselves. they must be accompanied by you. You are free to give them a log-in to the course area, but only the business owners are allowed in the private community groups.

It’s going to take more than 8 weeks for me to get my business to where I need it to be. How much ongoing support is there after the first 8 weeks?

While the program is broken into 8 week modules, you can take as long as you want per week of content. The support is the same in Week One, Week Eight, or a year from now. You are not restricted in any way. As long as this program exists, you will have the same support as the day you first joined!

Are the strategies I’m learning all ”paid” or will there be “organic” strategies as well?

Brand Accelerator is a complete program. This includes not only paid and organic strategies but also paid and organic strategies specifically for each type of business model. It includes building your initial audience. No stone is left unturned.

Are the strategies I’m learning all ”paid” or will there be “organic” strategies as well?

Brand Accelerator is a complete program. This includes not only paid and organic strategies but also paid and organic strategies specifically for each type of business model. It includes building your initial audience. No stone is left unturned.

What if you already have a client-based business that is selling well but you want to scale it? How much of what’s in Brand Accelerator applies?

Brand Accelerator is designed to help 4 different groups of people:

- People who have yet to pick a client-based business idea and want to get started.
- People who have already chosen a client-based business idea but don’t know how to start
- People who have a client-based business but is not selling
- People who have a client-based business that is selling but what to scale.

If you want to scale your client-based business, Brand Accelerator is definitely for you. However, if you are already at a substantial revenue per month and want to scale higher faster, you may want to consider Amelia’s Mastermind as you will get 10x more personal attention from her - and if you are already at a high revenue level, why not get the most help possible?

Can Brand Accelerator be applied to other business models?

Brand Accelerator can definitely be applied to other business models.

- If you sell anything over the phone, Brand Accelerator is for you.
- If you sell anything high-ticket, Brand Accelerator is for you.
- If you sell coaching packages, Brand Accelerator is for you.
- If you sell masterminds, Brand Accelerator is for you.

How in-depth does the material go on the technical side of a client-based business?

While Amelia believes that tech is important to understand, it should not get in the way of your message and your ability to service your clients. That is why, instead of teaching you how to be a master of tech, we simple give you done-for-you systems. This includes funnels and email sequences for audience-building, high ticket sales, etc. All you have to do is follow the instructions and connect the dots and you’ll be able to set up each system without needing to be a master of tech. You are more than welcome to use softwares or methods outside of the main program but if you don’t want to deal with having to be a technical master, using the pre-made systems is your best bet. You can ask any technical question you like on the calls.

Does the course material revolve around certain technology stacks and platforms? Would I be better served if I planned on using the same platform for managing my client-based business?

If you want to take advantage of the done-for-you funnels and email sequences, it’s highly recommended that you stick with the tech stacks recommended in the program. However, strategically, you can use what you learn in our program with any technology stack.

Do I need to have a general understanding of how membership sites work or are these basics covered in the program?

Brand Accelerator is designed to help people who have no knowledge of internet marketing all the way to people who are already experts. There is nothing in this program that is not covered. As long as you know how to work a computer and use basic functions like email and a web browser, you will be just fine.

Is Brand Accelerator geared towards certain niches or can the strategies taught be transferred across several niches?

Brand Accelerator can be used in any niche of industry. This includes financial, dating, personal development, business, pet training, food, fashion, absolutely anything you could think of! The only ones that would be slightly more difficult are the ones that have advertising restrictions, such as FOREX. However, you can still promote these offers.

What is the primary focus of the program? For example, does Brand Accelerator assume I’m already solid at my client-based business and is more of a “marketing strategies” program for increasing revenue for my client-based business?

The primary focus of the program is the entire client-based business, which means it’s everything from how to start, grow and scale from marketing, selling to dealing with customers and fulfillment - everything. Amelia’s intention with this program is to make it the complete one-stop resource center for anything involved in running a client-based business!

Finally, is Brand Accelerator for me?

The only way to be sure that this program is a fit for you and that you are a fit for this program is to book a call, attend the call and my team will evaluate your situation to see if we can help. We will absolutely not sell you anything unless we believe you will get a massive return on investment. Our success rate is extremely high for those that actually attend the calls and use the program - almost 100% - the reason for this is simply because we only work with people we know we can help. And the only way to know is to jump on a call with my team.

We look forward to speaking with you!!
Ruben Licera





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