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Awful Landing Pages from Popular Brands Dissected

Awful Landing Pages from Popular Brands Dissected

What does the websites of Mercedes Benz, Window Phone 7, Bank of America, Rosetta Stone, USC Marshall, and Tazo Tea have in common?

We don’t stick to what are the negative sides of the highlighted sites structure and landing pages. The blog link I will be sharing to you provides a real and working landing pages with comments and marks from two of the best Internet Marketing Experts there is in their best possible presentation.

They are currently the center of discussion of Dan Hollings and Leslie Rhode’s “7 TRULY AWFUL LANDING PAGES YOU WON’T BELIEVE ARE FROM WELL-KNOWN BRAND.”

As quoted from the blogpost:

“We’ll then outline areas where the landing page falls short. And finally, we’ll offer an example of a landing page that one should model.”

Dan and Leslie suggest that we follow this perfect landing page formula.

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