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SEO – LinkBuilding Strategy – Finding Forums and Blogs to Comment

Last Update: Sep 20, 2023 @ 7:56 am
Blogs to comments

Not all forums and blogs are all created equal.

This video will show you how to select the right forums and blogs to comment on. Please click the Facebook “RECOMMEND” Buttonthe GOOGLE Plus Button above the video and the “PLAY” Button.

In the realm of digital marketing and SEO, the choice of forums and blogs for commenting is crucial. Not only should you consider the relevance of the platform to your niche, but you should also assess the engagement and authority of the website. Look for blogs and forums with active communities and high domain authority, as this will enhance the value of your backlinks and comments. Additionally, pay attention to the quality of discussions and user interactions on these platforms. Meaningful contributions can establish your expertise and drive organic traffic to your own website.

Aside from this, listed below also the other SEO LinkBuilding Techniques:

1. Blog Commenting
2. Forum Posting
3. Web Directory Submission
4. Social Bookmarking

These strategies are known to be Intermediate SEO LinkBuilding strategies:

1. Article Submission
2. Press Release Submission
3. Micro Blogging
4. Shared Content Site Posting

By focusing on platforms that align with your niche and possess strong engagement and authority, you can maximize the impact of your contributions. Remember that meaningful interactions and quality comments can establish your expertise and drive organic traffic to your own website. In addition to forum and blog commenting, consider incorporating other intermediate SEO link building strategies like article submission, press release submission, microblogging, and shared content site posting to create a well-rounded SEO approach that boosts your online presence and rankings.

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