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Andy Jenkin’s Product Launch Platform KAJABI is Making waves

Last Update: Nov 16, 2016 @ 6:26 pm
Andy Jenkin’s Product

“Uncle” Andy Jenkins has done it again beating the competition of product launch platforms.

How did I know about Andy Jenkin’s Product launch? He’s sending me e-newsletters and, again, I have been given access to KAJABI. As I have reviewed KAJABI from my own perspective, as I have been given a chance to test it, his is not competing with Jeff Walker’s Product Lunch Formula. Mr. Jenkins is opening a new platform that can do the following:

  • Ability to have multiple Projects. Though our “Starter” package only begins with one Project available, you can always add more. Each Project has a completely separate URL, users, content, comments, etc… They are completely different sites
  • Projects can be mapped to custom domain names, so your Kajabi site could be www.yourdomain.com.
  • You can set your project to auto-approve comments or require approval.
  • You can specify how long a user needs to be a member before they can download portal videos.
  • Add your own 3rd party analytics code to your project.
    Full time-zone support so dates within Kajabi are displayed in the user’s local timezone.

I am not sure if this is still open for everyone, but for sure our great friend and patron, Brian, has exclusive access to the following incentives from KAJABI:

  1. A webinar with Andy Jenkin’s Product about how to do a product with Kajabi. The tools launching was the biggest ever ( I think!), and guest what who’s the beta testers of this tool? the Internet Marketing bigwigs. Dan Theis, Leslie Rhode, Jeff Walker are just some of them.
  2. A fully customer centered nitty-gritty “how to’s” of Kajabi. The KAJABI Team is highly in touch with its users. One negative point only for not creating a chat support for this platform.
  3. INTERNAL KAJABI CHEAT LIST. Like I said above, there is still no secret however, there is a series to everything to make it work. This list contains the tricks you can use with the tool.

If you want to build a lasting, dependable income online, membership sites are the way to do it. And this KAJABI review, testifies that it does not only creates a fully customized customer experience around your content, but itcan cultivate a thriving community within your niche where you can congregate your members and make some sales.

Promising? INDEED!

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