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Last Update: Sep 19, 2023 @ 8:51 am

Learn from the Experts that does this for a living for more than 3 years.

From whom can we learn the best ways to do Business Blogging? I take lessons from the best in the field and today, I will be sharing to you some notes and learnings I got from them, courtesy of Inbound Marketing University.

Jeff Ente who serves as the Director of “Who’s Blogging What” shares this info in his foreword to an ebook entitled “Better Business Blogging 2011″

This ebook stands as a testament to the wealth of insights and practical wisdom he has garnered throughout his extensive career, offering readers a valuable resource that encapsulates the evolving landscape of business blogs and the strategies that have proven successful in the dynamic world of online marketing and communication.

‘Weblogs’ became popular in the mid 1990s as personal journals, maintained almost exclusively by individuals, containing daily details and passions that somehow retained their intimacy even as they were made visible to anyone with an internet connection. Information architect Peter Merholz claims that he was just being ‘silly’ in 1997 when he announced:

I’ve decided to pronounce the word “weblog” as wee’- blog. Or “blog” for short.

Wee’- blog was soon being spelled as ‘We blog’ and Merholz’s ‘silly’ experiment gained entrance as part of our modern lexicon. Perhaps the reason it stuck was the acknowledgement that weblogs were an activity as much as they were a communication form. The web site is something that a person has. The web blog is something that a person does.

The dynamic nature and friendly style of blogs soon became popular with businesses as well, and with good reason. Blogs gave a business opportunity to speak to the market directly, in its own voice and on its own terms. More importantly, blogs gave the market a chance to talk back and to share the conversation with like minded friends. Webmasters soon noticed some unintended consequences. The evolving dialogues supported by business blogs frequently contained, in a rich organic environment, the search terms entered as queries by business prospects. When relevant sites linked back to the blog it further increased the likelihood that new customers would enter initially through the corporateblog.

Business blogging is now a practice that seems remarkably simple if done correctly… – the good business blog will reflect a business where everyone is united by their pride and excitement for their products and services. In short, exactly the type of place that people want to do business with.

I sometimes call alternately Business Blogging as ProBlogging. It differentiates the blog from the usual because ProBlogger is all about hitting a mission or a goal.

Blogs have not only allowed businesses to communicate directly with their audience but have also enabled customers to engage in meaningful conversations and share insights. When done correctly, it becomes a mission-driven endeavor that reflects a company’s pride and enthusiasm for its products and services. It creates a space where customers genuinely want to do business.

Watch out for more Business Blogging Tips here. For more suggestions, please feel free to comment below. Let me hear your thoughts.

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