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How Google Improves its Search Algorithm

Last Update: Aug 10, 2013 @ 5:12 pm
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Known to practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists that every year Google implements over 500 improvements to its search algorithm.

And these updates alone keeps us on our feet to ensure that our clients/customers are always on top of the Google search engine ranking page. You can read here, “We targeting Google Search for Search Engine Optimization Ranking?”

To better understand this, they released a video in August 24, 2011 that gives us a view of how each potential change in the algorithm is evaluated. This video titled “How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm”, gives us a preview of the brilliant minds of the Google engineers and search experts.

Needless to say, there are thousands of Engineers behind Google search who suggests alteration day-in and day-out of the Google search every now and them.

Most often, according to Google Software Engineer Mark Paskin, it starts with an idea, developed into a hypothesis by ranking engineers and goes through a rigorous testing to ensure that all of the results in searches done by users is the best possible output.

This video confirms these TAKEAWAYS:

“Google Algorithm is made up of several hundred signals that we try to put together to serve the best search result to each user” – Rajan Patel, Search Scientist

Google Fellow Amit Singhal confirmed that in 2010 launched around 500 changes in its search algorithm. Most often, these changes were done at least once a day.

Each potential change in the algorithm is analyzed to make sure each search is the right one for the user, according to Google Engineering Director Scott Huffman.

Google is ensuring that users will have the best possible result or output per search. In Amil Singhals words, ” Google Aligns with users interests…”

So if you are planning to rank in any keyword, think in mind what your target clients/customers are looking for. Arm with that knowledge you can start developing highly relevant and timely content that the Google search cannot ignore, whatever Google “animal” updates it may be.

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