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Critical Facts to Consider in Your Website Design

Last Update: Sep 19, 2023 @ 2:55 am

When you think of creating a website for your business, there are a lot of things that you should take into account.

Some of these things may not be as important and you can add them later, however, there are also those that you need to prioritize over the others. Here are some of the most critical points that you have to know in Website Design. Planning and creating a website with your Website Designer.

Navigation Friendly

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There are a lot of nifty and great looking websites out there that fail to draw traffic because their audience don’t know where to click to go to the page they want to see. When you consider the fact that it’ll take most people only a couple of seconds to decide if they want to visit the site or not, it’s quite obvious that a proper navigational design is imperative to have in the homepage. You want your viewers to know which page they want to go the moment they land on your homepage, not make them think a bit and look for a whole minute to look for that particular link that will redirect them to the page they want to go – because even you know they won’t spend that long in a website they visited for the first time.


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This is no longer the age where people can only connect to the internet via their bulky desktop units. Smartphones and tablets have been here for years and the smartwatch has been on the what-to-buy list by a lot of people when it gets officially stocked in the market. That means the options of accessing a website has been increasing and are getting a lot more varied.

Because your website is the extension of your business online, you have to make sure that it’s accessible through all sorts of devices. You have to make sure your viewers can see it as it is, regardless of the platform and device they’re using. This is the very reason why Responsive Website Design has become the norm when it comes to web designing.


Website Design - Aesthetics
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As said above, visitors only take a couple of seconds to scan your homepage to determine if they want to delve deeper into it or not. That’s why you have to convince them how great your site is from the get-go. For that to succeed, you need to have a web design that will easily appeal to your target demographic. Use the accepted methods of today and steer away from outdated ones like animated GIFs and flash – make your website design look professional and not something made by a grade schooler.

On-Site Optimization

Website Design - On Site Optimization
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SEO is also one thing you have to take into account as you create your website. No matter how good looking it is, no one’s going to appreciate its beauty if they’re not going to find it in the first place. By optimizing it for search engine webcrawlers, you can make your site appear on Google’s SERPs for relevant search queries. The company you’re hiring should be able to do this or you can hire an SEO specialist to help you in this part – doing it yourself without in-depth knowledge in SEO could backfire on you instead.

Quality Content

Website Design - Quality Content
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Last but not the least, is the meat of your website. Content is what provides information to your viewers about your business and it should take up most of the space in your site. Your content should also be unique and great in terms of quality. Not only does this earn you some plus points from your viewers, but Google and the other search engines as well – they love great content just as much as your viewers do.

Making Your Website Better

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After you’ve laid out the foundations for a great website, it’s time to apply the additional methods to it. One thing that you need to be mindful of is that you need to be consistent on everything – this is particularly true for content as you need to constantly provide them for your viewers. Follow up on the latest trends in web designing and make sure your website can be optimized again whenever the need for changing comes up again.

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