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Social Good

Last Update: Jan 6, 2015 @ 3:26 pm

The act of doing something beneficial for the sake of the general populace is not something new.

There are philanthropists, both known and anonymous people, around the world who would not think twice about helping people in need in anyway they can. They do this in the form of charity events, monetary donations and the like. And this, we refer to as social good.

With the passing of the years however, the term social good has been given new meaning. Now, with the advent of the internet and social media, people have gained a great opportunity for their good deed activities. They have gained a new platform in which they can reach out to people much faster and easier – online. Now, social good can be defined as an activity with good intentions targeting a general audience using the tool that we call social media.

You may have heard about various campaigns on Twitter that has a general idea of “giving something back for every retweet with the hashtag”. That is one example of a greater good activity done with the help of social media. While the act may be considered as such, some would argue that for it to be called Social Good, it should be more than just a plain way of raising funds or resources.

What Social Good Needs to Be

What Social Good Needs to Be
image source: slate.com

Yes, that Twitter example is a great idea, but aside from making people donate something, an act considered as good deeds should also have the capability to affect others. You’re not only using social media to ask people for donations; you are doing it because you want to spread that idea of yours through social media. You want others to understand what your activity is all about so that in turn, they too, will share it around their social circles.

Many social good activities have started online and remained on that platform. But, what you need to understand is that it’s not about how you share it around Facebook or Twitter that makes it a good deed activity. It is more about changing the lives of people who are benefited by this movement. And for that reason, a good activity shouldn’t end on social media but rather, it should continue unto personally meeting with the people concerned and interacting with them.

A lot of people would also refer to good deed as a simple charity event that is done online. It should not be deemed as something so shallow. You want to pursue it because you want to change something for the better. It is an act of goodwill and it just so happens that you are using social media and online communities as the medium.

Making Social Good Stay for Good

Making Social Good Stay for Good
image source: ronfoth.com

Doing good things might be considered as a digital trend, but should it just remain as such? Will you want it to remain as a trend that will ultimately lose its fire and gets buried by another new and hot one? No, it should not.

Social good is an ideal that you need to uphold. It is something that can bring people closer and make the lives of others better. That concept should live on, both online and offline, and it is up to you and the other good deed founders to make sure it stays.

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