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Best Technopreneurship Expert Speaker Mentor in Asia : Top 10 Choices

Last Update: Aug 16, 2022 @ 4:15 am

Technopreneurship nowadays would always be somehow summed-up with the persona of Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man of the Marvel stories — the fictional character who has successfully merged technology and entrepreneurship. Real life Technopreneurship icons like Elon Musks, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg have been given the fair share of spotlight in the tech landscape given that their innovations have really changed how the world revolves and how their technology is influencing our daily lives.


But where are the Asian technopreneurs? Are there no technopreneurs in Asia that we can look up to? Why are they not given the similar spotlight as the Western and American Technoreneurs?

Spoiler alert: They are very much as competent as the others. So, hold on to your seats as we change the narrative and offer the foreground to our Asian pride in the technopreneurship field to discuss how their expertise have boosted our economy and can positively impact your next tech business plan as well.

In this article, we will share to you the general perspective on Technopreneurship and the leading Asian Technopreneurs in the world.

But first, let us define…

Technopreneur at Work
Technopreneur Tony Stark at Work (Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios)


In the most obvious way, technopreneurship is what you get when you unite “entrepreneurship” with “technology”. This is not just the effect of technology on businesses but rather the process where progression in the lives of the people happens. It is the process of using the developments brought about by specialized knowledge to come up with innovations in all the aspects of human life with the aid of a creative and skillful mind. Birth of this field provides every entrepreneur a challenge of exploring an untraveled path towards greater success.

In this generation, one factor that greatly influences the lives of people is technology. Everything under the sun must cope up with the changes created by this shape-shifting factor, even the businesses. Whether they see these developments as a challenge to surpass or as an opportunity to expand their venture, they just can’t eliminate the fact that they should ride along with its trends.

Obviously, the term technopreneurship was coined from the words “technology” and “entrepreneurship”. It was first used in the year 1987 but gained popularity due to the wide use of the internet during the second millennium. There are various definitions of that word, depending on the individual giving meaning to it. From the most technical to the most sentimental and even the weirdest definition of the term, you have it all.

Technopreneurship can be defined as follows:

Integration of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

“Act of turning “something” into a resource of high value by converting good ideas into business ventures that relies heavily on the application of human knowledge for practical purposes. “

“Entrepreneurship in the field of technology.”

“Process of engineering the future of an individual, an organization or a nation.”

“Application of the newest inventions and advancements in coming out with new and innovative products through the process of dissemination.”

“Manufacturing of hi-tech products or making use of hi technology to deliver product to consumers.”

“Exhaustive use of technology in making profit.”

Some people might just describe the word by simply stating names of famous people like Steve Jobs of Apple Inc., Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and other well known technopreneurs out there. Sometimes, by just merely saying their names, people will understand more the concept and meaning of technopreneurship.

In a gist, Technopreneurship is the fusion of technology or the application of scientific knowledge and entrepreneurship, the process of establishing a business from a gap in the market to develop human innovations for the advancement of the world. 

As the newest breed of entrepreneurship, technopreneurship utilizes the technological landscape to develop modern opportunities through commercial products and services that has given us some of the globally leading companies today like Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Attending events that hone technopreneurship, like Startup Weekend, is a great avenue.

Technopreneurship at Large

Mass media and internet are the main contributing factors for the popularity of technopreneurship. Websites here and there, new models of cell phones, laptops and tablet PC’s everywhere, it is evident in every place you go, in every website you are visiting, and in every channel you are watching.

We cannot deny the fact that this field is engrossing the whole business community. A lot of popular industries of today are changing their strategies just to comply with the needs of it. Man’s nature to seek for innovations and developments added to the pressure of changing what is traditional.

Technopreneurship is now the trend; businesses that adjust are businesses that survive.

Who is called Technopreneur?

Technopreneur is a professional in the technology field that revolutionizes the economic order by introducing modern concepts of products.

Through thinking outside the box, they convert their ideas into creating better and more advanced solutions to change the traditional methodologies in the industry. 

With their expertise in technopreneurships, they are basically entrepreneurs that develop and manage their tech business that is accessible by the public and can ease their everyday lives.

Filipino Technopreneurship Expert Speaker

What is a Technopreneurship Expert Speaker?

Technopreneurship Expert Speaker takes advantage of their learnings and personal experience in operating their businesses in the technology field to help other people gain sufficient knowledge about how technopreneurship works and become aware of how it can improve their lives.

With their authority, they can influence other people to start innovating their business ideas and provide actual strategies to execute it succeesfully and contribute to the development of the society.

How to Become a Technopreneurship Expert Speaker?

Successful technopreneurship experts are doers first before becoming speakers. They have done years of thorough technology and entrepreneurship and for experimentation because they understand  that their growth in the industry will depend on the path that they will take and how will you pursue it.

Here are some steps that other leading technopreneurs in the world do over the years, that their colleagues now consider them as experts in their field:

  • Be With The Right Circle.The people around you will contribute a huge impact to your actions and perception of life so make sure that you are surrounded by the right people who have the same interests as yours that can teach you more knowledge and motivate you to move forward.
  • Work Hard and Work Smart. Being a technopreneurship expert speaker does not happen overnight, you need to be hardworking and committed to your craft because learning takes time and practicing is much longer.
  • Develop Own Idea. With all the learnings that you have acquired from your experience in the industry and your mentors, come up with your own idea of the product or service that you want to develop that can surely solve your consumers problems and a gap in the industry.
  • Acquire Learning Certifications. Once you have created a unique idea that has never been thought of by your competitors, take the great opportunity to establish it in the market and certify your business to gain authority and influence to your audience.
  • Share Your Knowledge. Being a technopreneurship expert means you have learned a lot of mistakes along the way. These learning experiences contribute technical wisdom for new comers. Learning these wisdom provides others the edge. Every industry leader also understands that succeeding in technopreneurship ends when you have successfully lauch, grow, or scale your venture. It  doest not end when you successfully founded your business, you have to fulfill another role of sharing your wisdom to those who need it.

Why hiring a Technopreneurship Expert in Asia is important to Businesses?

Asia being the largest continent in the world that has over 6,268 tech startups as of Novermber 2021 consists of highly-developing countries such as China that accounts for over two thirds of all unicorns or private startups that has revenued for over $1 billion in Asia-Pacific region and 26% in global scale.

Other countries such as the Philippines are still emerging in investing on core technologies and possesses a huge market potential in innovations particularly now where foreign investments are increasing in Southeast Asia so we really have to step up our game in the technopreneurial industry since they are looking for a more advanced type of investment structure such as for SPACs or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies.

Technopreneurship may not have been involved nor tackled in several business conferences given that it is only a new addition to the market and many are still puzzled by how it really works but if you assess it carefully, you will get to perceive that it is one of the most productive idea especially now that we are in the digital era. 

Especially since we are welcoming a new face of digital consumers wherein 88% of them are attracted to brands and motivated to purchase their products or services if they can offer something different to the table that has never been done by other companies in the field.

Moreover, consumers will also prioritize a business four to six times more than their competitors if they can solve their problems or make them live a sustainable lifestyle while still being ethical in the middle of the digital age – that’s where technopreneurship experts enters the picture to provide you complete guidance and set of strategies to fulfill your consumer’s demands.

Technopreneurship Expert in Asia

What are the top Technopreneurship Expert in Asia Services ?

In order to help you develop an innovative and revolutionary business to the market, you really need to offer your commitment while working with a technopreneurship expert in asia especially with the top services that they can offer to their clients:

  • Business Planning. Every business needs a backbone or a blueprint of how something will work and what to do if it doesn’t. With their knowledge in the tech field, experts can determine which one of your ideas are good and which one are disposable until you arrive with the best plan before start working on it.
  • Product Development. A business is just a vague establishment without a product or service that you will market to your customers so you have to study carefully the market and your competitors to choose the product that you want to focus on creating that has still not been made by others in order to stand out in the industry.
  • IT Services. From software development to troubleshooting and technical support, an Asian technopreneurship expert can provide a variety of IT services that you will be needing in forming and regulating your business.
  • Digital Solution & Consumer Engagement. Once you have established your business to the market, next step you need to work on is marketing it and with the help of tech experts, you can come up with a strategic approach to engage your customers in the digital platforms and convert them into sales.
  • Project Management & Consultation. Management serves as the heart of every project execution wherein you have to monitor every aspect of your business such as the engagement of your brand or the sales of your products. With proper consultation from experts, you can acquire ideas on how to improve your methodologies if they are not working the way you imagined it to be.

The Benefits of Working with a Leading Technopreneurship Expert in Asia

Understanding the field of technopreneurship is really a challenging road to take, but you can still acquire the outcomes that you are aiming for but with a less stressful path by working with one of the leading technopreneurship expert in Asia that can provide you an enormous number of benefits such as the following:

  • Countless Connections and Opportunities. Working with an Asian Technopreneurship Expert will not only provide you with sufficient knowledge in their field of expertise but can also help you create and develop technological advancement to fulfill customer’s demands with their creative thinking.
  • Business Growth. A Technopreneurship expert can help you develop strategies to expand your business especially with the growth of the Internet where you can easily reach more customers and build strong relationships with them.
  • Cost Effective. Their expertise in the tech field can save you so much time and money by guiding you with your business rather than researching and testing everything out alone especially in developing your own product of innovative technology to the market.
  • Consistent Guidance & Motivation. Considering technology as a complex field, it is a no-brainer that you will require necessary daily technopreneurship motivation or consistent guidance from experts who had been in the trenches to provide real and on-point wisdom and solution to technopreneurship dillema wherein you really have to push hard for you to succeed in it but with the guidance of a Technopreneurship expert, you will not be lost and can keep you inspired until you achieve your goals.

Learning from real-life Technopreneurs can go a long way in your venture to becoming the next Technopreneurship Expert, Mentor and Speaker in Asia.

How to Choose the Best Technopreneurship Expert Speaker in Asia?

If you really want to maximize the potential of your ideas or improve the quality of your business, you have to work with the asian technopreneurship experts in the field who really have the eyes and knowledge to help you achieve your objectives. But how can you find the best one?

  • Get To Know The Expert. Given that you will be working with each other for a long-term, you have to make sure that you really know someone before working with them to prevent some hidden agendas or misunderstanding along the journey.
  • Test Compatibility. Good personal chemistry will always be top-tier in making a partnership works so choose the expert that has similar knowledge or familiarity to the industry that you belong so that you can really ask for the right guidance where they are very much aware of.
  • Check Their Skills. The best technopreneurship expert speaker should not just display an outstanding image but can really live up to people’s expectations of them by being capable of delivering quality results. Assess their businesses. Ask for ideas. Test their knowledge.
  • Determine Work Ethic.  Regardless of how great they are in the entrepreneurship industry, if their values are not professional nor respectful to people they’re working with, you will only find yourself stressing too much over things that they should be helping you in the first place.
  • Let Them Earn Your Trust. Before you fully work with a technopreneurship expert, communicate with them first to sort out all your business goals and allow them to display their skills into action as they provide you with initial plan that is enough for you to offer yout trust with them.

Red Flags to Watch out for in a Technopreneurship Expert in Asia

There are benefits that you can obtain from technopreneurship experts whom you are able to tap as your Technopreneurship Expert, Speaker, or Mentor. But be careful as there are a lot of posers out there. Before talking or hiring anyone to help you on your business, be sure to check the following:

  • Bad Reputation. You would not want to work with someone that has delivered a poor performance to their past clients right? Especially those who have broken specific promises or hard to deal with so make sure that you’ll not become their next victim.
  • Focus On Spotlight.  There are experts who will always want to make themselves the star of the show and focus more on highlighting their career rather than actually helping you and considering a long-term relationship with you.
  • Lack of Integrity. Success is good but if you will only obtain it in an immoral way, you’ll soon realize that it’s not worth and can only put you on danger zones so choose the expert that works in a decent way with excellence.
  • Superficial Knowledge. It’s easy to claim that you’re an expert but proving it takes courage and a lot of accountability to make sure that you’ll be working with someone who is credible and certified that has deep understanding of technopreneurship and not just based on what Wikipedia says.
  • Lack of Social Media Presence. How can you call yourself a real tech expert when you can’t even utilize the internet and make your own website or even a simple Facebook page just to show your credentials, projects or even feedback from your past colleagues? Lack of digital presence can already be a sign of a doubtful identity and not a true professional.

Top Asian Technopreneurs to Follow in 2022 

Asia has become a home for many tech businesses especially as one of the highly developed continent in the world wherein the population of Technopreneurship Experts are unstoppable as they continue to grow and diversify in offering solutions to people’s problems. 

Here are the top Technopreneurs in Asia that are persistent on making a big noise in th industry despite of their young age in 2022:

(1) Hatem Kameli

Hatem Kameli, is the Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of five distinct tech companies in the span of 12 years including a digital consulting firm called iCLICK and an AI-powered social media analytics and intelligence platform known as Lucidya with his expertise in digital business and marketing from various sectors such as airlines recognizing him as one of the CMO Council Honoree.

(2) Eric Yuan

Eric Yuan, Founder of Zoom, a global teleconferencing software that aims to hold meetings and connect with people especially employees during the COVID-19 lockdowns. He was formerly Cisco’s Webex collaboration software’s Vice President of Engineering. His discovery and invention of Zoom, upgraded his net worth to $6 billion in 2022.

(3) Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang is know to the world as the Founder of Yahoo, one of the leading online search engines up-to-date that has played a huge part in the general public’s consciousness for the Internet with a total revenu of $20 billion and an investment company that aims to provide help to tech startups called AME Cloud Ventures.

(4) Zhang Zetian

Zhang Zetian is China’s Youngest Female Billionare at the age of 24. Her e-commerce business, JD.com continues to expand rapidly, multiplying her fortune by 111% to $23.5 billion in 2020 that paved her way to the 16th spot in the Forbes’ China Rich List.

(5) Zhang Yiming

Zhang Yiming, is the CEO & Co-Founder of ByteDance, a chinese tech internet company that developed the most admired video-sharing platform in today’s time, TikTok and even surpasses Instagram. Tikok is now the second most popular social media in the world. It has increased his 2019 net worth to 59.4 billion USD.

(6) Cynthia Helena Rif

Cynthia Helena Rif,  is the Co-Founder of Witwork, a Dubai-based co-workspace solution platform that allows professionals to perform flexible work and network operations at the same time that has improved UAE’s business landscape making her one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the country.

(7) Trishneet Arora

Trishneet Arora  is the  Creator & CEO of TAC Security Solutions, a cyber security business that aims to prevent cybercrime cases with his expertise in ethical hacking working with the Punjab police investigation and forensics department making him one of the youngest successful entrepreneur in India.

(8) Yohanes Sugihtono Nugroho

Yohanes Sugihtono Nugroho is the Founder of Crowde, an online peer-to-peer lending platform that has provided sufficient financing to smallholders farmers in Indonesia with the help of public investors supporting agricultural activities making him one of Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 for Social Entrepreneurship as he continue to create changes in the region.

(9) Raisul Kabir

Raisul Kabir is the Founder of Brain Station 23, one of Bangladesh’s biggest IT firm and top ten software outsourcing company with her perseverance in building its global presence across the globe.

(10) Faeez Fadhillah

Faeez Fadhillah is the Founder of Tripfez, a digital travel agency that inspires Muslims to pursue travelling around the world and one of the outstanding business speakers at international travel conferences as he became the Deputy Honorary Secretary-General of Pacific Asia Travel Association from 2017 to 2019.

The list above are some of the Best Technopreneurship Expert Speaker Mentors you can tap for your business. It will be challenging for business owners to tap them, however your creative passion will definitely go a long way. There is no harm in trying to reaching out with them, even online…

Top Filipino Technopreneurs to Follow

For the past few years, I have also been following successful and respected Filipino technopreneurs. You can check my list of Best Filipino Technopreneurs here.

How to Hire the Best Technopreneurship Expert Speaker in Asia?

Before you can hire the best technopreneurship expert speaker in Asia, you have to be sure of your commitment to what you are entering yourself into first because these experts will just only serve as your helping hand or a support system to equip you with needed skills and knowledge to upgrade your business but majority of the works are still on you.

Create a list of the qualities that you are looking for in an expert speaker and the goals that you are aiming for then, find some leads in the internet or even from your colleagues’ referrals and classify them based on their expertise and capability to check all your marks and fulfill your objectives.

Don’t rush the hunt! Take some time to get to know your future partner in the industry and make them understand your ideas because after all, the brand that you will develop should still reflect you and not the technopreneurship expert until you finally felt the intimate connection between two parties pushing you to say, “This is the one”.

From there, learn to communicate regularly wherein you have to talk to them about your targets and ask them about their suggestions to maximize your concepts and lead you towards creating the biggest innovation for the whole world to see and even the next generations to take advantage of – don’t just do business with them, have a profitable one!

Summary and Conclusion

If you will widen your perspective, you will see that technopreneurship holds the future of the tech industry as it opens more doors for innovative ideas and greater opportunities to offer to the market while boosting our economical value towards creating a more advanced world for all.

Asian Technopreneurship expert speakers have proven their credibility and skills in the business industry wherein some of the big names still thrive to offer something bigger to the public as years gone by, only amplifying how much Asians are really competent in the field of technology – will not allow to be defeated as well!

As much as working with an tech expert can develop and evolve your business in the long run, you still have to be careful in choosing the professional that you will work with and entrust your future because many have called themselves experts but only legitimate ones can act as one.

Choose someone that is not only clean from toxic traits and can provide you countless benefits in various sectors but an expert that can guide you from the starting line and still work with you until you reach the endgoal for your business as improvement is an everyday opportunity – grab it!


Thanks to the  following links you can visit Scribd reference 1Scribd reference 2, Issi.upd.edu.ph, and CNNportal.org, for giving me ample resources to begin my research on Technopreneurship.

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