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15 Ways to Make Money Online Even During COVID-19

Last Update: Aug 22, 2022 @ 10:07 am

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused countless companies to temporarily close their doors and send their employees home. As sustaining business operations can rather be difficult for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). There are three key pillars in place to fight the impacts of COVID-19.

To simplify they are to protect workers in their workspace, lending financial support to specific factors, and supporting employment retention and incomes. If you lost your job, or on standby during the coronavirus. You might be looking for other income streams. There are a number of remote work opportunities in which you can continue to make money online even during COVID-19. 

Tools You’ll Need To Make Money Online

But before you can make money online even during covid-19, you’ll need to prepare these equipment for you to do it. 

  1. Computer Requirements

For any online positions, you’ll need specific equipment requirements depending on your job. However, we do recommend that you choose a 4GB RAM computer to help you avoid delays from multiple software processes.

  1. An Internet Connection

You also need to meet the company’s minimum internet connectivity requirements which needs to be maintained to ensure proper functionality with your software programs.

  1. A Noise-Cancelling Headset

Your telephone headset should be comfortable. You mustn’t purchase the cheapest one since your operations will depend on a working headset. Although a wireless headset is the trend nowadays, most companies still require a corded headset to be plugged directly into your computer jack.

  1. A webcam

You will also need some quality webcams as it’ll be useful during your video conferences. If you don’t know which one you should buy. You can either choose between 320×240 (standard), 650×480 (good enough for recording videos) and 1280×960 (high-quality).

  1. A Quiet Place to Work

You will need to dedicate an office space at home where you can filter out noises and distractions for your day-to-day activities.  

15 Ways to Make Money Online

If you have them ready or if you believe you are able to prepare them. Here are 15 ways to make money during COVID-19:

  1. Online tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the most popular jobs on the web. They vary from telecommunications, ESL (English as Second Language), VA (Virtual Assistants) and more! 

Websites like “Chegg, Kaplan Kids, LivePerson, WizIQ, Sophia, e-Tutor” offer you the opportunity to tutor students in subjects such as Mathematics, English, History, Science and others. It is not only limited to the entry level subject but also technical skills, engineering and other programs in coding and Java. If you also want to teach English as a second language (ESL), you can visit “VIPkid” which will allow you to teach ESL kids around the globe.

You can also search your local listings about online directory with tutoring in mind.

  1. Become a Transcriber

If you are comfortable and are able to understand the different English accents. You can earn an income from transcribing for a few hours a day.

Transcribing usually works by heading an audio and then converting it into text form. However, there are other applications to assist you with this. You can simply upload the audio and it will transcribe it for you. 

However, it is still auto generated and you will need to listen attentively if the correct text has been provided. 

  1. Taking part in Research with takepartinresearch.co.uk

Takepartinresearch.co.uk will ask you to join research in order to earn some money. 

The process is straightforward as you simply need to apply for the research. However, you will need to be of legal age and sign up with either Facebook, Twitter or Google. The location doesn’t matter and you can join from anywhere in the world.

  1. Earning Money by Watching Videos

It may sound unreal but you can actually earn online by watching videos. You can check out the major platforms such as Swagbucks, Inbox Dollar and Cash Karma.

Signing up is free and all you need to do is start making points by doing the tasks. You can then convert those in the form of money and withdraw it using Paypal.

  1. Selling handmade Items and Products

If you are passionate about creating handmade crafts, your hobby may earn you money. You can set up an online shop either in the Facebook Market or through Etsy. 

You can start selling your products there and they vary from greeting cards, watercolor art, jewelry and other embroidered services.

  1. Graphic Design

If you are knowledgeable about Adobe Creative Cloud or Canva, you can consider creating designs for multiple clients. You could enlist in UpWork.

The platform will allow you to connect to agencies that specializes in individual talent and allow collaboration through video conferencing and milestones throughout the entire process.

  1. Food Delivery 

COVID 19 has prevented plenty of people from accessing their favorite cravings. You could be the one to assist them receive their food. You can try DoorDash, GrubHub and GRAB food. It’ll also depend on your country’s regulations during the global pandemic.

  1. Selling your Expertise on LinkedIn

If you have developed a master training course outline that also provides advice and tips for success in the field of marketing, consulting and food writing. You’ll find that newbies will come knocking on your door and are willing to pay for inside industry knowledge.

You can use Linked to spread the advertisement or on your own personal website, Facebook or Email Marketing.

To optimize your LinkedIn profile, here are important tips on how to turn it into a magnet for buyers.

  • Create a hard working headline

Create a concise summary of who you can help and how you can help them

  • Make a human connection through your photo

Your photo must give off a warm and genuine vive. Everyone is drawn to faces, so you must be sure that yours is in focus and in full view.

  • Double check your contact info

Check and see the fields that contain your current information and pay close attention to the spelling and your numbers.

  • Have a purposeful connection strategy

Your network reflects your worth. Be thoughtful about who to connect and personalize each connection request by adding a compelling reason for them to accept. If you don’t have one, you might want to wait until you have one.

  • Set your Summary

Setting a brief summary can aid you. It must be on point but not losing the goal of answering what’s in it for your buyer.

  • Show your expertise through your Articles and Activities

These activities will reflect your expertise. However, you must remember that this isn’t Facebook, you have to comment and share content that’ll solve problems and share insights that’ll add value to you and your followers.

  • Join relevant groups

Groups are a great way for buyers to experience your expertise. 

  • State your Awards

Never be shy to stress the awards you’ve received as long as it is relevant to your buyer. 

  1. Podcasting

Anyone can literally start their own podcast. All they need is a microphone, a recording app, a host and the passion to market yourself to the community. You can start earning money through ads and sponsorships of your niche topic.

There are also other benefits of doing a podcast. For example, if you did an interview with someone and built an engrossing topic with them. You need to consider that relationship as a profitable element.

Coaching is also similar to podcasts. Listeners can ask the host on a specific topic where the host can build around it on social media.

You can also offer books and audiobooks through podcasts. Not everyone can find the time to write a book but audiobooks are also popular. 

Lastly, you can turn to virtual summits as they can also turn into a monetary business. If you are able to organize the largest virtual summit in your industry. You can tap into those connections and open up other relationships.

  1. Offer Manpower

During this quarantine, you have plenty of time to spare. You can enjoy it with Netflix, Disney + and more but if you need the cash. We suggest going door to door and work by doing manual labor.

  1. Babysitting

Although social distancing is much advised during COVID 19, you can still set up virtual babysitting. If the parent needs someone to look after their kids and avoid being disturbed all day, you can offer these services and keep the children entertained or learn new topics each day.

  1. Freelancing

If you are forced into quarantine, there are plenty of companies that are looking for specific skills. Freelancing is a great way to make money at home.

If you have no idea how to start. Here are a few key points to start.

  •  Choose your Niche

As you go deeper into freelancing you’ll need to start being strategic about the type of work you do. 

Although being picky might seem to be against your favor, you need to understand that specializing in a specific field can help you earn more for the specialized services.

  • Get Clear on your Services

You’ll also need to layout what you do and don’t do. The more specific you can be the better.

  • Define what your ideal client looks like

Also, you’ll need to develop a clear picture of who you are going to work with. 

What type of business has the problems I’m solving with my services?

Can the business I want to work with afford to hire me?

What demographic trends can I identify about the decision makers in the types of businesses I’m targeting? Think: age, gender, geographic location, websites they frequent, and their personal interests.

  • Create a quality portfolio

The best way to demonstrate what you can do is showcase your expertise and highlight previous experiences that show who you are.

  • Start Freelancing Before Quitting your Day Job

We recommend that you grow your freelancing income to at least 50-75% more of your current income. Managing a tight schedule and workload is notorious in the freelancing community. So you’ll need to turn down work that doesn’t pay enough just to justify your time investment.

  • Build your Credibility

Aside from creating high quality blogs, you can offer an ebook, or online corse to increase your visibility. This also includes leveling up your skills and show off cool side projects that’ll attract potential customers.

  • Determine your Pricing

Most clients are willing to pay higher rates for freelancers with quality experience. However, if you are just starting out, you can search the average income in your chosen niche until you build up your portfolio.

You can check freelancing opportunities with our Ultimate List of Legitimate Websites Where Filipinos Can Earn Money Online.

  1. Resume Writing

Resume Writers are high in demand as they are adept with formatting and writing their client’s resumes will stand out in the candidate pool. You can enlist in Talent.Inc or LinkedIn to market yourself.

  1. Be a blogger

If you have plenty of time to spare during COVID 19, you might want to use this time to build traffic to your website and share your blogs.

Creating trust in the industry takes a lot of time. And what better opportunity than to start building your influence when everyone is fixated on social media platforms.

You can also build your email list from subscribers and offer promos and events in the future. 

  1. Sell Your Old Stuff

If you have plenty of time quarantined at home, you must have found the time to clean up and found some items that you no longer need. If you have old techs like phones, computers, CDs and even video games, you can visit “Declutrr”, Carousel, or Facebook Marketplace to sell those stuff online. 

How to save money during COVID 19

COVID 19 has undeniably halted the income of plenty of households all over the globe. With little to no income to provide, we reached out to saving experts on tips to assist you in cutting your expenses during the pandemic.

  • Stop contributing to savings

If you are out of work and in the danger zone on paying very important bills, you’ll need to place those savings accounts behind.

  • Workout a payment plan with the landlord

Rent is probably one of the biggest expenses to the majority of households. And although evictions may be on hold right now, you can’t avoid not paying forever. If you recently lost your job, you may not be able to cover the expenses for a few months.

Don’t ruin your relationship with your landlord and talk to them on how to deal with the situation by setting up a payment plan.

  • Freeze your memberships

If you have memberships that you don’t want to cancel. You may want to put them on hold or ask for a lower rate instead. All you need is to negotiate with your service provider and come up with an understanding. 

  • Cut on Food Expenses

The grocery bills are one of the most expensive items that you need to pay especially with everyone staying at home during the pandemic.

Of course, you can’t expect everyone to eat less but you may want to make a good inventory and get a better idea on what to serve. Also, you may want to avoid food delivery apps as they can build up the cost overtime.

In conclusion 

It is still unclear on what the results will the Coronavirus pandemic do the world. However, as the majority of the people are on quarantine and maintaining social distancing. It has affected jobs and education for the foreseeable future.

The important part is that we need to bounce back. Everyone can rise up however, it’s not about the ifs but rather of when.

It is during times like these that you need to focus on what is important for you. Important things such as your family, your health and developing a mindset to create a positive environment at home or exploring the points we’ve made about how to make money online even during COVID-19.

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