Timothy Cannata (US): How To Keep Your Customer’s Mind Off the Price Tag

Last Update: Aug 16, 2022 @ 9:33 am

Timothy Cannata believes that by understanding what drives value to your customers can help your business grow. But how do your customers value your product? Have you defined it? And have you measured it?

The ability to pinpoint your value to your customers has never been more important. Why? Because with value comes happiness. And with that emotion brings in loyalty into a full circle.

But this is not an easy thing to do. 

For one, your brand needs to become an authority. This is where you give your consumers a huge sense that they can trust you. Next, you’d need to work on making them feel that you understand their position.

Always listen to their feedback and set up your brand so that it doesn’t lose the human feels. And never forget to take a look at the reason why so many businesses fail to answer a simple question of how they are valued by their clients.

Value will always be your best friends. So figure out what you can do to ensure your brand remains top of mind.

The Speaker: Timothy Cannata

TIMOTHY CANNATA is a Digital marketing expert and proud solopreneur. Cannata started off with affiliate marketing and still loving it years later.

He is currently the CEO of Profit Seeds Marketing in New Jersey, helping sales professionals grow their businesses faster.

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What Can You Learn from the podcast:

  • The Sniper Approach On Establishing A Digital Marketing Agency (2:15)
  • Authenticity: Secrets To A Successful Business (4:55)
  • The Failure Brought By Procrastination (6:40)
  • Affiliate Marketing (7:22)
  • Being An Entrepreneur: Nurture Your Skills and Provide Value (8:20)
  • The Right Time To Invest (9:08)
  • Re-Evaluating Your Business Idea: If You Don’t Get Any Sales (13:00)
  • Research And Taking Action: Secret To Being An Online Success (15:15)
  • Suggested Tools For Online Success (19:17)
  • Be Persistent, Be Consistent, and Test Your Business Ideas (22:00)

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