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Karla Singson (PH) : A Serial VirtualPreneurs Hacks in Keeping Business Afloat Amidst COVID-19

Last Update: Jul 29, 2022 @ 5:30 am

Social media is a perfect venue to reach audiences locally or from different parts of the world. It is an excellent opportunity for your company to grow and scale and online.

However, Karla Singson reminds us that in order to for your social media to work. It needs to optimized and one must create content in order to build and maximize your online strategy.

Optimizing you campaigns will allow you to connect better with your customers. While also being able to strengthen your brand and gain more visibility and leads for your business.

As you look into the ways on how to optimize your social media accounts, you will come across alot of information. But in this episode of the Virtualpreneur Summit of 2020, Karla Singson will give a run through on how to successfully setup your profile.

The Speaker: Karla Singson

Karla Singson is a serial entrepreneur who founded, and currently co-manages online and physical businesses. When she’s not at work, she writes, speaks, and coaches leaders and executives all over the world. She is also one of the very few Filipina entrepreneurs to be featured in Forbes, Inc. , Entrepreneur, and TEDx.

What Can You Learn from the podcast:

  • Understanding the Business Cycle of Sales (00:44)
  • How COVID 19 is Challenging Businesses: Laying off Workers (4:40)
  • Surviving in the Economy: How success is guaranteed to those who adapt quickly (6:58)
  • What are the benefits of setting up and optimizing social platforms (9:48)
  • How to develop better offers for your business (11:44)
  • Why you should consult with other professionals during COVID 19 (18:16)

Quotes from the podcast:

  • “You’ll really see that the people who survive are those who adapt very easily and very fast.” (7:18)
  • “If your Facebook page looks alive, it makes others think that your business is trustworthy and helps them consider buying from you.” (11:03)
  • “Consulting can help give you a third party perspective of what you can do for your business. It gives you insights from someone who is ahead of you.” (19:21)
  • “Paying for consultation is much cheaper than stumbling in the dark.” (20:34)

Connect with Karla Singson via FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN or through the WEBSITE.

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