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Franciska (US): Business Strategies for Performing Arts Based Businesses Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic

Last Update: Aug 22, 2022 @ 10:47 am

Around the world, communities, organizations, and governments are waging war against the COVID-19 outbreak. However, entrepreneurs and startups are also taking a hit in this war.

Franciska notes that the coronavirus has also inspired innovation from emerging markets. This makes it imperative to look into both private and public organizations for advice on how to best mitigate the effect on the pandemic. 

The Speaker: Franciska

In this episode of VirtualPreneur Summit 2020, our next speaker, Franciska, is a Philadelphia-based singer, composer, producer, podcast host, and coach. Her vocation is to support musicians and creatives in actualizing their goals through coaching and online training.

The episode started with Franciska sharing the state of Philadelphia with the COVID 19 outbreak.

“I’m currently quarantined at home so I haven’t got the chance to really go outside. There is an unknown factor where people are just holding on to their hats with a lot of fear and anxiety,” mentions Franciska.

What Can You Learn from the podcast:

  • How COVID 19 is exactly the best time to step up your game for your clients and customers (1:57)
  • How entrepreneurs are also unsung heroes with COVID 19 (2:33)
  • How can your business go virtual (6:30)
  • How innovation can come from pressure (7:01)
  • Reassuring customers during COVID 19 (11:25)

Connect with Franciska via FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN or through the WEBSITE.

How Are Online Business Affected By COVID 19

Moving forward with the topic at hand, we’ve thrown the question to Franciska on how Online businesses are being affected by COVID 19.

“It’s a funny thing because there’s a lot of things going on and there’s a lot of stress but this is exactly the time we need to step up our game for the people we serve,” replies Franciska.

The Philadelphia based coach expounds that we are at a point of a standstill where you don’t know what’s happening, you don’t know what will happen and how that will affect your business.

Naturally, the first thing that comes into an entrepreneur’s mind when everyone starts sitting in quarantine is: How could I continue working?

There are millions of people who are affected. From saving their money, rationing on food or whatever else they’ll need until they can start earning again.

“I would not like to compare my work to our doctors and front liners right now as they are putting their lives at risk by serving and healing the people,” says Franciska.

“However, it also made me realize that my coaching, my online business, can also help support my clients and help them reach a mindset where they can take risks and believe in themselves now more than ever,” added the coach.

Franciska mentions how each entrepreneur is different but they shouldn’t forget that when they have the determination to open a business, they can surely get through the pandemic.

Changes In The Process Of Online Business

“The changes brought by the pandemic was more of an improvement of how I viewed my online business, I’ve always looked at myself as something complimentary but now I realize that it should be something that no one should live without,” says the musician.

Franciska improves her belief that she is not just enhancing other people’s lifestyles but providing the support they need to reach it.

Let’s Not Forget The Entrepreneurs

It’s also important to keep in our thoughts that in between this COVID 19 outbreak the focus of the discussion mainly revolves around the government and the people. What’s forgotten is the entrepreneur in between who is mostly forgotten.

The VirtualPreneur Summit 2020 was also organized to reach out and discuss to lots of our friends and contacts that need guidance and insights from those who are also affected by this pandemic.

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Tips For Entrepreneurs

We’ve also enquired with Franciska for tips she can share with us during these trying times.

She went on to explain that most of her audience are women and mothers. So right now, they are working as a babysitter, online teacher, cleaner or cook and other professions you want to add into the mix.

For now, Franciska emphasizes the basic necessities such as getting enough rest, upskilling and finding ways to transfer your business to the virtual platform. 

In these problematic and anxious filled days, we have to make sure that we get enough sleep. This will help you keep calm and alert especially when we deal with our children every day without a breather.

One can also prioritize working with websites and see how much you can learn for the day. 

How Can You Make It Virtual

Also, let’s say you have a business and there are certain things you can do virtually that could still bring in income so focus on those places.

If it’s something that you’ve never done virtually, how can you make it virtual?

Obviously not everything can be done virtually yet but maybe it’s time for you to transfer your services online.

Innovation Can From Anyone

Franciska also pointed out that even if we are facing a crisis right now and many people are suffering and will be suffering. It is under these trying times that someone is bound to create an idea or inspiration that created an opportunity from this pandemic.

“That someone can be you, or anyone listening to the VirtualPreneur Summit 2020,” says Franciska.

You decide what you can do. Whether to be anxious and panic-stricken like everyone else. Or remain calm and come up with ideas that will revolutionize the world.

Franciska referred to that entrepreneur who has that sudden spark of revelation that could create 10,000 new jobs for the people and help them support their families, place food on the table and pay their bills.

“Entrepreneurs are thinkers, they are creators who think outside the box to create opportunities that change the world like the printing press, internet, and lightbulb,” shares the coach.

Other Activities

We’ve also asked Franciska that aside from building their own footprints, what other productive activities can you suggest to the entrepreneurs?

She responded with number one: To create a list of all the things you love doing or you know how to do. Find out what you can offer today or serve or create for our customers.

Her second tip was to encourage and build the existing personal relationships of your clients. You can reach out to people to see what they’re doing and what they need help with.

You can also do some market research on what the people need right now. If you see that they need somebody to deliver stuff to their doors maybe that might be something you can do.

Franciska’s third tip is to have you build your online brand. This will greatly help you especially when all of this is over, the popularity you’ve gathered will surely bear fruit for your business.

Lastly, although you can focus on things that’ll bring you income. You can literally rest and read books, watch a movie, or work out. 

Getting into shape is also an investment and the better you feel about yourself then you’ll feel invigorated to pursue your goals. Using this time can really be whatever you want it to be.

Ending Note: Build Your Relationships

To end the webinar, Franciska sums up the talk that while it is tough on local and small businesses, this is also a learning curve on how to bring businesses online.

It may not be the same as going or receiving the service in person like a yoga class or Zumba classes. Services are still continuing although physical services like masseuses, salons, and nails services are severely affected.

“I think it’s challenging but there are ways for every person to potentially either pivot or create new income streams in a different way that might not be traditional or it might not be something that they ever thought they’d do,” says Franciska.

However, she notes that anyone who is running a successful business has enough skills that they can do something that people would pay them for.

Just keep on holding on and try to build relationships. So when you do go back in the business they don’t for you to open up your doors you don’t lose your clients. 

Franciska ends her talk stating “While I don’t have all the answers for everyone in like one umbrella, it’s more like trying to find the right thing for each entrepreneur and see which strategies are applicable.” (A. Menchavez)

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