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Betty Kempa (US): An International Career Coach’s Perspective on the Impact of COVID-19

Last Update: Aug 16, 2022 @ 9:17 am

As the coronavirus continues to paralyze multiple businesses and stores around the world, the government has turned to impose public health measures such as social distancing to physically disrupt the contagion. 

However, these efforts have also severed the flow of goods, operations, and the economy and are quickly proceeding to deliver a global recession. Economic contagion is spreading all over the world as quickly as the disease itself.

In this episode of VitrualPreneur Summit 2020, Betty Kempa will discuss how businesses are affected by COVID19 and why it is imperative it is to venture into virtual meetings and connections.

The Speaker: Betty Kempa

Betty Kempa is a certified, international executive career coach and personal branding expert. Her vocation is mostly focused on assisting senior-level corporate women transition out of unfulfilling jobs and into careers that they actually love.

Kempa was able to create a unique five-step career bliss to get clarity on your dream career. The career coach opened up that for over a decade, she was stuck in a job that didn’t bring her joy or spark any passion.

Why? Because she had admitted that she had no idea what her dream job actually looked like in the first place. Kempa began reading and researching from shelves after shelves.

From the multitude of books, she’d digest, Kempa, realized that her calling was to be a career coach.

Synthesizing the information she collected over thousands of pages she plucked most of the powerful stuff and streamlined them into 5 steps to help her clients move from a job to their dream career.

Betty’s 5 Steps on How to Land your Dream Job 

  • How important it is to take a pause during a crisis. (1:34)
  • COVID 19: Pivot your business (4:37)
  • COVID 19: Personal VS Online interaction (5:47)
  • Building stronger relationships during COVID 19 (8:57) 
  • Diversifying your income stream (11:13)

Connect with Betty Kempa via FACEBOOKLINKEDIN or through the WEBSITE.

Betty Kempa: 5 Steps On Landing Your Dream Job

Landing on your dream job may feel impossible, however, you won’t really know or acquire the results until you’ve put in the work needed to learn the necessary skills. 

We start with Step 1: Unpackaging your Story

“I coach clients from the INSIDE.OUT,” says Kempa.

Kempa believes that before we can move to tangible necessities such as resumes, job hunting, interviewing and others, we have to know what is going on inside our thoughts.

“Why aren’t you currently in your dream job? What has been holding you back? It’s important that we tackle that first,” states the career coach.

Kempa believes that even if you do identify your dream job, you might be held back with the fear of limiting belief. We need to move into the space that once you know what you want, you’ll have the courage to reach out and grab it.

Step 2: Clarify your Vision

After knowing what you do want, let’s examine what you want your life to look like in 5 years. Where are you living? Or What does your ideal day look like? And who are you spending your time with?

Once you have a clearer concept of what you want, you’ll be able to seek out companies whose mission statement aligns with yours.

Step 3: Gather You Clues

The fun part about this step is we gather the things that really make you tick. Essentially, these clues will point you in the right direction. You can take a business career assessment, a self-directed assessment, values assessment, and a personality assessment.

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Step 4: Narrow it Down

After gathering the results of your clues and assessments, the career coach can assist and provide you with the obvious winner that will emerge as the career that ranks the highest in your nonnegotiables. 

Step 5: Make the Transition

It’ll vary from person to person but career changers can focus on their Personal Brand Revolution where they rebrand their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn to target the new role you are going after. 

How Is Betty’s Business Affected By COVID 19?

Moving forward with the Summit, Kempa stated how it is normal to take the time to absorb what is going on in the world. That there were plenty of questions that won’t just be answered inside a minute. 

Questions like if your own family was safe, or how can my business continue with this disaster?

Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, Kempa’s focus was to launch her 6-months one-on-one career coaching VIP program to help her clients get clarity on their dream jobs and transition into it.

However, she was forced to create a less expensive program that’ll fit into six-weeks on how to alter one’s job search in the wake of the coronavirus quarantines and self-isolation.

Right now, she is teaching people to alter networking strategies from conferences to building relationships and interviews online.

“I’m a career coach, I used to prepare people to go in and do interviews in person. Now I have to prepare them to do face to face via a remote computer,” says Kempa.

The career coach also voiced out that remaining focus during these trying times isn’t easy. However, this is also a part of the process of running a business but what makes it challenging is that the personal branding of that element doesn’t go away.

Business Action Plan 

Kempa shared her significant other’s response to the massive closure of businesses. Kempa’s husband is a fitness coach and with the closure of public spaces and gyms, he lost his job.

However, he pivoted his business to create an online fitness app with videos and progressions that are available for his clients to access them at home.

However, Kempa suggested that local businesses should think about the needs of their clients. And how you can meet their new needs.

Most of your customers are at home and if your business isn’t running how it should be then it’s time to think outside of the box.

Kempa also emphasized how seeking out others who have done what you’re considering to do. Or you can also watch what others are doing and learn from them.

Online VS Offline Interaction

While it is true that both are totally different experiences, like during a video conference, to really keep eye contact one has to really look at the camera.

It goes without saying that online communication has plenty of advantages. Online meetings do not require any notable expenses and can help connect people from all over the world. 

However, it does pose a threat to the way people communicate in real life. The bigger picture can be seen by people browsing through their laptops, tablets, and phones. 

Many are engrossed by the online communication that they no longer see what’s going on around them. It may be more convenient but it limits their interaction with friends and has an intimate acquaintance.

In other words, online communication has plenty of benefits, but it should never replace real-life interaction. This does not mean that we should stop using technology but we shouldn’t forget that people who really love and can make changes in your business or personal life are always around. 

How Can You Virtually Serve

Betty Kempa also mentions how important it is to use the time to work on the goals you’ve been setting aside. She mentions that business owners were struggling with a lot of things to keep their business open and functional that they couldn’t focus on these goals.

How To Check On Your Customers

“This depends as businesses have been communicating with their clients,” states Kempa.

Betty Kempa shares that she has been using her email list to continue to support, add value and inspire her clients when they need her the most.

However, what is essential is to not appear like you are taking advantage of a bad situation. Many companies are offering services for free to help their customers get through financial uncertainties. Others are posting free content and providing access to other resources on websites.

The virus will force a lot of entrepreneurs to rethink their business but if you can keep your customer as the center of all your decisions, you will be setting the foundation for a successful business whenever we return to normal.

Ending Note: Diversify Your Income Stream

At this point, the country is in need of leaders. Businesses can get a coach to guide you in this situation so as to not feel like you are flailing about. 

You can potentially join or gather with other similar businesses and create a mastermind to pivot your business and diversify your income stream once the pandemic is over.

As a closing message, Kempa states that it’s impossible to serve and be in fear at the same time. She encourages everyone to work through all of the trials and stand your ground. (A. Menchavez)

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