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Alice Von Simson (UK) : A Mompreneurs Guide to Publishing a Book

Last Update: Aug 16, 2022 @ 5:05 am

Alice Von Simson believes that no career path is directly similar to what our colleagues do in the same field. We are all faced with different situations or starting points that’ll influence the actions we take in moving forward which in turn results in vastly different outcomes from other businesses and entrepreneurs.

The next speaker of the VirtualPreneur Summit of 2020, is Alice von Simson. A certified mompreneur, a digital influencer and a published author of her book: Secrets I Learned by Sleeping with My Financial Advisor.

The Speaker: Alice Von Simson

Simsons offered an enticing approach to rather problematic topics in her books such as personal finance, mindset, habits, and strategies.

The paperback provided a step-by-step guide on how to organize your finances by mainly pointing out that your financial habits will predict your success. And has little to do about how much you earn.

Her topic for today’s episode of VirtualPreneur discusses how failure is the best teacher. And how exploring and grasping the opportunities available to you is one of the distinct ways to improve your experience that’ll broaden your horizons.

What Can You Learn from the podcast:

  • The importance of flexibility for your career (1:11)
  • How to Succeed in an Industry You Know Nothing About (3:30)
  • Mistakes: Your teacher, not the enemy.  (4:57)
  • Why building a great business takes time (8:14)
  • How to turn a negative situation into a positive one (9:28)
  • Determination: Key to Your Success (11:38)

Connect with Alice Von Simson via FACEBOOKLINKEDIN or through the WEBSITE.

Be Flexible In Your Career

Alice Von Simson opened the webinar with a sincere greeting for those affected with the COVID 19. Simsons mentioned that throughout her career, she has been a chameleon. 

Or as she further shared, Simson was an adaptive individual who was open to learning with the resources she currently had. 

Growing up from England, Simson took up her pen and invested her time in journalism. She also visited America to continue her writing profession. However, when she couldn’t find anything that further fueled her interest in the field, Simson made a full turn to opening up her own wedding business.

Simson’s wedding business has been fantastic over the years that it was established. And recently, she decided to go back to her roots, which just so happened to coincide with the recent disaster of COVID 19. 

Her first piece of advice was to be as flexible as you possibly can for the future of your career. With the rapid changes in technology, the job market is changing and we won’t have those jobs that’ll last us for our lifetime.

“It is only by learning a few different other things then that you can stand in a solid footing with the rapid changes of technology,” says Simson.

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You Don’t Have To Be An Expert

“Although my book was about money, I don’t have an incredible background in finance. I wasn’t an expert at that time but I was able to write the book,” says the author of Secrets I Learned by Sleeping with My Financial Advisor

“I was able to succeed because what I offered on the table was the knowledge and experience that were a step above what my current target audience knows,” added Simson.

Simson didn’t approach her target audience like she was talking down on people from up on high. Her approach in both her social life and professional life was to be a leader who is also learning together with her team in the same playing field.

Mistakes Simply Means That There Is Room For Improvement

Simson always says to her colleagues that it is alright to make mistakes. “Make as much of them as possible because you learn so much more from a wrong action than the right things,” says the digital influencer.

Mistakes can give anyone the edge in to see where things could go. Simson called out to the listeners that people who are wildly successful have a huge line of failures in their careers. But they never stopped trying and worked carefully to hit their success.

“I, myself, felt like a failure a thousand times in my life and in many different ways. However, each time it happens I try not to take it personally and learn from it. And try to do something different the next time,” states Simson.

What Helped Simson To Succeed?

Simson laid out three of the reasons why she was able to reach her current success. She said that because she remained to be herself, she chose a subject she was passionate about and stayed engage even when she wasn’t selling.

The female author stated that you’re not going to have any competition as long as you stay who you are. Simson also chose a subject that she was genuinely interested in and grow her skills from there. Lastly, even when her carts were closed, she remained engaging and in contact with her customers and audience. 

“You’re not just trying to get something out of your audiences but actually learn and get a better feel for what they want that you can create for them, and they will appreciate that,” says Simson.

It’s Never Going To Be An Overnight Sensation

Simson recalled how she invested a year of work just to scale her future. “You can do a lot of work now and invest it for the future where you can have fewer tasks,” says Simson.

She also considered her peer who was an extremely successful yoga instructor and she placed all the work in a year and when the time came that she was pregnant, she was literally able to take several months off with her continuous income from her business.

However, Simson was serious that if you are looking for overnight success, then this isn’t the right field for you. “It takes time, a lot of it,” says Simson.

How It Has Affected Simson’s Business

Simson owns two businesses. The first one is a wedding business and the second one is personal finance. 

As Simson openly dictated that COVID 19 has thoroughly crushed her business. Her inbox was filled with requests for cancellations and queries if her customers could get their deposits back. 

“It was a complete disaster but we swivel things a little bit and turned it into a positive,” added the entrepreneur.

Simson was willing to help her customers, allowed to reschedule their dates for free of charge. She received plenty of fantastic reviews and she knows that if the time comes, her wedding business would leave an impact on her customers and recommend her business to others.

“So I think it wasn’t necessarily bad but you just have to look at it from different views,” says Simson.

Ending Note: Determination

Simson leaves an encouraging note for startup entrepreneurs who had to face a sudden halt with their operations.

“While the COVID 19 does add a layer of complication, it also adds a layer of focus that you might not have had. It is these layers that’ll help you grow your determination to succeed and think outside of the box,” says Simson.

To close her webinar, she expressed her belief that there are good things you can pull from this situation. You just have to answer how you can work around these problems and how can you still service the customers that you’re desperate to start servicing?

Just keep those two thoughts up there and when these are all over, you might be able to bring another source of income. (A. Menchavez)

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