David Tindell (US): How To Utilize Inbound Marketing Strategies To Uncover Your Client’s Needs

Last Update: Dec 17, 2020 @ 3:10 am

David Tindell believes that outbound mass marketing techniques are no longer as effective as before. Businesses need to focus their efforts on helping their customers down the buyer’s journey with the use of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing focuses on drawing already interested and potential customers to their brand without interrupting them with unsolicited promotions or content.

It is a methodology that’ll help you focus on creating valuable content that answers your customer’s concerns and solves their problems as compared to shoving your products into their faces.

If you want to understand and create effective content and meaningful experiences for your buyers, learn from the owner-operator of TindellTech, David Tindell on the benefits of inbound marketing.

The Speaker: David Tindell

David Tindell is the owner-operator of TindellTech, a Service Provider of IT services and a Certified INBOUND Digital Marketing Firm.

He established his business coming from being a VP Head of Marketing of the McCracken Co. Habitat for Humanity. His mission is to help others so they don’t have to go through the hardships he went through for success.

Born in Paducah, KY. Tindell grew up with various severe disabilities and from a poor family. However, Tindell’s situations couldn’t stop his early fascination with technology.

Upon winning several state and awards in Technology Speaking, AutoCad, Robotics, and Web Design, he went on to attain a 2 year degree in electronic engineering from ITT, then a Computer Science Degree from Murray State University.

Coming from drawing disability to owning a business has been a challenge but the challenge has forced him to innovate.

He has also partnered with HubSpot, CharTech, Fortinet, CDI, Dell, and other companies to help businesses grow and prosper in these difficult times.

What Can You Learn from the podcast:

  • Appreciate And Be Productive With The Time That You Have (3:50)
  • Conquering Appearance: Having A Good First Impression (5:45)
  • Sales Process: Uncover Why Your Clients Needs You and Focus On That (8:24)
  • Study, Learn, and Hustle: Nobody Will Care About Your Business As Much As You (9:30)
  • TindellTech: Focuses On Inbound Marketing (11:09)
  • Focus On Marketing: People Don’t Buy Better Products But From Brands They Like (12:58)
  • The Likeability Factor (17:47)
  • A Successful Digital Marketing Requires A Lot of Studying (24:05)
  • Insights On the Labor Market: Leveraging On Teamviewer Augment Reality (25:51)

Connect with David Tindell via LINKEDIN or through the WEBSITE.

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