Katerina Zega (UK): How To Be Productive, Not Busy

Last Update: Aug 2, 2022 @ 6:50 am

The most vital part of your career’s success is discipline. Your ability to manage your time will determine what you will accomplish and how great your rewards will be. 

Katerina Zega firmly believes that your time is the most irreplaceable resource so give it the respect that it deserves and be strategic about what you want to accomplish with it.

Once you’ve figured that out, develop and nurture the skills and relationships that will support those goals.

If you need to know where to start, Gen Z Serial Entrepreneur Katerina Zega advises you to look for negative patterns and behaviors that you need to examine in order to increase your odds for success.

And above all, don’t forget to prioritize yourself so that you  won’t feel burned out and you’ll still have the strength to continue striving for the bigger picture.

The Speaker: Katerina Zega

Katerina Zega is a young individual that manages a construction company, coffee shop and a bar & restaurant with the help of her team of professionals whilst building individuals to create online businesses through network marketing.

She founded the Mansard Building Solutions, a construction company that specializes in renovating houses, commercial projects, new builds and Design. Where she coordinates all aspects of the project, including design, planning and certificates.

Mansard Building Solutions also had successful projects in the areas of South West London and West London: Kingston Upon Thames, New Malden, Richmond, Surbiton, Cobham, Raynes Park, Fulham, Shepherds Bush, Ealing, Hampton.

What Can You Learn from the podcast:

  • Leveraging on the Benefits of Social Media for The Business (00:45)
  • Collaboration Is Important For Business Growth (6:20)
  • The Importance of A Healthy Mindset For You, Your Business, and Those Who Rely On You (10:05)
  • It’s Not About If You Are Ready To Start A Business But If You Are Willing To Do The Work (11:15)
  • Get A Coach: It’s Saves You Time and Money (13:48)
  • Secrets To Success: Discipline, Change Your Attitude and Bad Behaviors (14:52)
  • Organizing Tasks and Prioritizing Self-Care (18:28)
  • Knowing When To Move Forward and When To Quit (20:39)

Connect with Katerina Zega via FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN or through the WEBSITE.

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