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Lucas Root (US): How To Be A Successful Digital Entrepreneur

Last Update: Nov 26, 2020 @ 8:31 am

Building a skill set, having more flexibility in work schedule, earning more income, and working for yourself are only some of many great reasons about starting your own business.

However, entrepreneurship comes with a number of challenges. While the journey is rewarding but it can also be harsh that even experienced entrepreneurs can get stuck.

So if you have just entered the game or if you are thinking about taking the risk of being a business owner. Take note of the insights provided by the founder of SGIC Consultants, Lucas Root. 

And learn how to keep your business profitable and effectively overcome your fears, by learning to set your time management, and dealing with your workforce.

The Speaker: Lucas Root

Lucas Root is the Founder of SGIC Consulting, and is an accomplished speaker entrepreneur and business success mentor with over 19 years of success across banking, technology, investments, health and wellness, athletics and interactive media.

He led numerous operations teams for various corporations on Wall Street for Mergers and Acquisitions for over 17 years. 

After establishing a consistent track record of successes, he decided to start his own consulting business and left his corporate job and worked with some of the world’s strongest brands, including Wells Fargo, AIG, Bird, and the Pokemon company.

Mr. Root is also one of the widely preferred speakers to entrepreneurs and business owners on getting their strategy on track for success and massive growth. 

Over the years, he had the wonderful opportunity to speak to numerous audiences in North America, Australia, and Europe, as well as partnering with some businesses for mentoring both directly, and through a Video Conference on how to build the skills, routines, and toolsets to create and sustain productivity for any tasks.

What Can You Learn from the podcast:

  • Learning Quickly From The Best Business Minds (1:07)
  • 3 Elements of Becoming A Great Speaker (3:57)
  • Do Business In Your Own Terms (4:30)
  • Significant Challenges of Starting Your Own Business (6:50)
  • Open Dialogue: When Is The Right Time To Start A Business (10:29)
  • Continue To Learn and Read About New Things (12:50)
  • How To Learn And Deal With Failure (15:51)
  • When Do You Know When You Are Ready To Be An Entrepreneur (19:00)
  • The Benefits of Becoming an Entrepreneur (20:58)
  • The Curse of Being an Entrepreneur (24:10)
  • Finding Support and Reassurance for Your Ideas (28:20)
  • Thoughts About Hiring A Consultant (30:31)
  • Figure Out The Systems On How You Can Be Successful (33:20)

Connect with Lucas Root via FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN or through the WEBSITE.

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