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Why Become a Virtual Preneur? Virtual Entrepreneurship Defined

Last Update: Mar 17, 2020 @ 12:02 pm
Virtualpreneur freedom

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What is Virtualpreneur? How to become a virtual entrepreneur?

I am excited to have you here and I will do all the best I can to ensure that you will have the best actionable inspirations for you to be able to START, GROW and SCALE your online business.

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In this article, you would know What is Virtualpreneur and Virtual Entrepreneurship, the benefits of becoming one and the purpose of becoming one.

What is VirtualPreneur?

Virtual Entrepreneur

The first question that I often get from my colleagues is What is VIRTUALPRENEUR?

It is best explained in three points: semantics, experience, and purpose:

VIRTUAL PRENEUR  is the amalgamation of thee words:

VIRTUALIt represents the opportunity of doing business remotely, and most often through the interet — the new economic equalizer that empowers ordinary individuals to establish great wealth because they are able to harness opportunities through the web and every of the digital input.

PRENEUR – represents the last 2 syllables of the word ENTREPRENEUR – the individual who creates a new business and who bears both the risk and benefits of the venture. Seeing them as the common innovator, source of new ideas, goods services or procedures, we see them as the guide of how we are able to help others grow their business.

What is Virtualpreneurship or Virtual Entrepreneurship?


For us, the VIRTUAL PRENEUR or VIRTUAL ENTREPRENEUR is he who is able to generate or develop new ventures and opportunities by using virtual technologies to be able to live the life that they want. VirtualPreneurship or Virtual Entrepreneurship is the ability to manage and operate business remotely. And currently, this is made possible by the internet which has provided us web environments.

In a deeper sense, Becoming a Virtualpreneur is embracing an ideal lifestyle of finding your life’s purpose and building sustainability around it, by building location independent businesses.

Why Become A Virtual Entrepreneur?

Virtual Entrepreneurship

For me starting THE VIRTUAL PRENEUR podcast is very personal.

Exactly 10 years ago, I was a failure, broke and sick.

I had been working for a company more than 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. I was a certified workaholic.

I earn a decent amount yet I can’t afford a decent house for our family. We live in the slums of Cebu.

Mid that year,  after working for more than two years I got burned-out at work and decided, out of ego, to resign only to find out that I only have around USD 100.00 worth of savings. That was around April 2010.

July 2010, I attended a non-profit event in Manila and returned home in Cebu with Dengue. 

September 2010, my love for “grilled meats” and “fatty street food” paid off with a 40 cm gallstone that requires a full body laparoscopic operation.

December 2010, I had my appendix removal. 

All of those medical adventures forced me to loan money from loan sharks and left me several hundred thousand in debt. 

I prayed for miracles. I prayed for money for payment to these debts.

Nothing came.

It is in your darkest moments, that you are able to see yourself and the blessings that life has to offer for you – MY FAMILY.

I want my parents to somehow enjoy life  It is not about wanting what others have, but seeing the WORK that needs to be done for you to be the best version of yourself, but this time you won’t be alone.

You are not alone in this journey, because you have US. This is what VIRTUAL PRENEUR is all about. It is a community of people committed in helping others who want to see their best version using the opportunities available online.

If you subscribe and join our journey now and commit yourself to become a VIRTUAL PRENEUR, you will have the following:

Benefits of Becoming a VirtualPreneur?

Virtualpreneur freedom

More Time

I am the CEO of ESTRAT digital marketing agency and a director of an integrated digital marketing agency. This excludes the fact that I have a family to run: two lovely boys and an ever-supportive wife, and a monetizing hobby to run: speaking, travel, and food trips. And I share the same number of living hours like you. 

As a starting entrepreneur, you want to focus your limited time in doing strategic moves to easily spot opportunities and make the most out of it. Time is your most valuable commodity. Learning to become a Virtual Preneur will show you hacks and strategies on how to establish a well disciplined and organised process flow for you to be able to master it and get you more time. 


More Productivity

You will be mostly working ON your business and not IN your business to be able to see its direction and see it through to the success you want it to be. For it to happen, your mastered process and skills can give you strategies and techniques on how you deliberately increase productivity.

And the most exciting above it all is:

More Freedom For You

If we are able to master the skill sets of successful DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURS and being able to see their pattern of success, we will be able to grow our business based on our lifestyle enabling us to be able to spend it with people that matter to us. I can travel anytime I want, I can enjoy the beach on a weekday or a workday, or be with my parents in the middle of work. It is promising, yet it took time to process and strategies.

What’s Next?

Being a VIRTUALPRENEUR is a promising life of FREEDOM and FUN, but heads up… it will require a lot of work from you. That is why I have designed THE VIRTUAL PRENEUR Podcast with YOU in mind:

For INSPIRATION: We will have segments on VIRTUAL MILLIONAIRES. These episodes will showcase our intensive research on the lifestyle and the inspiring stories of more than a dozen digital billionaires and millionaires and see what is their secrets to their success. Isn’t it exciting to know what makes them tick? What makes them successful?

For you to ACT, We will have DEEP DIVE Episodes with leading VIRTUAL ENTREPRENEURS in the field. They will show us actionable steps, based on their experience, on how to START, GROW and SCALE your business.

Our LIVE Episodes will give you unrehearsed real-time response to questions that matter to you.

All in all, I want to do all these to inspire more entrepreneurs to venture into the virtual and digital world and see more opportunities beyond what you think you have, change it for the better and “Live The Great Life.”

Again, Join the journey and don’t forget to subscribe and download. Catch you on the other episodes


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