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Digital Millionaire Perry Belcher’s Success Secrets

Last Update: Aug 18, 2022 @ 4:31 am
Perry Belcher

Perry Belcher is one of the co-founders of DigitalMarketer.com, the world’s leading digital marketing education company. On the side of co-founding of The Traffic And Conversion Summit, the “Storytelling” guru is also Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of Native Commerce, Convention People, Scalewind and other companies. His companies serve millions of customers globally. He has made over $400 million USD in direct sales.

And with the  COVID 19 outbreak at hand, you should thank Perry. He co-invented the world-famous hand sanitizer and selling the patent in the 80’s.

Perry Belcher with Ruben Licera

I had the opportunity of meeting Perry Belcher in person in Karla Singson’s Small Business Mastermind event.

I had been following him for sometimes and meeting him in person is one wishlist ticked for me.

Perry Belcher

Raised by a single mom, Perry was born in Paducah, Kentucky on July 28, 1964.

There’s not so much known about Belcher’s personal life other than the fact that he was a highschool dropout. However, this doesn’t mean that he cannot compete with other digital entrepreneurs who have graduated with a degree.

Ever since in the 1990s, Belcher has been involved in many businesses already. He was often described as a “serial entrepreneur” as he was involved in a wide array of industries with his main specialization in digital marketing and copywriting. In fact, he was the co-founder and co-owner of War Room Mastermind, Plattr Agency, Rival Media Group and a lot more. He was also able to build one of the world-renowned digital marketing training companies, Digital Marketer, together with his partner Ryan Deiss. 

Perry always highlights that these are due to his expertise in marketing and storytelling. Perry once conducted an experiment wherein a wide variety of stories from different individuals are added in the description page of 200 products. Once the products have been listed, these items were sold by as much as 60 times. Perry mainly uses his background in multi-location retailing, importing, and manufacturing to help businesses and brands. However, he is also leveraging the art of storytelling to catch the people’s attention and hearts which in return will prompt them on buying any products and services. Hence, this is why Belcher became one of the leaders in the online commerce industry. 

Perry Belcher’s Journey as One of the World’s Leading Digital Millionaires

Perry Belcher Success Speaker

Perry Belcher courtesy of iLoveMarketing.com

In between building successful companies, Perry Belcher had some spat with the law. You can read more about it online. However, this post will focus on how he was able to rise up again and striving more.

To those who know him in the field, it is undeniable that he is perhaps the “Guru” of copywriting. Belcher can connect the customer to a product and influencing them to make the purchase. Now that’s effective storytelling.

In 2009, together with Ryan Deiss, he founded Traffic and Conversion Summit which is one of the largest digital marketing events in North America focused on helping professionals and agencies drive traffic and ultimately drive sales. On the other side he also runs and owned Olympus Peak Media and DigitalMarketer which are both a digital marketing and membership company with over millions of annual readers and thousands of clients. 

Together with his empire of companies, Perry Belcher aims to share his expertise in online marketing and commerce partnered with storytelling. In fact, he revolutionized sales copywriting with his 21 step sales copy secret which he developed to help businesses build awareness and excitement about their new products and services.

He also wrote blogs and content on his website and published a wide array of books teaching business-minded individuals on how to start a business regardless of what industry they are in and other of Perry Belcher’s success secrets.

Belcher also hosted and presented at the annual Traffic and Conversion Summit which were attended by marketing professionals to share their online marketing strategies’ success.

With all of these, Belcher always aims to highlight the importance of Customer Value Optimization (CVO) which ensures that the target market really does get the real value from any company regardless of the type of their transaction. 

Perry Belcher’s Success Quotes

Perry Belcher Success Speaking

Image courtesy of Olivergraf.tv

Perry Belcher’s continued success is worth emulating. For this reason, I have listed the top quotations that reflect a lot on Perry Belcher’s success secrets:

“Those who tell the best stories rule the world.”

“There wouldn’t be civilization without stories.”

“In every good story, at the end, there’s a lesson learned.”

“Stories can also inspire. That’s another thing facts can’t do.”

“Anybody can argue with facts. It’s impossible to argue with a story.”

“Anything you wouldn’t do in a store setting, you shouldn’t do online.”

Perry Belcher’s Rules for Success

IMAGE SOURCE: Youtube.com

Every successful individual has more or less a list of what worked for him to be successful.  In the case of Perry Belcher, he was able to keep these on top of his minds whenever he ventures into a new online business. He follows both creativity and innovation in searching for the best solution which mainly reflects on how he became a success in the field. With this in mind, here are the rules that attests Perry Belcher’s success secrets.

Market Research

With an understanding in executing a wide array of research tools, he gathers and compiles information regarding the trends in the market and uses these data to formulate data-driven action plans. 

Idea Incubation

Belcher believed that before launching a product, business, or anything, it is key to have a set of dedicated and brilliant minds that are available for brainstorming and research as this speeds up the process of conceptualizing ideas and making concrete decisions.

Enterprise Mindset

Belcher avoids one-time successes as this hinders him in gaining more success. Due to this, he focuses on building businesses with longevity in mind and ensuring that they have value-based thinking when it comes to growth and planning so that it can run independently with the aid of his business partners.


He believes that it is of utmost importance that marketers offer a wide array of products and services and maximizes the benefit of hundreds of tools online in order to increase their sales and revenues. In fact, he mastered how to sell four types of online products which help him diversify his market and maximize the businesses he creates.

New Media Platforms

Perry maximizes the benefits of new media. He quickly adapts to new platforms and marketing techniques such as Facebook advertising and Youtube video-sharing as he believes that these platforms can generate more visibility and increase the sales of his businesses.


Belcher uses both his knowledge in buyer psychology and expertise in copywriting to gain success as these help him figure out the best message to send for any market and products or services.

Tracking & Testing

Belcher believes in testing and tracking anything and does not settle for what the past data tells him. This reflects a lot on why he tests his ad copy and anything that he wants to make public beforehand. Even after that, he constantly revises and optimizes these things in order to gain better conversions. 

Follow Up Funnels

Belcher mainly focuses on repeat buyers that new customers as the latter end up getting more investments than the former. For this reason, he mainly utilizes the custom-tailored offers for these individuals than targeting new customers because repeat buyers already have interacted with the business so there’s a huge possibility of another purchase.


Belcher aims to build a community of trusting buyers as this is by far more profitable than always focusing on a huge range of target markets. With this, he mainly focuses on his CVO concept as this helps him provide better value which creates a long-lasting relationship between his customers and his business. On the other side, all of his businesses is designed to serve the needs of a specific group of people — a community. With a sincere interest in understanding their interest and serving their needs, he builds automated “online money making” websites that provides him passive income.

Giving Back

Belcher believes in helping worldwide marketers and business-minded individuals. With his expertise in the field of digital marketing and commerce, he constantly hosts seminars, webinars, and conferences. He also posts content on his social media profiles, website, and Youtube wherein he posts videos on these matters. 


Perry Belcher’s success in the industry is an inspiration to all digital marketers around the globe. His passion to share and continue helping the industry grow makes him an icon to look up.

It is key to consider that Belcher won’t be able to achieve these without his creative and analytical mindset. He combines both storytelling and marketing in every campaign he does and products or services he makes public. 

Most importantly, there’s one lesson that stands out for me on Perry Belcher. Marketing online is the same as marketing one’s self in real life. Our value as persons is not highlighted by what we know. It is knowing what others need and serving them with utmost care and responsibility. We may fail once or twice, but our sincere heart for service will always standout.

We connect with others not for what we have, but how we can serve them

Cover Image Courtesy of  Warroomastermind.com

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