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Top Filipino Investment Experts, Speakers, and Bloggers That You Should Follow in 2018

Last Update: Aug 2, 2022 @ 6:44 am
Top Filipino Investment Experts

2018 has come, and as clichéd as it may seem but most of us are still having their New Year’s resolution. Surely, many of you have on their list is to be better in handling finances this year. Some of you might be planning to open a new savings account, maybe some of you are planning to try those famous “money-saving challenge’’ commonly seen on social media right now. You may want to check our Top Filipino Investment Experts to get some advice.

Yes it’s true, saving money is a good strategy if you want to be better at your finances and grow financially. But if you come to think of it, the money you are saving is just stuck in there waiting for the day you finally decide to crack it open. A better way to make your money? Invest.

Known to being kuripot or matipid, we Filipinos are really good at earning money. However when it comes investing and making financial decisions, we become cowards. We dream of a wealthy and financially stable life but we are too afraid to take the jump when opportunity comes to us. One of the main reason to this fear is our lack of knowledge on how investments work. But there are actually a lot of ways for you to learn how to invest and make your money grow. So if you are really passionate about giving investing a chance this year, you might to read on.

Being financially literate is the first key to becoming financially successful. You don’t need a degree or a master’s in business studies just to be financially literate. Reading financial and investment blogs or books by those who are experts on the field is good way to start. You don’t need to worry about not being able to understand what they are talking about because these investment experts makes it a point that they make themselves comprehensive to the general public.

What is an investment expert?

Investment experts are those who have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to investment. They have proven themselves worthy by having millions of assets under their management. Many of them earned their business degrees in prestigious schools here and abroad, but some of them climbed their way up from rags to riches. They are the ones who are invited to talk to seminars and workshops. Many of them have published books considered to be must-reads for those who want to learn the art of business and investing.

Why should we listen and follow them?

As mentioned above, financial literacy is the way to financial success. Listening to people who are authority figures in the investment field is a great way to learn how to be better at investing your own money. They can give you an idea on where to invest your money, how much money you need to invest, and when is the right time to do it. Their in-depth understanding of the market allows them to give accurate insights and forecasts that will greatly help you minimize your risk of losing money.

Investment experts to follow

Achieving your financial goals isn’t as hard as you thought it is, especially when you are guided by people who knows every curve you’ll have in your path. So without further ado, here are some of the respected Filipino investment experts who could help you in your journey to financial success. In no particular order:

12.) Randel Tiongson 

image source: inspireleaders.com


Facebook: Randell Tiongson

Twitter: @randelltiongson

With more than 30 years of experience in various financial and business subfields such as banking, insurance, mutual funds, management consultancy, and financial planning – he is considered as one of todays’ top authority figure and finance coach in the country.

He is the Director of the Registered Financial Planner Institute Philippines, and is known for being a prime advocate of financial education for OFWs. He regularly as a resource speaker on various TV shows like Bandila, 700 Club Asia, TV Patrol, and other news programs.

He hosts his own radio program on 103.5 K Lite FM (2014) and Money Talks in 106.7 Energy FM (2013). He has his own column on Philippines Daily Inquirer called “Money Matter”. He was awarded as one of the 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance and Most Outstanding Alumni by UST in 2011.

11.) Tyrone Solee

image source: sunstar.com.ph


Facebook: Millionaire Act

Twitter: @millionaireacts

A Mathematics degree holder from Ateneo de Manila University, Tyrone started his blog at the young age of 25. The name of his blog was inspired by how he badly wanted to be a millionaire himself, he wanted to know how the ‘millionaire acts’ so he can be one, thus the birth of Millionaire Acts.

He started saving at 21 when he had his 1st job after graduation. By 22, he already started investing in a bond fund. And by the age of 26, he was already able to achieve his dream of becoming a millionaire. His equation of ‘Income – Savings = Expenses’, obviously paid off.

He appeared in countless radio and TV interviews and segments about financial management and investing. He and his blog was also featured in various business magazines and newspapers. He was also one of the most requested resource speakers for seminars, workshops, and other business related events.

10.) Garry de Castro

image source: garrydecastro.com


Facebook: Financial Planning PH 

Twitter: @garrydecastro

Garry is a web developer, blogger, and financial adviser. He specializes in mutual funds, retirement plans, insurance plans, educational plans, and stocks investing.

You can find articles about the importance of having insurance and how to do basic investing in his blog.

Although his blog it is not that active, the information presented in there are still relevant and very helpful for someone who wants to succeed in the same area.

9.) Lianne Martha Laroya

image source: money-summit.com


Facebook: The Wise Living

Twitter: @MsLianneLaroya

At a very young age of 19, Lianne started The Wise Living, a personal finance, self-development, lifestyle, and business blog with the intention to help 20-somethings improve their lives and inspire them in various aspects.

Her blog offers financial consultations, money management, and investing. She also has self-published a book entitled “OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go?” which talks about tips on how to wisely manage your salary in order to be a 20-something millionaire.

Her blog and success story is very inspirational especially for those who want to start their journey towards financial freedom at a young age.

8.) Omeng Tawid

image source: youtube.com


Facebook: Smart Investing in Philippines, Pinoy Investing

Omeng is the man behind Smart Pinoy Investor and the famous Facebook pages Smart Investing in the Philippines and Pinoy Investing, with the advocacy to teach Filipinos financial literacy and how they can work their way to investing in the stock market.

He is a prime believer of having an emergency fund and a solid budget plan before starting to invest in the stock market. His Facebook pages is where he offers insights and views and share tips and tricks about the stock market for his followers.

7.) Burn Gutierrez

image source: burngutierrez.com


Facebook: Usapang Piso

Known for his Rock to Riches Journey, Burn started his financial quest in 2002 after coming home from working abroad for 2 years. He challenged himself to achieve his goals without leaving the country again. That’s when he started investing in mutual funds and realizes the value of life insurance.

Fast forward to 2017 and he is now a successful financial literacy advocate, online entrepreneur, investor, musician, and songwriter. But his success did not happened overnight, he severely struggled financially during his pursuit of his goals. He had debts, so many debts that he lose a lot of friends because of these.

Inspired by his stint abroad, he co-founded Angat Pilipinas Coalition, a non-profit organization that aims to teach people especially OFWs on how to manage their finances as well as educate children how to be wise in their finances in the future through learning-based modules.

Burn is also the CEO of English Learning Camp, Managing Director of Good Light Massage Center, and the Author of Philippines’ first finance-influenced comic book “The Adventures of Pepot Kuripot and Dora Gastadora”.

6.) Aya Laraya

image source: moneymax.ph


Facebook: Pesos and Sense

Twitter: @pesosandsense

Youtube: Pesos and Sense

With an MBA from the University of Western Australia and over 25 years of experience in the finance and investment field, Aya Laraya is someone you should never miss on your list.

He started as a simple runner for the old Philippine Stock Exchange before he climbed his way up to where he is now. He is a Certified Investment Company representative, a Certified Securities representative, writer, realtor, and a professor at the Ateneo de Manila University.

He is well known for his famous saying “aral muna bago invest”. He believes that we need to invest in our selves first before investing in other ventures. That is the reason why he founded Pesos and Sense, a company that specializes in educating Filipinos about seemingly intimidating financial topics like mutual funds, debt management, stock market, insurance, budgeting, and investments.

Pesos and Sense is also a weekly program of GMA News TV aired every Sunday morning. The show is hosted by Mr. Aya himself and tackles finance and investments in a simple and comprehensive manner.

5.) Marvin Germo

image source: marvingermo.com


Facebook: Marvin Germo 

Twitter: @marvingermo

Marvin graduated with a Bachelors in Electronics & Communications at the Mapua Institute of Technology, but he found his heart in the finance and investment industry. He is a respected keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and personal financial consultant.

He is one of the most sought after investment speakers because of his ability to translate complex investment concepts into simple and understandable ones. He authored three best-selling books; “Stock Smarts: Stock Investing Made Easy”, “Stock Smarts: Winning Strategies for Investing”, and “Stock Smarts: Stress Free Investing”.  He is also an investment columnist for Moneysense Magazine, Business Mirror, and Rappler.

He is the president of Stock Smarts Learning Publishing Inc., a company with more than 10 years of experience in the stock market as analysts, traders, and investors. Recently, he co-managed “Talas Manileno Inc.”, one of the fastest growing barbershop in town.

4.) Dean Pax Lapid

Top Filipino Investment Experts - Dean Pax Lapid
image source: facebook.com

LinkedIn: Dean Pax Lapid

Dean is an experienced entrepreneur and business consultant with a relatively broad background in IT, Oil and Gas Industry, as well as the Food Retail Industry. He is the Dean of the Entrepreneur School of Asia (2004-2011). He is also able to launch a number of companies including Southwest Professionals, Meals & Meat, St. Mellion Farms, Buns & Meats, and MetroPicks.

He is one of the most in demand industry consultant for different companies and government agencies like Jollibee, KFC, DepEd, and DTI. He is also a mentor and facilitator of Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez, and active advocate of GoNegosyo which is founded by Joey Concepcion.

He regularly appears in TV shows like ANC’s ‘Shoptalk’ and ‘Go Negosyo Kaya Mo’. He also co-authored a number of books together with other respected figures in the business and investment field. One of his most notable work is his best-selling book “21 Steps on How to Start Your Business” (co-authored with Ping Sotto), “Be Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy Today”, and “How to Turn Your Passion into Profit” (co-authored with Bo Sanchez).

3.) Rex Mendoza

Top Filipino Investment Experts - Rex Mendoza
image source: news.abs-cbn.com


Facebook: RampverFinancials 

Twitter: @rampverph

He might have the most extensive credentials among all the people presented in this list. He held numerous management and top of the line executive positions in various major financial and business companies. He has served as the Department Chairman and professor in the Marketing Department of De La Salle University, Graduate School of Business.

He is a recipient of the Most Distinguished Alumnus of the University of the Philippines Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business in 2013. He is also a distinguished fellow with distinction at the Life Management Institute of Atlanta, Georgia in USA.

He was working as the President and CEO of Philam Life before he decided to step down and founded his own corporation and holding firm, Rampver Financials. He is currently the Managing Director of Rampver, which is the leading non-bank mutual fund distributor in the Philippines.

2.) Chinkee Tan

Top Filipino Investment Experts - Chinkee Tan
image source: imdb.com


Facebook: Chinkee Tan 

Twitter: @chinkeetan

Chinkee Tan also known as “Mr. Chink Positive” is well-respected motivational speaker, best-selling author, TV and radio personality, and a wealth coach.

Born in Tondo, Manila to Chinese parents, Chinkee started to realize the value of hardwork and determination at a young age when his Father’s business experienced huge loses. Because of this, he started buying items from Divisoria and sell them to his friends and classmates. And from peddling items to friends, he now owns various business ventures and is one of the top financial coach in the country.

As a financial coach, he specializes in helping people achieve financial freedom and become debt-free. He has authored some of the best-selling financial books like “Till Debt Do Us Part”, “Rich God Poor God”, and “For Richer For Poorer” which has already sold hundreds of thousands of copies since their publication. You can also download his mobile app Chink+, available for both Android and iOS devices.

He has his own program called “Chink Positive” on 92.3 New FM and Channel 41 Aksyon TV. He also hosts “Kumare Klub” and “Balitaang Tapat”, both aired on TV 5. He is a co-host of the 700 Club Asia and a resource speaker for GoNegosyo. He has been a motivational speaker since 1995 and has spoken in front of as many as 12,000 people from different walks of life.

Despite all this achievements and very hectic schedule, he always make sure to have time for his family. Because according to him, “No amount of success in business, in society, and in profession can compensate for failure in the family”.

1.) Bo Sanchez

Top Filipino Investment Experts
image source: karmaxpurpose.wordpress.com


Facebook: Brother Bo Sanchez 

Twitter: @BoSanchez

Eugenio Isabelo Tomas Reyes Sanchez Jr. or Bo Sanchez is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, and a catholic lay preacher. He is called the “Preacher in Blue Jeans” because of his active involvement in the church as a preacher and minister.

He started preaching at the age of 13 and not long after, he founded the Light of Jesus community along with his parents. The Light of Jesus community has now over 35,000 members in 30 branches nationwide, and 27 branches around the world.

Bo has written over 30 books about religion, family, relationship, and business. He also started a magazine called “Kerygma” which has been active for 23 years now. He founded Shepherd’s Voice radio and television foundation, and regularly blogs and preach in his website www.preacherinbluejeans.com.

In 2006, he was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men Award, and in 2007 the Serviam Award, which is considered the highest award a lay catholic person can get, by the Catholic Mass Media Awards.

He co-founded Truly Rich Club, which provides financial mentorship for all those who want to enter the investment business. He, is a believer of financial mentors since this is how he started getting successful in investing in the stock market.

If you want to develop your business and investment skills, at the same time improve your relationship to God, Bo Sanchez should be on top of your list of who to follow.

Final words

Investing can really sound more intimidating and unreachable than it really is. Like any business endeavor, the potential risk for loss is always there, but the potential for some serious gains are bigger.

There might be no specific criteria when it comes to how someone is considered to be an investment expert, but one thing is for sure: being guided by the insights and getting inspired by the stories of those listed above can lead you to achieve your financial goals.

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