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Best Digital Marketing Expert Mentor and Speaker: Top 20 To Follow

Last Update: Aug 4, 2022 @ 9:44 am
Top Digital Marketing Experts and Speakers to Follow in 2018

Are you lost with the latest trends of marketing, specifically the ever growing digital marketing sphere? Are you currently on a crisis on how to get the leads and sales from online platform. 


Successful Technopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners nowadays have tapped the services of Digital Marketing Expert Mentors to provide them working knowledge on how to grow their business with the new trend of consumer attitudes towards the market.

Hiring one can be your golden ticket to bringing back the hope for your business with their power and influence in uplifting their audience by incorporating their personal experience with knowledge in the marketing field.

Buckle up as we go for a complete ride in understanding the significance of digital marketing to your business and how to find the best expert mentor and speaker to guide you in performing well in the market and drive you to continue moving forward after a small tumble.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing or often called as Online Marketing or internet marketing, is a marketing approach that utilizes the Internet and other virtual communication platforms to promote a brand and connect to potential customers with the help of strategic campaigns.

Digital Marketing can be simply defined as advertising distributed via digital channels such as social media, email, websites, search engines, mobile apps, and many more. It is the promotion of a business, product, or brand using various electronic media. It covers a very broad focus – email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing – as similar or different as they may seem from each other, they all fall under digital marketing.

Here is a digested thoughts on each of Digital Marketing pillars:

  • Content Marketing. In the world of digital marketing “content is king”. Content always matters when trying to generate brand awareness, product promotion, traffic growth, and lead creation. Without good content, your advertising effort would most likely be a flop.
  • Social media marketing. The use of social media to promote a brand to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and generate business leads has seen a rapid growth through the years as the number of social media users continue to boom.
  • Pay-per click (PPC). PPC or pay-per click is a digital marketing method in which publishers post ad links to your business or brand and you pay them based on the number of clicks they will be able to generate.
  • Email marketing. Others might think that emails are becoming obsolete, but major companies are still using email as a tool to communicate and promote their products to their audiences.
  • Affiliate marketing. This type of digital marketing is famous to bloggers, vloggers, and other online personalities. They receive a commission by promoting a product in their videos or articles.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of optimizing your page or website to have a higher rank in search engine results. The higher your page rank, the higher your website traffic would be.

Why Digital Marketing Matters to Business?

It is not a question of to be in it or not. If you are still thinking, most probably your business is not flourishing and your competition is eating a huge chunk of your business. Here are some of the Facts and Figures why you should be using digital marketing as another platform for your business growth:

Digital Marketing Industry in General

  • The global digital advertising and marketing market was estimated at $350 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $786.2 billion by 2026.
  • The U.S. digital advertising and marketing market is currently estimated at $460 billion.
  • 72% of overall marketing budgets get put towards digital marketing channels.
  • 55% of marketing is digital. Total digital advertising spend in 2021 was $436 billion versus offline advertising at $196 billion.

Digital Marketing Growth Rate

  • The compound annual growth rate of digital marketing from 2020-2026 is projected at 9%.
  • Digital display is projected to grow at a 15.5% CAGR, while search is projected to grow at 12.2%. Search accounts for 40.9% of the global digital advertising and marketing market.
  • 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets just this past year.
  • Between 2020 and 2021, there was a 14% growth rate in digital marketing budget spending across businesses.

Digital Marketing Success Rate

  • PPC returns $2 for every $1 spent—resulting in a 200% ROI rate.
  • Paid ad channels with the highest reported ROI rate are Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
  • 49% of businesses say that organic search brings them the best marketing ROI.
  • Email marketing returns $36 for every $1 spent.
  • Small businesses claim that email marketing is the marketing channel that brings them the highest return on investment.
  • Over 20% of businesses say that the number of leads generated is the primary factor they base the success of their marketing channels.
  • Content marketing and SEO provides the best ROI according to marketers in this Databox.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Marketing is always about building connection with your audience, at the right time and at the right place. This means that you need to be where they are spending most of their time, and right now it’s the internet. Study show that people nowadays spend twice the time on the internet as much as they do 12 years ago. The internet has changed the way how we interact, how we meet people, how we shop, and how we do business.

Gone are the days where you see a lot of people distributing flyers on the streets to promote a new business or product. You are more likely to stumble upon an advertisement while scrolling through Facebook than to see someone giving away flyers and brochures.

There is no denying that digital marketing has been essential in the growth of major brands and businesses right now. The good thing about digital marketing is that it can work for any kind of business in any kind of industry. Regardless of what your business or brand is trying to sell, it can still take advantage to the following benefits of digital marketing:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased website traffic and lead generation
  • Higher return of investment (ROI) and revenue
  • Better customer support
  • More cost efficient
  • Less time consuming

Who is called a Digital Marketing Expert?

A Digital Marketing Expert is a specialist in the marketing field that works and consult with a company to understand its brand, determine its business goals, and create and execute a personalized marketing campaign that highlights its product or service for the whole world to see in the Internet.

How can you become a Digital Marketing Expert Mentor?

A Digital Marketing Expert Mentor is someone who takes responsibility of using their learnings from experience and expertise in the marketing field to educate someone that was still in the starting line and train them not just to excel in digital marketing but to be the next mentor.

When can you become a Digital Marketing Expert Speaker?

A Digital Marketing Expert Speaker uses the power of their voice to share their personal stories and influence their listeners in understanding relevant information about digital marketing that they can adopt to their own lives.

But what happens if you can do both and aspire to be a two-in-one expert?

How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert Mentor and Speaker?

As easy as it may seem, becoming a digital marketing expert mentor and speaker can be challenging as it requires you to undergo a process in learning the fundamentals of digital marketing before you can have the authority to inspire someone such as the following steps:

  • Find a Mentor. Experience will always be the best teacher. Follow top digital marketing experts in the industry or work with someone who already has proven expertise and sufficient experience in the marketing field not just to be influenced by their stories but to also learn from their knowledge that you can take advantage for your own use.
  • Do Your Own Study. Inspiration alone is not enough, you have to put some efforts to dig deep and learn about digital marketing by various means depending on your capability and preference. From enrolling to a full-fledged Digital Marketing Course to reading articles online, spend enough time to dismantle the essential information that you need to comprehend.
  • Socialize in the Industry. Just because they are experts doesn’t mean they already know everything. You can still opt to see the picture in a different angle or have a wider scope by talking to people who are actually hands-on in marketing to obtain additional information and allow yourself to adapt to the environment.
  • Stay Updated. As constant as your learnings, you also have to consider the dynamic trends in the industry as they often change depending on the market status. Always make sure that you are ahead others rather than getting stuck to perceiving a strategy that was already forgotten by generations.
  • Implement Your Learnings. All the theories and principles that you have learned will not become feasible if you will not apply them in real life where you can experience the actual process rather than stocking everything on your mind.

Take the big step of sharing all your learnings to others and be the reason of someone else’s success not just as your responsibility but because you have the passion to change other people’s lives with the power of your speech.

Why hiring a Digital Marketing Expert Mentor in Asia is important to Businesses?

Did you know that 45.7% of overall global internet users are in Asia with over 1.39 million internet users across the content?

Enough reason to believe that traditional marketing is no longer as effective as it is before in attracting your target customers as they become more active in the digital space in the modern time. However, with the help of digital marketing expert mentor, you can understand your audience demographics more with the available data online – you just have to interpret it.

From Asia’s average internet session length of 23.78 minutes in 2019, it has increased to 24.24 minutes especially with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing everyone to stay in their homes and and live their lives online.

Moreover, the internet penetration in Asia Pacific region has also elevated to 34.7% as Asians boosted their mobile phone video viewership where consumers view over 5000 advertisement in social media every single day which is almost 60% of the global figure.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Expert Mentor will not only help your business to come up with modern strategies to reach these growing numbers of active Internet users in the continent and drive them to be one of your customers but also train you on growing your business in the modern way and be ahead of your competitors.

What are the top Digital Marketing Expert in Asia Services?

Digital marketing experts in Asia have their own specialization where they spend enough time and effort mastering a specific area of expertise to excel at but here are some of their top services offered to clients:

  • Online Advertising. A Digital Marketing Expert in Asia partners with Yahoo! Ads, Google Ads, and even Line Ads which is one of the most used messaging apps in asian countries to advertise your your campaign and increase your brand awareness across different social media platforms.
  • Consultation & Training. To help you become fully equipped with necessary tools and knowledge in launching your online marketing campaigns, digital marketing experts also consult with your business objectives and train you with effective strategies that you can use to fight for your spot in the top.
  • SEO & Web Localisation. With their expertise in SEO, digital marketing experts can also guide you in optimising your website using advanced SEO strategies not just to drive more traffic to your website but to also improve your SERP ranking.
  • Social Media Marketing. As you have perceived a while ago, Asia is the home for almost half of the internet users in the world so an executing an effective marketing strategy on social media platforms is highly essential as it can help you increase audience engagement and reach more customers.
  • Research & Digital Audit. Digital marketing experts can also help you conduct market research especially in a highly developed region like Asia to understand trends and even your competitors while measuring the performance of your campaigns for further optimization.

The Benefits of Working with a Leading Digital Marketing Expert Mentor

Working with a digital marketing agency can surely provide you a long list of benefits with its broad team of experts, but working with a single mentor can still help you yield the same outcomes with the following benefits that you can take advantage of: 

  • View the Overall Picture. Typically, “been there, done that” moment is one of the positive things about working with a digital marketing expert mentor because every challenge that you are overcoming now have already been solved by them firsthand. Their experience can help you reach the same goal in lesser time along a shorter road.
  • Acquire Valuable Opportunities. Mentors also have plenty of partnerships as they have worked with different entrepreneurs before which can provide you with possible connections with valuable people in the industry at the right time.
  • Establish a Sustainable Business. With their experience in the marketing industry, it’s clear that they have already made expensive mistakes before becoming a certified mentor which can save you so much work and even increase the lifespan of your business by guiding you to prevent the same mistake that they did before.
  • Get Inspired. If there’s one person who knows inspiration best, it’s your mentor as they can provide you with a needed validation from your business. The right mentor will not just consider you as a client but as a partner in the marketing landscape that can motivate you to keep pushing yourself with their positive impacts to your marketing journey.
  • Faster Return of Investment. Compare to a full-service digital marketing agency, working with a mentor can help you  fulfill all your financial goals while still saving much more money with their lower charge for service.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Expert Mentor and Speaker in Asia?

As the whole Asian region embraces the development provided by the digital age, many people are spending enough time to assess these trends in the marketing industry for them to learn how to maximize its potential. 

However, not everyone have what it takes to commit to it in a long term and only those who are experts in the field can really deliver an outstanding outcome so make sure you choose the best digital marketing expert mentor and speaker for your business.

  • Assess their Knowledge. From checking their credentials on the Internet to meeting with them to hear their ideas and expertise in the field, a mentor should be a product of experience and knowledge because these will be their foundation of sharing relevant concepts to their listeners.
  • Test their Experience. Do not settle with a self-renowned mentor without checking their experience in the digital marketing field or attending one of their talks because it’s easy to say that you are an expert but it takes real exposure on the ground to prove it.
  • Ask for Reviews. Always seek for a proof of expertise from credible sources such as reviews from their past clients or even their former apprentices that can speak for their skills considering that reviews can be easily manipulated today.
  • Aligned Specialization. Digital Marketing is a huge field with several sub-components of areas that mentors can master so it’s best to check if their specialization is in line to what you are looking for your business for easier understanding and transaction.
  • Proper Intent. There are two types of mentors in the industry: one who is really devoted in sharing their knowledge to other and transforming someone else’s lives and one who only cares about your payment. Make sure that you choose the first one over the latter because you need someone that actually wants to establish good relationships with you.

Red Flags to Watch out for in a Digital Marketing Expert 

With the growing population of digital marketing experts, make sure that you can easily separate the certified ones from the wannabes especially with these red flags that can serve as your signal to cancel your meeting with them:

  • Self-Centered. Sure, it’s nice to work with a mentor that tells stories about their experience in the field and allow you to indulge all these learnings in your own life but there is still a thin line between becoming an inspiration to others and mere boasting about your personal achievements – be mindful of that!
  • Fabricated Experience. Inspiring narratives can really motivate you to push harder in life but we should still be practical and decline to believe a too-good-to-be-true experiences from your master because slapping you with reality is still much better than spoonfeeding you with lies.
  • Lack of Communication. We all know that communication is the primary key to a successful mentoring, right? We cannot obtain inspiration that can drive us to become better from someone that has not even talked to us clearly.
  • Lack of Reviews. As doubtful as it can be perceived in today’s time, reviews can still be a good resource and basis of their competence at work, just make sure that you acquire credible ones since a lack of it can only signal a fishy business.
  • Outdated Strategies. Given that the marketing industry is continuously changing, strategies should also be updated all the time depending on the current trends and challenges that were being faced in the market because a strategy that was once effective five years ago can sometimes no longer work anymore in the present.

Digital Marketing Expert Mentors and Speakers To Follow 

Digital Marketing Experts are the ones behind successful campaigns and effective business promotions. Some have established their names in the digital marketing sphere and are considered as the authorities when it comes to digital marketing. They are not only marketers but are also credible gurus and keynote speakers.

Digital Marketing Expert Mentors and Speakers To Follow  Globally

If you want your business or brand to succeed in through digital marketing, following these marketing experts and speakers is your sure way to success;

Neil Patel

Digital Marketing Guru - Neil Patel

Neil is considered as one of the top authorities in the digital marketing world. He is the co-founder of KISSmetric, Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar and the founder and author of his blog Quicksprout where he provides comprehensive and in-depth tutorials about digital marketing in an easy and fun way. He is also a regular contributor for Entrpreneur.com, TechCrunch, Fast Company, and Forbes.

He is recognized as one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by President Obama and one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations. He is also considered as the top media influencer on the web by Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Twitter: @neilpatel              

Facebook: Neil Patel           

LinkedIn: Neil Patel

Rand Fishkin

Digital Marketing Guru - Rand Fishkin

Dubbed as the Superstar of SEO and the “Wizard of Moz”, Rand is the founder and former of CEO of Moz. He is a renowned speaker and author of two books that are very popular in the SEO scene – Inbound Marketing & SEO and Art of SEO.

He is also the host and regular contributor to Whiteboard Friday, where he talks about Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Twitter: @randfish               

Facebook: Rand Fishkin     

LinkedIn: Rand Fishkin

Larry Kim

Digital Marketing Expert Mentor Speaker -Larry Kim

A graduate of Electrical Engineering (with honors) at University of Waterloo in Canada, Larry has been working as an Internet marketing manager, software engineer, and software product manager for the last decade. He is a regular contributor for Forbes and Search Engine Land and has written four award-winning books.

He launched WordStream in 2007, offering Internet Consulting Services and sells Search Engine Marketing Automation Softwares.

Website: MobileMonkey.com     

Twitter: @larrykim              

LinkedIn: Larry Kim

Gary Vaynerchuk

Digital Marketing Expert -Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is an entrepreneur, internet personality, speaker, and a four-time New York Times bestselling author. Gary is well-known for growing their family wine business from $3 million to $60 million with the help of e-commerce, email marketing, and pricing. Shortly after this success, he founded VaynerMedia along with his brother in 2009. His company provides social media and strategy services to companies such as PepsiCo, Mondelez, GE, and other Fortune 500 companies. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Vaynerchuk founded a new company called The Gallery with PureWow CEO Ryan Harwood as the CEO after its acquisition.

Twitter: @garyvee   

Facebook: Gary Vaynerchuk          

LinkedIn: Gary Vaynerchuk

Seth Godin

Digital Marketing Guru - Seth Godin

Seth might have the most number of books published in this list. As of writing he has already published 17 books with Purple Cow, Linchpin, and The Dip as bestsellers.  He is a well-respected blogger, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and an alumna of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

He is the founder of Yoyodyne which he sold to Yahoo in 1998 for $30 million, and also became Yahoo’s vice president of direct marketing. In 2006, he launched Squidoo and in just two years, the site was already one of the 500 most visited sites in the world. Squidoo was sold HubPages in 2014 at an undisclosed amount.

Twitter: @ThisIsSethsBlog           

Facebook: Seth Godin

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan - Search Engine Land

Danny SullivaN is most respected authority when it comes search engine and search engine-based marketing topics trough his platform Search Engine Land. He has been the leader in this field since 1986 and deemed to be unparalleled. He is the producer of SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series, Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, and the Founding Editor of Marketing Land. He also manages a personal blog called Daggle.

Twitter: @dannysullivan    

LinkedIn: Danny Sullivan

Brian Halligan

Digital Marketing Expert - Brian Halligan

Brian is a Senior Lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology teaching Entrepreneurial Product Development and Marketing, and has authored two books. He is a recipient of the New England Award and a Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011.

He is also the CEO and co-founder of HubSpot and serves as an adviser to the board of directors of different organizations.

Twitter: @bhalligan             

Facebook:  Brian Halligan 

LinkedIn: Brian Halligan

Daymond John 

Digital Marketing Mogul -  Daymond John

Aside from being a businessman, investor, author, TV personality, and a motivational speaker, Daymond John is also the founder, president, and CEO of the clothing brand FUBU. His story is literally rugs to riches for he started off selling $10 hats in the streets of New York before being a multibillion clothing brand.

Daymond is also the founder of The Shark Group, a brand management and consulting firm helping brands increase their visibility and sales. He works with celebrities and other brands to create additional revenue streams. He is also a brand ambassador of Shopify.

Twitter: @TheSharkDaymond       

Facebook: Daymond John

Jeff Bullas

Digital Marketing Expert Mentor Speaker -Jeff Bullas

A famous speaker, strategist, consultant, author, and social media, marketing blogger, Jeff Bullas is one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers in 2013 by Forbes, number 8 in The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent by Forbes, and the Top 1 Content Marketing Influencer Globally. He specializes in online personal and corporate branding, where he utilizes the power of social media outlets to help his clients of executives and companies to unleash their maximum potentials. He is also the author “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog”.

Twitter: @jeffbullas             

Facebook: Jeff Bullas                     

LinkedIn: Jeff Bullas

Barry Schwartz

Digital marketing expert speaker -Barry Schwartz

Barry is the editor of the very popular Search Engine Roundtable which is known as the “pulse of the marketing community”. He provides updates and articles about the latest updates on Google algorithms through his blog. He is also a news editor for Search Engine Land and owns a RustyBrick, a New-York based web consulting firm.

Twitter: @rustybrick                       

Facebook: Barry Schwartz 

LinkedIn: Barry Schwartz

 Joe Pulizzi

Digital Marketing Expert Mentor Speaker -Joe Pulizzi

Joe is well-known for being a great speaker, podcaster, entrepreneur, author, and lover of the color orange. He writes one for one of the most popular content marketing blogs globally and also a recipient of the John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014.

He has founded a number of startups during the course of his career but his greatest achievement to date is Content Marketing Institute (CMI). CMI is the most widely used content marketing educational material by enterprise brands. CMI was also recognized as the fastest growing media company by Inc. Magazine in 2014.

Twitter: @JoePulizzi                       

LinkedIn: Joe Pulizzi

Chris Ducker 

Digital Marketing Expert Mentor -Chris Ducker

A popular podcaster, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the bestseller “Virtual Freedom”, Chris was originally from the UK but has been living in the Philippines for years now. There he opened a lot of businesses including a co-working space, an outsource call center facility, and a virtual assistant recruitment hub.

Currently Chris shares his secrets on growing a digital business through his membership site Youpreneur.

Twitter: @ChrisDucker       

LinkedIn: Chris Ducker       

Rohit Bhargava

Digital Marketing Guru -Rohit Bhargava

Rohit is considered a trend curator, author of five bestselling books about future of business, and building brand and personality. He is also a Professor of Marketing at the Gerogetown University and has been invited to over 32 countries as a keynote speaker and is regularly quoted in influential media outlets like The Harvard Business Review and New York Times. He is the founder of Non-Obvious Company, a company that offers services like workshops, concierge marketing, keynote speaking, trend consulting, and leadership coaching.

Twitter: @rohitbhargava                

Facebook: Rohit Bhargava 

13.) Jonathan Mildenhall

Digital Marketing Expert - Jonathan Mildenhall

Widely known as the Chief Marketing Officer of AirBnb, Jonathan is also named as one of Forbes most influential CMOs of 2017 and was named Jury President for the Creative Effectiveness of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. In 2016 he was recognized by Business Insider as #7 in their list of The 50 Most Innovative CMOs in the World, and in the same year he won the AdWeek’s Brand Genius award.

He was the mind behind Coca-cola’s “Open Happiness” campaign, one of the company’s most successful campaign to date and has been responsible for AirBnb’s breakthrough global campaigns “Wall and Chain”, “Live There”, and “Never a Stranger” among others.

Twitter: @Mildenhall

LinkedIn: Jonathan Mildenhall

12.) Katrina Craigwell

Digital Marketing Expert Mentor - Katrina Craigwell

At a very young age of 28, Katrina is already the Global Manager of digital marketing of the electronics giant General Electric (GE). She leads content for the digital marketing team at GE and responsible for the content creation and distribution across GE’s corporate properties internationally as well as the brands social media accounts. She is also among AdWeek’s 4 Influential Women in Marketing and Media.

Twitter: @kcraigwell

LinkedIn: Katrina Craigwell

(9) David Meerman Scott

Digital Marketing Expert Mentor - David Meerman Scott


David Meerman Scott is an online marketing strategist and a professional speaker on topics like social media, sales, and marketing. He is also an author of several books about marketing including The New Rules of Marketing and PR and Real-Time Marketing and PR.

Twitter: @dmscott              

Facebook: David Meerman Scott  

LinkedIn: D.M Scott

5.) Steve Rayson

Digital Marketing Investor - Steve Rayson

Steve is an investor, entrepreneur and currently BuzzSumo’s non-executive director. BuzzSumo is a social search tool intended to support journalists, content marketers, and those who are interested in understanding influencer amplification and finding great content in the web.

Twitter: @steverayson       

LinkedIn: Steve Rayson

Joost De Valk

Digital Marketing Expert Mentor - Joost De Valk

Joost is a SEO master and advisor, web developer and the founder and CEO of Yoast. He was a digital marketer and consultant for eBay and The Guardian before developing what is now the YoastSEO plugin for WordPress which is said to be the most comprehensive SEO software available for WordPress users at the moment.

Twitter: @jdevalk                

Facebook: Joost de Valk    

LinkedIn: Joost de Valk

Shama Hyder

Digital Marketing Expert - Shama Hyder

Shama is a well-respected and sought after keynote speaker, entrepreneurial strategist, and a best-selling author of the book The Zen of Social Media Marketing. She is the CEO and founder of MarketingZen, which specializes in social media marketing, content development, SEO, PPC, and SEM.

She is a recipient of the prestigious Technology Titan Emerging Company CEO award and has been able to share the debate stage with world’s top pioneers like President Obama and Dalai Lama. She is a respected figure at both the United Nations and the White House.

Twitter: @Shama                 

Facebook: Shama Hyder    

LinkedIn: Shama Hyder

John Sparks

Digital Marketing Expert - John Sparks

A social media power influencer and coach, John is known as the “Go-to man on twitter”. He is a respected social media speaker who addresses civic and community groups, schools, businesses, and small and large groups about Twitter. He authored the book 365 Ideas to Go from Good to Great on Twitter, which has gained a massive social media fame after its release.

He is the founder and CEO of Online Image Works and a professor at The Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas where teaches Online Journalism

Twitter: @IamJohnSparks             

LinkedIn: John Sparks

Top Asian Digital Marketing Experts to Follow in 2022

Whether you want to deep dive in digital marketing or just want to start learning some basics, get some inspiration from strategic experts on the same region of yours as their experience can be your reason to start taking action today. Here are some of Asia’s leading names in the digital marketing field that you need to follow in 2022:

(1) Mary Zhou (Lazada)

Chief Marketing Officer of Lazada Group that has provided the spotlight to Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform by scale, Lazada as they strengthen its strategic objective of combining shopping and entertainment in one engaging campaign.

Awards: 2021 Asia-Pacific Lower List Member

Notable Campaign: 2019 “Go Where Your Heart Beats” Campaign


(2) Susie Wong (Fuji Xerox)

Chief Digital & Marketing Officer of Fuji Xerox who serves as the voice of the customers in terms of insights as she incorporates technology with the evolving tactics of measuring and executing every marketing action.

Awards: 2021 Digital Marketing Asia Awardee

Notable Campaign: 2011 “You Print We Plant” Eco Campaign

(3) Lynn Huang (Honeywell)

Head of Marketing of Honeywell who changed the definition of marketing during a conference from being a function that needs to be fulfilled into a way to perform business interacting among sales and innovation with her expertise in the B2B landscape.

(4) Mohit Gupta (Deutsche Bank)

Head of Marketing & Social Media of Deutsche Bank who believes that customer satisfaction should be the primary goal of every marketing strategy and has utilized technology to execute a wider reach and establish customer relationships across digital channels for the benefit of the bank.

Awards: 2019 Loyalty and Engagement Awardee

Notable Campaign: #NotAlone – 2021 Mental Health Campaign

(5) David Harling (MoneySmart)

Group Chief Marketing Officer of MoneySmart that has turned more customers to perceive personal finance as an approachable discussion rather than a complex topic as they invest in simplifying financial information to their audience as personal as possible.

Award: 2022 Singapore Agency of the Year

Notable Campaign: Car Insurance Campaign

(6) Roche Vandenberghe (FWD Life)

VP & Head of Marketing of FWD Life Insurance Corporation which is one of the Philippines’ fastest-growing insurers that aim to leverage digital technology in providing an accessible and modern experience to their customers.

Award: 2022 Mob-Ex SG Awardee

Notable Campaign: “Blaze a Trail in the Arctic” – 2018 FWD North Pole Marathon

(7) Manisha Seewal (Carro)

Group Chief Marketing Officer of Carro who has amplified the importance of including appealing content and engaging video to a robust social media strategy for brands to increase their engagement in the marketplace.

Award: 2020 Asia Pacific PRovoke Media Innovator 25

Notable Campaign: 2019 Regional Branding Campaign with Jetstar

(8) Ravi Shankar (AirAsia)

Global Head of Digital Marketing & Analytics of AirAsia that has mastered the right timing of reaching a target market across multiple channels with one try such as its strategic campaign of doubling its ads’ frequency that features a football superstar during the World Cup Final to reach Asian fans who are engaging on Youtube.

Award: 2020 Asia Pacific PRovoke Media Innovator 25

Notable Campaign: #StillGotIt – 2018 World Cup

(9) Sophia Ong (ST Engineering)

Vice President of Marketing of ST Engineering who utilizes the power of content in offering innovative solutions to their customers’ demands with the help of beneficial communication and technology techniques.

Award: 2013 Tiger Roar Award for Outstanding Executive

Notable Campaign: 2022 Singapore Airshow

(10) Cheryl Goh (Grab)

Group VP of Marketing of Grab that has supported local businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with its food delivery and e-commerce platform as enable of business-to-consuer interactions in the digital space.

Awards: 2019 Malaysia Media Awardee, 2019 WFA Global Marketer of the Year Nominee

Notable Campaign: 2021 Local Heroes Campaign


How to Hire the Best Digital Marketing Expert Mentor and Speaker in Asia?

Before you hire a Digital Marketing Expert Mentor and Speaker, you need to set your clear expectations first. From SEO to paid advertising, identify what type of service are you aiming to learn for your business.

Once you have determined the work that needs doing, spend some time to research about credible expert mentor and speakers in Asia to assess their backgrounds and expertise. Compare them from one another to identity which one is most aligned to your business and will surely offer a huge help and improvement to your brand.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your expert choice to get to know them more and ensure that it is a perfect match before closing the deal and move forward to your mentoring journey.

Summary and Conclusion…

There may be other great digital marketing experts not included in this list but the people above have impressive portfolios in the table when it comes to digital marketing. They are well respected and revered in their own subfields and by just following them and taking cues of their insights and ideas, you may be able to acquire motivations to take bold digital marketing actions in your own business.

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Marylle Javellana
Marylle Javellana
What makes ESTRAT stand-out is that they really work as a team. No one is left behind or felt out of place. In order to have a successful agency, one must have a strong relationship with each of the members of the team. You can openly say your suggestion no matter how wild or crazy it may be because they believe every idea can make for a successful content.
Carmelli Pandan
Carmelli Pandan
ESTRAT opens up many possibilities to a lot of businesses. The agency is goal-oriented and smart, from idea development to execution. They've got a friendly and professional working environment. ESTRAT is clearly one of the best social marketing agency.
Marion Mae Q
Marion Mae Q
ESTRATX has the capabilities that could give you more what you expect. Everything's published on the given time with quality.
Kirsten Eloise Castillo
Kirsten Eloise Castillo
What makes ESTRATX standout when it comes to Digital Marketing is that we always take interest on what makes people tick and click. We always go for excellence and creativity rather than mediocrity. We also provide personalized services to our clients.
Marie Noelien Ruelo
Marie Noelien Ruelo
I will recommend you to join Estrat Media for they are very reliable, humble, creative and trusted company.
Jayson Sombilon
Jayson Sombilon
ESTRAT Media has the best capabilities that a digital marketer can offer. From planning and executing its strategies, they provide the best results especially to the local businesses in Cebu.
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