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Trends and Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Campaign in 2018

Last Update: Nov 21, 2017 @ 2:31 am
Effective Video Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing in 2017 has been effective when it comes to initiating new trends. That we think would be extensive by 2018.

It’s already the last quarter of 2017 and in groundwork of what’s coming up with Video Marketing in 2018, we’ve collated some trends and tips for you to have an Effective Video Marketing Campaign by 2018.

Trends by 2018

Age of Virtual Reality

image source: information-age.com

As you may have noticed Live Videos in Facebook and Video marketing has been the fad for the year 2016, and experts are expecting the craze with Virtual Reality in the marketing industry, and will be a necessity by the year 2017. Though we can’t really imagine how this will be executed, it’s really exciting how Virtual Reality can be incorporated with Digital Marketing.

Videos, Videos and more Videos

image source: fiercevideo.com

Video marketing will definitely be a blast this 2018, as per Business2community, not only because it’s more engaging than the traditional text approach, it is proven that consumers would actually take more time checking out video marketing. A research conducted by WISTIA concludes that there is an increase possibility of purchase by 15-20% on those who were engaged with an effective video marketing. According to Brandnew.co 74% of all internet traffic in 2018 will be video.

Influencer Marketing

image source: searchenginejournal.com

Influencer marketing has been around the block since 2014, but it has been increasingly popular, that everyone wants to be a Social Media Influencer. The key here is finding the right influencer for your niche and you can collaborate with them.

More Video Apps

image source: softstribe.com

As you’ve noticed the birth of Snapchat and the rebirth of Instagram now with Instagram stories, both platforms are being used for advertisement and marketing.


image source: marketingthingy.com

Creating an infotainment will mean more work, conceptualizing a video that is both Informative and entertaining is definitely what the consumers are looking for. If they don’t find your videos entertaining or informative, then expect them to hit the x button.

Tips and Tricks

1. Set a budget and a concept layout

image source: fit-pro.com

According to Wizmotions If you want to expand by putting a budget for your video, make sure you have a detailed concept layout of your video so you can achieve your objective.

2. Short video content

image source: m2bespoke.co.uk

Make it short and simple. Consumers can get bored if your video is lengthy and full of words, people has shorter attention span compared to other generation. Choose the right concept, the significant contents you’d like to emphasize to your viewers and make it as seamless as possible.

3. Personalize

image source: emerj.com

The only way to catch your viewers heart and convert it to a customer and a sale is to personalize your video, you need to make sure that your concept will definitely win your Niche’s heart. This also establishes rapport and makes your consumers feel that you are one with them.

4. Storytelling

Effective Video Marketing Campaign - story telling
image source: uxdesign.cc

This is not a new approach, but applying the story telling concept in a quirky way will definitely be a show stopper.


Effective Video Marketing Campaign - call action button
image source: gosquared.com

Mangomattermedia’s best advice is don’t forget to put your Call Action Button at least at the end of your video, this entices your viewers to be curious and hit that button which can convert them to a potential sale.

6. SEO

Effective Video Marketing Campaign -seo
image source: vision360.sc

SEO optimization is crucial as well with your videos. The key is finding the right keywords for your title and description, to raise your Page Rank. We can never tell if there would be changes with the anticipated trends by 2018, but one thing we’re sure in creating an effective and impressive Video marketing, creativity and good planning is essential.

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