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Redefining Parenthood in APAC: Empathetic Marketing and Aspirations for Fame

Last Update: Dec 5, 2023 @ 4:19 am

A significant paradigm shift is afoot in the APAC region concerning perspectives on parenthood, highlighted in a recent deep dive by McCann Worldgroup’s intelligence unit, Truth Central. The comprehensive study uncovers the complex emotions and pressures surrounding the choice to become a parent in modern society, with a crucial message for brands.

Empathetic Marketing in APAC Parenthood

At the heart of the findings is the staggering revelation that nearly 68% of non-parents in the APAC region are either questioning the traditional pathway to parenthood or have decided against having children — a sentiment strongest in Japan (50%), followed closely by Hong Kong (44%), Singapore (42%), and Thailand (42%). This trend surpasses the global average, which stands at 38%.

Despite the increased skepticism and the omnipresent pressure to be “perfect” parents, a significant portion of respondents acknowledges the deep-seated desire and perceived duty to bear children. The shaded nature of this societal shift calls for a renovating of the conversations surrounding parenthood, surrounding a democratic understanding of modern families’ mixed realities.

Navigating the Crossroads of Information Overload and Societal Pressures

Shilpa Sinha, the Chief Strategy Officer at McCann Worldgroup APAC, articulates the crux of the matter — the prevailing societal pressures and unattainable ideals amidst economic transitions are steering individuals towards a myriad of parenting choices.

Sinha advocates for solutions that empathetically resonate with modern families, navigating the perplexing sea of information, which currently leaves 66% of parents in a state of confusion owing to conflicting advice on parenting.

Brands Rising to the Challenge

Witnessing a conscious shift in the narrative are entities like Huggies Malaysia and Great Eastern, which have embarked on campaigns revealing the unvarnished realities of parenthood — moving away from painting an unattainable picture to showcasing the genuine struggles and triumphs that define the parenting journey.

This move is more than welcomed in a landscape where a majority of parents express concerns over being perceived as insufficient by their peers. The campaigns, grounded in the reality of the pressures and standards that Asian parents hold themselves up to, facilitate a bridge of understanding, bringing to light the shared experiences of parents.

The APAC Dream: A Chase of Fame

Hunting further into the study, it reveals a remarkable aspiration held by 60% of parents in the APAC region – a desire for their children to achieve fame. A closer examination reveals a substantial aspiration in India (81%), China (78%), and Thailand (71%) — a dream pinned on the perceived socio-economic mobility that fame can grant.

Towards a Future of Overall Narratives

In light of the changing tides, it becomes incumbent upon brands to foster a space of understanding, weaving narratives that mirror the complex realities and dreams that modern families in the APAC region hold.

To Summarize

As the APAC region stands on the cusp of change, steering away from entrenched norms to embrace a spectrum of choices, it is time for brands to resonate with the heartbeat of modern families — encapsulating not just the dreams, but also the resolve to forge unique paths in the intricate dance of modern parenthood. Brands can foster connections that are deeply rooted in empathy and the clarification realities of modern family dynamics, sculpting a future where every choice is met with respect and understanding.

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