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QSR Industry Guest Satisfaction Trends: QSR 50 Insights

Last Update: Dec 5, 2023 @ 6:00 am

The article “Ranking Fast-Food Chains by Guest Satisfaction” by Adam Leff offers an in-depth analysis of guest satisfaction trends in the Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) industry over recent years. Here’s an outline of the article’s main highlights:

Overview: The data is based on nearly nine million guest reviews.

In 2022, staffing received positive feedback, but price/value ratings decreased.

Satisfaction trends are uneven across the segment, with “Leaders” maintaining their position, but “Straddlers” and “Chasers” witnessing a decline.

Staffing Turnaround:

In 2021, staff demeanor and dedication had lower scores, causing a decline in overall guest satisfaction.

There’s been a positive turnaround in 2022 due to a focus on hiring and training.

Shake Shack & El Pollo Loco:

Shake Shack made significant progress, particularly in staff scores, while maintaining good food scores.

El Pollo Loco also showcased impressive growth, moving up in rankings and showing improvements in dedication and loyalty.

Guest Satisfaction Trends:

The benchmark to be considered a “Leader” in 2022 was 3.83 stars, a slight decrease from 3.89 stars in 2021.

“Straddlers” and “Chasers” have seen drops in their average star ratings.

“Leaders” outperform other categories, especially in food satisfaction and staff dedication.

Inflation’s Impact on Price/Value Scores:

Guest opinions about inflation have negatively impacted price/value scores.

“Straddlers” and “Chasers” have average price/value scores below 1.0, suggesting more complaints than praise.

Pizza brands like Little Caesars, Marco’s Pizza, and Papa Murphy’s receive high praise for their price/value.

In-N-Out Burger was highlighted for its outstanding price/value score of 5.0.

Predictions for 2023:

Technology will play a crucial role in improving staffing, allowing for better dedication and demeanor.

If inflation slows, this could enhance competition and elevate guest satisfaction, especially in terms of food and price/value.

Author & Disclaimer: Adam Leff is associated with Merchant Centric, a firm focusing on reputation management. It’s important to keep in mind that the data is sourced from the QSR 50, and it’s crucial to recognize that the analysis may not cover every brand or location.

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