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Social Media Content for Restaurants

Last Update: Dec 5, 2023 @ 9:30 am

“Content is king. If you don’t have great content, you don’t have social media.”

 – Marcus Samuelsson, Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur


Restaurants need social media to reach and engage their target audience in the digital age. It’s no longer enough to have a social media presence—you need to create engaging, shareable material that fits your restaurant’s brand. This post will discuss the importance of social media content for restaurants and offer concrete advice for business owners, restaurant managers, and marketing professionals to establish successful content strategy.

Case Study_ Wagamama

Case Study: Wagamama

One popular restaurant brand that has successfully utilized social media content is Wagamama. This UK-based Asian-inspired restaurant uses social media to develop its brand and communicate with consumers worldwide. Wagamama’s social media campaigns have centered around enticing food photography, user-generated content, behind-the-scenes insights, and promotional offers. 

5 Strategies to Create Social Media Content for Restaurants

Here are five ways Wagamama has implemented content strategies in their campaigns:

1. Showcasing high-quality images and videos of their mouth-watering dishes.

2. Encouraging customers to share their dining experiences using a specific hashtag.

3. Offering limited-time promotions and events to drive foot traffic and create buzz.

4. Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of menu development and the cooking process.

5. Highlighting staff members and their stories to humanize the brand.

5 Types of Effective Social Media Content

5 Types of Effective Social Media Content

1. High-quality images and videos: Visual content is a powerful way to showcase your dishes and create a desire for your food. Social media users are more likely to share and engage with photographs and videos (source).

2. User-generated content (UGC): Encourage customers to share their experiences at your restaurant by creating a unique hashtag and featuring their content on your social media pages. UGC has been shown to increase engagement, trust, and conversions (source).

3. Behind-the-scenes content: Show your followers how your restaurant works, from menu development to preparation. This type of content can help build a connection with your audience and showcase your brand’s authenticity (source).

4. Promotional offers and events: Offering special deals, discounts, and events can create excitement and encourage customers to visit your restaurant. Promotions can also be shared and spread organically through social media (source).

5. Employee highlights: Feature your team members and share their stories to humanize your brand and create a sense of community around your restaurant (source).

5 Tips to Create Engaging Social Media Content for Restaurants

1. Be authentic and true to your brand.

2. Use compelling photos and captions.

3. Mix non-promotional content with promotions.

4. Encourage user-generated content and share it on your platforms.

5. Experiment with different types of content and analyze engagement to determine what resonates with your audience.

How to Optimize Content for Each Social Media Platform

How to Optimize Content for Each Social Media Platform

1. Facebook: Share a mix of images, videos, and links, and utilize Facebook’s targeting features to reach your desired audience. Keep captions brief and engaging, and encourage comments and shares.

2. Instagram: Prioritize high-quality visuals and use Instagram Stories and Reels to share behind-the-scenes content. Utilize hashtags to increase discoverability and engage with your audience through comments and direct messages.

3. Twitter: Share quick updates, promotions, and news, while engaging with customers through replies and retweets. Utilize Twitter’s character limit to create concise, impactful messages.

4. TikTok: Create short, engaging videos that showcase your restaurant’s personality and tap into trending challenges and hashtags to increase visibility.

5. Pinterest: Share visually appealing images of your dishes and restaurant atmosphere, as well as infographics and tips related to food and dining. Utilize Pinterest’s boards and search functionality to categorize your content and reach a wider audience.

5 Tips to Effectively Utilize Hashtags

5 Tips to Effectively Utilize Hashtags

1. Research relevant hashtags in your niche and utilize them to increase your content’s visibility.

2. Create a unique branded hashtag for your restaurant to encourage user-generated content and build a sense of community.

3. Focus on quality above quantity and choose the most relevant hashtags for your content.

4. Monitor trending hashtags and participate in popular conversations when it’s relevant to your brand.

5. Analyze the performance of your hashtags and adjust your strategy as needed.


In summary, social media content is crucial to your restaurant’s internet visibility. Business owners, restaurant managers, and marketing experts must develop shareable, compelling content that matches their brand and appeals to their target audience. This article’s techniques and tips can help your restaurant’s social media content stand out in the digital world. To keep your restaurant in clients’ minds, you must constantly study, adapt, and stay ahead of trends in social media marketing.

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