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Last Update: Dec 16, 2017 @ 6:15 pm
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As an digital preneur (a.k.a.) most of our businesses are conducted online. But the fact remains that we still need to transact and process our utilities and other daily needs offline. This is true months ago.

For me, I have used Paymaya to pay bills, pay staff and purchase online easily. Read more to know on how to Earn Paymaya Digital Wallet in Messenger.

Earn Paymaya Digital Wallet

Yes, you heard me right. It is a digital wallet. You don’t need to bring your bulky coins or check on your cash daily. It

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works like a debit card, and the best alternative if you don’t want to open one. Here’s mine:

Paymaya introduced the first Quick Response (QR) code payment via app in the country last May this year. To date, there are around 15,000 SMART stores and select merchants in the country where this cashless payment is allowed.

If you don’t have a paymaya account, open one here ===>>> Use your mobile number and start creating an account.

Connect Paymaya to Messenger

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(1)  Open your Paymaya Account. If you don’t have one, create by visiting

(2)  Login to your Facebook Account and access messenger.

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You can also opt to search for the keyword Paymaya or use this link:

(3) Link to Your Account

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As soon as you are in PayMaya Messenger, You will be prompted with a welcome message and how you can manage and even pay via PayMaya.

(4) As soon as you have linked up, you can start your transactions.

You can start using it as soon as you have successfully connected your Messenger to your Paymaya account. I tried once, but the first try failed because I wasn’t able to load it. But as soon as I have loaded it, I can already “Buy Load”, “Pay Bills” or “Send Money” — the millenial way of sending via Palawan or MLhuillier =).

In this example, I tried “Buy Load” feature:

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Here are some of the list of utilities and merchants you can “Pay Bill”. You can even pay your post-paid load here from Globe, and SMART.

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If you have Paymaya and you want to load it up, you can load from these stores and Paymaya loading centers:

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There are around 15,000 partner loading centers and you can’t miss. I think to date, Paymaya has the widest number of loading centers in the country today. for a complete list of loading centers, you can check this link.

An Exciting way to earn via Paymaya

For the holiday season, aside from #ShareTheLove treat this holiday season, Paymaya is giving you an opportunity to earn per referral through its Refer and Earn Promo:

How to refer and earn:

  1. Access your PayMaya account in Messenger by visiting this link:
  2. Click on the promo notification and share the promo message to your Messenger contacts (open to both Smart and Globe subscribers).
  3. Alternatively, you can also click on “Promos” in the menu and select “Refer Friends, Get P50” to access the promo message which you can share to your friends.
  4. Each time a friend successfully opens or links a PayMaya account in Messenger, you (sender) will get P50 in your PayMaya account. Your friend (receiver), in return, will also receive P50 in his/her PayMaya account.
  5. Users can only share the promo message to up to 25 friends, and can then earn a maximum of P1,250 worth of incentives (maximum of 25 successful referrals only).
  6. Rewards will be credited to both the sender and receiver within one to three business days after the PayMaya account has been created/linked.

Eyes here for the Promo rules:

  1. The promo is only available to senders/receivers who have Facebook/Messenger accounts created before December 6, 2017.
  2. Users must have a PayMaya account linked to Messenger before referring a friend in order to earn the incentive.
  3. Rewards will not be given if a pre-existing PayMaya in Messenger user creates another account with a different number.
  4. If a new user (receiver) is invited by multiple people, the referral will be attributed to the account (sender) who referred the new user last.
  5. The promo message cannot be shared to a group of contacts or a Page (must be shared individually).
  6. A user who is invited cannot unlink and relink accounts.
  7. Any users who receive an invite and create/link a PayMaya account after the end of the promo will not receive any incentives.
  8. The sender and the receiver cannot have the same PayMaya account. The receiver cannot link a PayMaya account that has been previously linked to another user’s Messenger account.
  9. The promo is open to Android users only.

Know more about Paymaya’s Give 50, Get 50 promo here.

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