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15 Effective Facebook Engagement Strategies That You Should Do For Your Business

Last Update: Sep 18, 2023 @ 10:56 am
Facebook Engagement Strategies

Social media specifically Facebook, has already become a powerful business tool on the hindsight. It creates engagement between businesses and their target market. On the contrary, if the engagement is not carefully strategized, it will not yield efficient returns and eventually results will not be as what has been expected.

Here are a few effective Facebook engagement strategies that can be helpful for your businesses:

1.) Ask Questions

image source: englishlive.ef.com

I find this a very basic strategy to initiate engagement. Asking a question is simple but asking a thought-provoking question is another story. You want to steer in your audiences’ direction to you to create a more intimate relationship. By doing so, you can offer a valuable awareness to your audiences’ interests

2.) Make use of Images

image source: ajuxt.com
It is said that a picture paints a thousand words. Well, it’s more than that when it comes to social media. People are more responsive to visual content. Considering that your audience is more likely interested to see a visual image of what you want to imply than just series of words, makes it more effective for them to engage in such post.

3.) Good Timing

image source: steemit.com

When to publish your post is also considered critical in increasing your engagement. Posting during business hours when majority of your audiences are at work is not an ideal time to post let alone during sleeping hours.

During lunch breaks or after office hours are the most common time frames when there are a lot of traffic in social media so this can also be considered as a good timing. On the other hand, during these times as well that new posts are published that would be an ineffective competition for you. People who are occupied with uploading their own post are less likely interested in engaging with other posts. That is why it is necessary to run some tests to determine a time pattern when your audiences are more likely responsive to your engagement than generating their own posts.

4.) How Often?

image source: volision.com

You can be overwhelmed of the burst of great ideas sometimes that you’d like to instantly publish it as soon as it comes to mind. You get too excited to share that you have already overlooked that a post was just published a few minutes ago and it hasn’t even reached 10 likes or shares yet. Hold your horses; allow a post to breathe for it to reach at least your basic target.

According to a research by Hootsuite, pages that posted one or two times per day receives 40% higher user engagement compared to pages that had more than 3 posts per day.

This only shows that your audiences would be more interested or would be more eager for your next post if you make them to feel that they have “missed you”. Quality over quantity.

5.) Audience Collaboration

image source: journalism.co.uk

Your audience would likely be more engaged if you also allow them to contribute. Rather than answering all the questions yourself, you can let your audiences contribute answers, tips, insights and etc. to other people in your page. This will make them feel that they are valued and that their opinions and insights are being taken into of importance.

6.) Reduce the blabber

image source: bridge.edu

We sometimes bombard our audience with too many words thinking that it will be more convenient for them to access the information right away. When in fact we just want to avoid responding to frequently asked questions or inquiries that would prompt us from time to time. What we don’t realize is a concept that we call “Less is more”. It doesn’t necessarily mean we provide them with lacking information on a post; instead we pique their interest by just a few attention-grabbing phrases.

7.) Call to Action

image source: vizioninteractive.com

If you’re target is to have more engagement, simple but powerful phrases such as: “like this post if ____” or “comment if you agree” or “share to ______”. Those are a just a few psychological nudges that would help you to stir in your audience in a way you want them to respond.

Make it a habit to end your post by leaving a nudge. It will serve as a tickling reminder for them to somehow respond and engage more.

8.) Initiate Games, Trivia, and Contests

image source: glassdoor.co.in

What’s easier method to increase your engagement than initiating a fun interactive activity? Posting Trivia could easily capture your audiences’ attention especially if it’s something out of this world. Initiating games and contests would lead them visiting your page more often especially if there are prizes to look forward to. No one says no to fun. However just keep in mind to still be consistent with your brand and to not deviate further away.

9.) Facebook Ads Campaign

image source: graciamarcom.com

Although boosting a post may cost you, this is actually effective in promoting your posts by getting greater reach. With this method, you have the power to choose a certain demographic making it efficient and effective at the same time because you are able to reach a more specific set of target audiences.

10.) Use simple words.

Facebook Engagement Strategies - Use simple words
image source: youtube.com
There’s no use putting up a lot of effort to make your posts sound “intelligent”. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that your audience is not smart enough to comprehend but using too much flowery words or JARGONS can cause your audience to lose interest. Sometimes it’s much easier to grab their attention by just simply using common but powerful words, not riddles that they need to decipher.

11.) Maximize Facebook Video

Facebook Engagement Strategies - Maximize Facebook Video
image source: neilpatel.com

People would prefer to watch a video if once they click on the play button,  it will play right then and there rather than directing them to another website. So instead of uploading your videos on YouTube and posting a link, it’s much better to upload it on Facebook directly. Saves you time and it is more convenient for your audience.

12.) Recognize your Fan

Facebook Engagement Strategies - Recognize your Fan
image source: theundefeated.com

Your followers or fans feel more value if you give them a shout-out. Launch promotions that would have them tag you and in return, recognize them by acknowledging their posts or sharing their posts to your page as well.

 13.) Use Hashtags

Facebook Engagement Strategies - Use Hashtags
image source: littlehotelier.com

Facebook has already adapted the use of hashtags. Some may underestimate its power but by using hashtags along with your posts promotes awareness to your brand and campaign to a wider reach. At the same time it would be easier for you to monitor your campaigns especially if you are running a promotion. Just make sure that on using hashtags, use simple words, catchy and unique phrases, and short that it’ll be easier for your audience to remember.

 14.) Content Transparency and of Value

Facebook Engagement Strategies - Content Transparency and of Value
image source: mspbusinessinsights.com

Sharing information without reservations and that are transparent is essential in building trust and loyalty between you and your audience. These are contents that you share without holding back.

You can share useful tips, tutorials, life hacks or inspirational stories that you think your audience can benefit in the long run.

Although we want to keep a fun, interactive and light atmosphere, it is also imperative that we want to provide services that are valuable and something that our audience will appreciate.


Facebook Engagement Strategies - Be RESPONSIVE
image source: dribbble.com

Being effective with these strategies doesn’t end once a post is already published and updated. It is actually how responsive we are with our audience. Answering to their inquiries is just basic. It is actually making a human connection by applying emotions with our responses even if we’re only at the other side of the screen.

Every business may have different approach and techniques to gain customers and/or clients. What social media particularly Facebook can do is to act as a channel and at the same time, amplifier for these businesses to reach out to the world without being left out from the advances of technology and manner of approach. 

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