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Career Secrets of Highly Successful Online Freelancers

Last Update: Feb 19, 2024 @ 1:27 pm

Imagine yourself earning millions of pesos through the internet. Sounds amazing right? Or do you think it’s too impossible? Well, a programmer from Cavite earned P7.5 million, and a writer from Misamis Oriental earned P2.6 million last 2013. Are you curious now how they do it? Through freelance works.

Through the years, more and more Filipinos are trying their luck in freelancing business. According to Ron Cirujano, the country manager of Elance-oDesk (web-based freelancing platforms where businesses and companies can hire freelancers globally), said that one million Filipinos already earned P3.3 billion through online work in Elance-oDesk last 2013. From 2010 to the first months of 2014, Filipinos already earned P9 billion in this said freelance platform. Cirujano also mentioned that Cebu is recognized as the top performing province in this platform. They earned P706 million between 2010 and 2014. The top earner in Cebu earned P2.3 million in 12 months through freelance admin working. Also in Iligan, they reached an earning of P342 million in the same period and followed by Bacolod and Davao with the earnings of P221 million and P174 million, respectively. Large cities of Metro Manila (Quezon City, Makati, Manila, and Pasig) also earned P1.3 billion through freelance work in the said platform during the same period.

Pursuing freelance market is pretty similar to the contract work. In a nutshell, you just have to market yourself as an individual with a specific skillset to businesses and companies to do a job. You hold your time, no office hours, no annoying boss and no public holidays. You’re working for yourself and it’s in your hands how you can find work and introduce yourself to potential clients.  There are a lot of online marketplace for freelancers on the internet. All you have to do is search it in there. If you are interested to try this career path but still hesitant to dive into it, here are some successful online freelancers stories, advice and tips that could guide and lead you to this path and might wake up your inner freelancing self. Let’s get started!

How to be a highly successful online freelancer?


Bren is a former accountant and now a successful blogger. He travels around the world, expanding his horizons through learning new cultures from different places and just simply living the life. He created a blog article about his beginnings in pursuing the freelance work. He shares his experiences and stories about how he was able to succeed in this field. He does freelance work in Elance.

Here are some of his tips and advice to new in freelancing who wants to succeed:

Show them what you’ve got!

One thing he encountered in his freelancing career was companies and clients want feedbacks. Feedback is essential in establishing your image in this platforms. Without it, there’s no way that they would know if you’re an adept writer or just an incompetent idiot. Most of the chosen bidder for the job had at least a couple of works done and got at least four to five-star feedbacks. How could you generate this kind of feedback with your beginner background? What do newly-created businesses do when they’re still trying to gain more customers and patrons? They give trial products and services, in short, they give away stuff for free! So include your sample works when you’re bidding for a project or job. And please be reminded that the samples you would provide them are related to the position or job that the clients are looking for. As the saying goes, “First impressions last”, so give your best shot!

Quantity over quality

In his first writing gig, he bid a high price. As he suggests, when bidding, bid with a high but reasonable price. Most writers when starting in freelancing they started with affordable services. So why do this? Simply, to stand out! In psychology, high price services and products give a perception to an individual a perception of high quality. This perpetuates an idea that you’re not just some desperate wannabe (well, you are). In this strategy, you must make sure that your works are quite reasonable. This might be a little risky but just have trust. There is someone who will be willing to take the risk!

Always aim for 5-star feedback

Bren puts emphasis on getting a five-star feedback. He said that a three-star feedback is worse than having no feedback at all. Mindset is the key and please give importance to deadlines. Instead of just “trying your best”, do your best and be the best freelance your client has ever worked with. In this context, more is better. Write about 200 more extra words in doing the article. Also, make it clear for the clients to know that you’re very willing to rewrite and improve your article until they are perfectly satisfied. Put effort into your works and make it the best article that your client has ever read. Exceed their expectations. Don’t forget to tell them that you’re aiming for their five-star satisfaction so make it clear that you also need their five-star feedback.

Here are his few tips when starting out on Elance (known now as Upwork)

Bid for jobs within your niche (especially for writers).

Your comfort zone is your best asset in producing well-written articles and it will also give you the best feedback. So if you’re a food technologist, you can bid on articles that are related to food nutrition, if you’re a banker then bid on articles related to finance, among others. But you’re not required to be a professional- you could try parenting and travel articles. Just do something you’re pretty familiar with before trying and exploring another niche.

Don’t be choosy when starting freelance path.

If you’re serious enough about this path, you’ll have to get some huge amount of effort into marketing and introducing yourself to the work. Just  do every job handed to you and think of it as a chance to learn more new knowledge and expanding your horizon. Once you get some a decent amount of exposure, experience, and good feedback you can be more selective with the work you can accept.

Just write and write (especially for writers).

Bren is a big advocate of the inclusion of free articles in your proposal, at least for those starters in the business. It’s a great opportunity to practice your writing skills. If you don’t get the job you are bidding, you can still put these works into good use. For example, there’s a client who requires articles about the health benefits of honey, research and writes about the topic. Even so, you don’t win the bidding, you can always use the article and put it in your profile as “Honey article made for established health magazine”. What a win-win situation!

Look at other successful freelancers.

Check their profiles and observe how they are laid out and what information they include in their portfolio. Look for inspiration. Consider them as a model for your own profile.

You can check Bren’s social media platforms and be familiar with him more.

Website: www.brenontheroad.com
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest: @brenontheroad

Lynette Rees

Lynette was a freelance writer and now she already published several books. Some of these are Writer’s Forum, Writer’s Weekly, Vibrant life and A Taste of Honey.

Here are some of Lynette’s secrets to be a successful freelance writer:

Face the truth

She emphasizes that one must be realistic about their selves. If your grammar needs polishing, your punctuations are all over the place and if you have the vaguest idea on formatting an article, you need to hold your horses right there. Every writer should be familiar and learn their craft. Let’s face it, you’re not that gifted to be a writer one day and when you wake up you’ll earn money. Improve your writing skills through reading books and articles or just do anything whatever it takes. The freelance world is a competitive world.

Familiarize the business

We always imagine writers as individuals who get out of bed when it suits them and writes article in their own beds. Then money will just roll into their accounts. It’s just a stereotype. Most of the writers have to discipline themselves by sticking their faces on their computer screen even though they don’t have the will to create some articles. In anyways, if you happen to submit few good articles every week, you still have to market them. It can take a longer time to find a right market than it takes to create the article. Study how the industry and guidelines of writers before submission.

Persistence is the key

If your works are rejected, find another place for it. Improve it. Revise it a few times then put it in the race again.

Be a researcher

Researching about the articles that you are about to right . Being knowledgeable with your topic, you could even create a couple of articles that have a different approach and perspective about it.

To know more about Lynette and her works, you can visit her Twitter and website.

Website: www.lynetterees.wordpress.com

Twitter: LynEvans8

Emil Lamprecht

Emil is expert in entrepreneurship, innovation and growth and a speaker. He’s the CEO of Growth Mechanics and Google marketing expert.

Here are some of his formula in becoming a successful freelancer

Personal brand

For him, being a freelancer is selling your services and selling your actual self. The way you come across online or offline reflects your skills, your professionalism and your mindset towards success. Your personality matters. A lot. If clients don’t like you as you are, 99% of the time they won’t buy what you’re selling.    So to build your own personal brand, you can engage social media platforms where you can showcase your talent and yourself. He recommended creating connections through online, segregating and grouping people according to your basis. You can try, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Meetup, among others. Also, you can attend to industry-relevant events. Combining strong digital brand with meeting people in coffee shops will make you easy to find, and easier to be remembered. Your target is to be considered as an expert and influencer in your niche.

Create a plan

He quoted, “Never, ever, undervalue time taken to plan. Never.” It is vital to have a moment to create a plan of action. Planning makes you become prepared to undesirable or unexpected situations. Emil does this step to create his own personal plan, which includes his financial needs, goals and how he can turn it into a job. Planning also gives you the idea how much is your survival limit. Being scared what lies ahead is pretty normal. Even if you’re a strong independent individual or a scaredy cat, feeling afraid is normal so keep your heads up and eyes open, discover your limits, and plan carefully. Creating a plan gives you opportunities to grow your network through asking experts for advice. These questions can simple, like, how much should you charge your client for your works or asking suggestions on where to find the best clients. This creates a chance to improve your knowledge in your niche and improving and perfecting your skill set while growing your connections in a particular field. You just hit two birds with one stone! How cool is that!

Competition is not necessary

For Emil, the idea to keep your enemies closer is not effective in this kind of career path. As he said, “Keep your friends close and make friends with your enemies”. Networking in freelancing is everything. You don’t need enemies at all. Don’t be selfish guarding your works. Trade, share and exchange ideas and experiences. With this trade of knowledge, you’ll be able to expand your horizon and could do better in your works. Learn from others experiences while they learn from yours. Let’s face it, pursuing freelance work can be lonely sometimes. So just like every other

Keep the bridge

For him, the best advice he ever gets was simple in theory but very tough to master: “Don’t burn any bridges.” As a freelancer, you can’t afford to do it. Ever. Every contact counts.“Do not piss people off. Remember that you’re a professional and are soon to be the leader of your own company. Act like it.”

You can connect with Emil through his social media account and his website.

Website: www.careerfoundry.com

Twitter: @EmilLamprecht

From these successful freelancers’ tips and advice, you can simply say that “There is no perfect formula, a hidden secret and no one path to achieve successful freelancing”. Each individual has their own opportunities and have their own strategy. It is your own puzzle. It’s your piece to discover and explore the bigger picture. These freelancers only provided you some head start in the business. According to Freelancer.com, all you have to do is to be resilient and be flexible. These traits will enable to support you in making





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