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Top 30 Social Media Marketing Influencers and Authority that Every Online Marketer Should Follow

Last Update: Feb 19, 2024 @ 1:27 pm

It’s undeniable that we are now living in the digital age where social media became one of the most influential platforms in engaging with prospects and new ideas and raising brand awareness. According to Digital Marketing Institute, 81% of millennials regularly check Twitter and 22% of the world’s total population use Facebook. Take note, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Nowadays, we likely to create our personal, professional and even business-related decisions depending on the trends that are surfacing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, among others. Social media does influence the way we connect, communicate, and interact with one another and is becoming more pervasive as time goes by.

To Adi Englander, a social media expert who writes for a full-service digital strategy firm, she emphasizes that we are inevitably becoming co-dependent on those social platforms. For her, these social platforms are a valid tool because most of the successful entrepreneurs use those social networks to share their newly-formulated ideas with their huge number of followers. This is one the examples where the charm of social media websites come to emerge.

With all the risks and uncertainties in the world of social media marketing, small businesses and brands are in a tougher set-up. One of the notable problems they are facing is gaining followers and fans for their products and services. Millions of campaigns, advertisements, products, services and even personalities looking for everyone’s’ attention and waiting to be noticed. How can a newly-created business survive in this sea of chaos and tight competition?

Luckily, nowadays, plenty of experts are in this sea, rowing their boats and supporting these new faces in the world of social media marketing. You may not have the budget and resources to invest in social-media firm to lead the road as of the moment, but you can certainly learn from different blogs, articles and event tweets of experienced social media influencers.

They are genius minds that use social platforms to put their business ideas and perspectives, their own approaches and takes to certain concepts, and everyday living in front of netizens and influence them to do alike.

They spent their time studying and learning the field of marketing with its advances and development. According to LinkedIn, these people are making millions of bucks by posting pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, publishing blog articles, uploading “vlogs” to Youtube and other social platforms as approach and strategy of their business.

Whether you are looking for marketing tips or ideas for small business, these social media influencers will surely help you big time on making important decisions and taking sensible choices

Here’s the list of social media influencers to keep you on the pulse, continue to improve your digital skills, and for daily inspiration and better perception towards the world of digital marketing. These social media influencers are trustworthy guardians so consider these leaders as your mentors. These people can make your business plan marketing strategy a lot better. Check them out now and let’s start establishing your social media marketing authority!

Social media influencer that every entrepreneur should look for:

1.) Andy Crestodina @crestodina

He’s an in-demand content marketer, top-rated speaker and a web design guru who founded the Orbit Media, a web design company in Chicago that supports companies in developing the SEO friendly and ROI positive websites. He was named #3 in “10 Online Influencers in 2015” by Forbes. Andy recently wrote a book entitled, Content Chemistry, where he dissects and analyzes conversations with the thousands of company in seek for the ultimate content marketing strategy. Also the book provides effective tips and marketing that aims to aid any aspiring content marketer.

2.) Dan Norris @thedannorris

Dan is a serial entrepreneur. He’s placing his great experiences into good use. After founding and establishing several companies, he’s able to write a plenty of books and he now offers courses in his website educating entrepreneurs on building a successful start-up. He is always elaborating the best ways to utilize social media platforms to be used in businesses and how its content can be used in marketing to their advantage. His passion and expertise matched with his immense knowledge make his social media accounts significantly interesting and useful.

3.) Sujan Patel @sujanpatel

Sujan, a social media marketing guru, and thrill-seeker, puts too much passion into everything he does and writes. Sujan said that if he’s not working 13.3 hours a day, six days a week, you can always find him racing cars or motorcycles and when you look up, you may get the chance to see him jumping out of a plane. He’s the co-founder of Web Profits, he has also worked with well-known brands such as KitchenAid, Sales Force, Yahoo!, Inuit, Zillow, and among others. The Web Profits already has established offices in the United States of America, Singapore, Romania, and also in Australia.

4.) Branden Hampton @CEO

Branden Hampton is named as #1 social media influencer by Forbes. He is also the largest independent social media influencer globally. Living in his given title, he offers excellent advice and recommendations on how to utilize Twitter and other social media platforms to market and introduce your business and yourself. It seemed that he have perfected the equation for creating a significant online presence. He has now over 31 million followers across the accounts that he manages

5.) Neil Patel @neilpatel

Neil Patel is the man you need when looking for contents from a successful entrepreneur. He is an investor, author, and co-founded the Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Quick Sprout.  He also uses his social media platforms to provide advice on SEO and digital marketing. He has valuable advice to offer because of his experiences and knowledge that led him the marketing tycoon he is now.

6.) Chris Stoikos @c_stoikos

Chris Stoikos might be not your typical social media influencer guy because he doesn’t use his personal social media as often. He’s a serial entrepreneur whose businesses have depended on both the creative marketing and commercialization for their success. His online platforms demonstrate how you can ensure your personal brand supports your business’ brand.

7.) John Rampton @johnrampton

He called himself as “serial entrepreneur” which is pretty accurate description because he started, established, and sold several companies. Interestingly, he learned everything he knows about online marketing with all by himself while healing a severe leg injury. John is an inspiration inside and outside of the marketing world. He is now a writer for large publications such as the Mashable, Forbes, and TechCrunch. Follow him if you need excellent tips and advice about blogging and such.

8.) Kelly Lovell @kellyalovell

Kelly is a young social media influencer who visualize a better world. Kelly is known as a motivational speaker, community engagement expert, and social entrepreneur. and also offers marketing advice. She promotes social responsibility and for the youth community engagement.

9.) Melinda Emerson @SmallBizLady

Melinda Emerson is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and author. Her online presence has allowed her to offer small business advice to over 3 million people. She creatively engaged with her followers when she started Twitter’s longest running live chat under #Smallbizchat. She continues to offer advice on avoiding small business failure on her various social media platforms.

10.) Angela Benton @ABenton

Angela founded and the CEO of NewME Accelerator. Her business has successfully supported many entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground by giving them advice and finding potential investors. Interestingly, she’s a cancer survivor who now has a successful business. Further, she has already recognized several times as a major influencer in the Internet Industries. She still continues to provide advice about how to successfully start and manage businesses on her social media.

11.) Chelsea Krost @ChelseaKrost

Chelsea is one of the most familiar names in when it comes to social media. She’s a public speaker, author, TV and radio host, executive producer, health coach, and an entrepreneur. With these achievements, it’s not surprising that her social media presence is hugely noticeable!  Her website and Twitter gives handful advice on effective branding and how to engage with your followers and fans.

12.) Jac Bowie @msjacbowie

Jac became a digital marketing expert after she was a radio personality and entrepreneur. She started as a producer in the arts, later pursued her passion in Burlesque; she organizes events, entertainment and managing tours. With her realization that there’s a need for women to have a specific place where they could network and connect together. It is now the Business in Heels. She now provides marketing, network, and business advice on her Twitter.

13.) Ben Rattray @brattray

The internet became an effective medium in generating social change. Ben Rattray made it easier for us. He founded and the CEO of Change.org, a site for circulating and signing petitions. Ben is a living example of how we can use social media platforms and the internet to make the world a better place while being successful in running a business.

14.) Reshma Saujani @reshmasaujani

Reshma is a lawyer, politician, and the founded the tech organization named Girls Who Code. Her social media influence is mainly directed towards empowering women. She uses her Twitter account to promote activism and share related tech initiatives. Another amazing example of how technology and spreading social awareness can interact. You can follow her to have ideas on how passion and branding can go hand-in-hand.

15.) Arielle Haspel @BeWellwArielle


Arielle is a nutrition and lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, and a TV host. With an emphasis on wellness, she uses her social media to endorse related content and create her brand. Her usage of social media platforms provides a great example of branding yourself in relation to your goals and passions.

16.) Ann Handley @Marketingprofs

Ann is the veteran when it comes to content creation. She is adept at creating and sharing digital content. These content are focused on building relationships with other brands and potential clients. She’s also an author, entrepreneur, CEO, and journalist. She uses her social media accounts to discuss the best ways in using the content marketing, offering sensible advice for newly-created businesses. Her website (link provided) provides a good example of how to do blogging professionally.

17.) Ann Smarty @seosmarty

Ann is an SEO genius. She lives her name, smarrttyy. She founded a number of start-ups business and she’s been involved in digital marketing for over a decade. Her content marketing ideas were published plenty of times and also, her ideas help marketers determine the most effective ways to promote their brand online.

18.) Larry Kim @larrykim

Larry founded WordStream, a software that quantifies the effects of pay-per-click advertising. He’s a marketing expert that has the passion for technology. He attests his passion by providing tips about marketing, SEO, and technology on his social media account.

19.) Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas

Entrepreneurship is Jeff Bulla’s expertise. He’s an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and a blogger who works with different brands to improve and develop their marketing approaches and also their social media presence. He always makes sure that his clients are using the most up-to-date technologies and strategies for their own advantage. He perfectly embodied how to effectively blog for businesses and usage of Twitter to provide insights and advice about digital marketing.


20.) Kristina Bazan @kristinabazan

Kristina has presented to everyone that fashion can be revolutionized. Kristina founded Kayture, one of the most recognized fashion blog of 2016. With the assistance and support of the small team of talented and skilled individuals, Kristina offers creative support and provide market exposure to established brands like Guess, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and many others. As of now, she is well-supported by her 2.4 million followers on Instagram alone, and other millions of monthly readers of Kayture. If you are interested to work in fashion or has a dream to be an established individual in modern garbs, well, you should study and learn from Kristina’s creative works. Acquire knowledge from it not only to appreciate and widen your knowledge about arts but as a case study in making social media into a platform to pursue business.

21.) Shelly Kramer @ShellyKramer

Shelly is a CEO, marketing veteran and a social media influencer that is adept in digital transformation. She is the person to you are looking if you’re in need of application of fresh ideas to your digital marketing strategy. Her Twitter account provides posts that are focusing on the power of influencer marketing and digital transformation.

22.) Mari Smith @MariSmith

She’s recognized by Forbes as one of the world’s top social media power influencers and now she is called as Queen of Facebook. She aims to posts status that is informative, entertaining and inspiring. One of the things that made her unique is how she managed to mix her professional and personal life in her posts. This kind of approach made her gain more than 350, 000 followers.

23.) Jessica Zollman @jayzombie

Jessica is a photographer and at the same time, a media influencer. She’s the former fifth employee and community manager of Instagram until 2013. With that experience, she is now adept at using this social media platform to her ends and used her expertise in promoting her works and building a huge fan base, which is now spans Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Being millennial herself, targeting the millennial audience is easy for her. She communicates through her photographs and utilized the power of Instagram Stories to connect with people through visually.

24.) Dan Schawbel @DanSchawbel

Dan is the author of New York Times bestseller ‘Promote Yourself’ and founded the Workplace Trends. He’s also an advocate of career progression, company culture, and business branding – and he is influential on both platforms, the Facebook and Twitter. He regularly updates his social media platforms by posting his Forbes articles on how to improve the company culture, how to focus yo positions and how to study the pioneering workplace trends.

25.) Jasmine Star @jasminestar

Jasmine teaches new entrepreneurs how to utilize the social media to create a brand and market themselves. Being a photographer gave her a creative edge. Her presence online is both aesthetically pleasing and very informative. Her social media platforms provide handful examples of building a brand and utilizing your creative juices to make your own identity.

26.) Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee

Gary is a serial entrepreneur, founded the Vaynermedia, and author of bestselling marketing book ‘Crush It’. He provided his followers from different platforms (Medium, Twiter, and Youtube) regular insights, advice, tips and sensible career lessons. Following him will give you a digital marketing edge with his advice on a variety of fields and topic and you’ll also realize the power of video in today’s era. He has more than 856, 900 and counting, in Youtube alone. His video contents offer a winning formula on how to produce videos that are significant for your target audience.

27.) Cyrene Quiamco @cyreneq

Cyrene’s is a successful social media influencer. She produces at least tens of thousands of dollars for every campaign through promoting products and services of companies, like, Samsung, the Voice, Walmart, MTV, Lionsgate, among others. She utilizes Snapchat as her approach. Her posts are pretty family-friendly and enjoyable.  She also leads a community in Snaphchat with the use of her own site, The11thSecond. She doesn’t just provide you names of people who you can follow but she also guides you with modern marketing plan by engaging different available platforms.

28.) Furious Pete @furiouspete

If you’re a Youtube person, then you might be familiar with Furious Pete. What’s interesting is that he’s anorexic and cancer survivor. With his condition, it unintentionally helped him to gain a massive 4 million subscribers in Youtube who watched his day to day vlogs, training sessions as bodybuilders, competitive eating challenges, and candid and honest thoughts on adapting life’s toughest moments.

29.) Eve Mayer @LinkedInQueen

Eve is the CEO of Social Media Delivered, a communication company that leverages social media platform to get business done utilizing proven strategies and approach. She’s recognized as the 5th Most Influential Woman in Social Media and also, Inc. Magazine named her as one of 21 Social Media Marketers to follow on Twitter.

As of 2017, she published four books. She’s also a professional speaker for corporations, universities, nonprofits, associations and government organizations. During her talks, she discusses social media, LinkedIn use for sales, Twitter for business, women empowerment, marketing to millennials, company culture and among others.

30.) Peg Fitzpatrick @PegFritzpatrick

Peg is an in-demand speaker, trainer, blogger, and author. She co-authored the The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. Peg has a total social media followed by over 1.3 million followers on different channels, and she also manages a total social media platform of 13 million fans. She worked with different global brands namely, Motorola, Audi, Google, Kimpton Hotels, McDonald’s, Poo~Pourri and Virgin. As she says, “I work with the best brands and make them even better!” She also had the chance to talk at some of the largest conferences and events, such as a keynote speaker at SXSW, International Association of Business Communicators, Social Media Marketing World, INBOUND, Blogher and Blogher Pro, Altitude Design Summit, and among others.

Being a social media influencer is never easy. It takes time, and perfect plan and strategy. Each of the social media influencers have their own unique takes, strategies, and approach to became who they are now. Choosing the right influencer is essential because each individual has their own expertise and forte. We all need support and guidance from others to our every endeavor, especially the big ones, like establishing our own business. This is social media influencers are for. They guide and support us to our decisions with their posts, articles, and videos. The internet is full of opportunities. Utilize it and make the best out of it, like through the internet, show the world your capabilities.  You can use your talents and skills to create a business, blogs, or the likes to become famous. The internet is on our side in these endeavors. These influencers may be in different fields of marketing but everyone aimed the same thing, to inspire and provide help to people. These influencers reminded us to be always ambitious, always think outside the box and never be afraid to dream. Pursue your passion, always do your best to everything you do and do what makes you happy.


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