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Initiative Philippines: Pioneering a New Era for Monde Nissin’s Media Strategy

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:27 am

In the dynamic realm of media planning and brand communication, partnerships are the fulcrum on which business success pivots. With Monde Nissin‘s recent alignment with Initiative Philippines, the landscape of integrated media planning in the country is set for a transformative journey.

Monde Nissin, a renowned name in the food industry, has recognized the prowess of Initiative Philippines, an arm of IPG Mediabrands. The decision follows a highly competitive multi-agency pitch in July, and the outcome speaks volumes about Initiative’s industry-leading capabilities.

Further consolidating this partnership is the unveiling of “Team Crave,” a dedicated unit singularly focused on catering to Monde Nissin’s diverse portfolio, which also envelopes Monde M.Y. San. This bespoke team approach underscores the brand’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and tailored approach to media planning and buying.

Melody Laogan, Managing Partner at Initiative Philippines, remarked on this milestone: “The inauguration of Team Crave symbolizes more than just a partnership. It’s the fusion of Initiative’s innovative spirit with Monde Nissin’s media strategy legacy. Promising a future of audacious strategies and market disruptions.”

The partnership’s inception in September 2023 is keenly anticipate by industry insiders and brand aficionados alike. Gen dela Peña, the Media Communications Head of Monde Nissin, articulates the brand’s aspirations from this collaboration. “In today’s multifaceted media environment, Initiative’s emphasis on aligning media decisions with core business KPIs resonates with our vision. Team Crave’s expertise will be instrumental in enhancing our media planning efficacy,” she states.

Monde Nissin’s excitement is palpable, with high hopes pinned on Initiative’s proven track record of driving business growth. Known for their strategic acumen, Initiative harmonizes global trends with localized nuances. Their clientele, featuring titans like Nike, Amazon, and LEGO, is a testament to their global footprint and innovative approach.

Paul Atienza, another stalwart at Initiative Philippines, encapsulates the enthusiasm on both sides. “Our ‘Fame and Flow™’ model will be pivotal in sculpting unique consumer experiences for Monde Nissin. This collaboration isn’t just about media planning; it’s about reimagining brand narratives.”

Notably, this isn’t the only feather in Initiative’s cap this year. Their expertise also sought by 3M, a global technology juggernaut, affirming Initiative’s standing in the APAC region.

In a world where brand messaging can easily get lost in the noise, media strategy partnerships are crucial, and with Monde Nissin’s entrusting its media narrative to Initiative Philippines, the stage is set for stories that resonate, engage, and inspire.

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