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Marketing Excellence Awards Philippines 2023: Celebrating Innovation and Resilience in a Dynamic Landscape

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:27 am

As the Philippine marketing industry continues to forge paths of innovation and resilience amidst challenges, the spotlight is once more cast upon the leaders and trailblazers in the sector with the announcement of the shortlist for the Marketing Excellence Awards Philippines 2023.

Unveiling the Shortlist

In a blinding display of creativity and perseverance, the finalists, now officially listed on the awards’ website, represent the pinnacle of marketing brilliance in the country today. In its third part, the event shines as a beacon of recognition. Honoring exceptional campaigns and talents that have succeeded over the challenges of the past year, displaying remarkable excellence in their respective domains.

Categories’ Evolution

In light of industry trends and valuable feedback from the previous year, the awards have adapted to the ever-evolving dynamism of the marketing field by incorporating seven new categories. These additions, which include ‘Excellence in Anniversary Marketing Year’ and ‘Excellence in Interactive Marketing / AR & VR,’ amplify the platforms where marketers can shine. Bringing the total categories to a whopping 42. The new members compete for gold, silver, and bronze trophies. With the coveted “Marketer of the Year” title awaiting the highest achiever across all categories.

A Panel of Esteemed Judges

Ensuring a selection process characterized by rigor and fairness, the panel of 15 judges. All of whom are seasoned marketing professionals from the client-side. Meticulously assessed each entry.

Reflecting on the entries, Gian Leiroy O. Reyes, vice president of marketing at KMC Solutions, remarked on the unusual quality of this year’s contenders. Highlighting the expert usage of an omnichannel approach that demonstrated a deep understanding of the lively marketing landscape today.

Voices from the Industry

Echoing this sentiment was Michael Ryan Miranda, cluster head for QHSSE, marketing, and communications (Philippines-Indonesia Cluster) at Schenker Philippines. Miranda praised Filipino marketers for their persistent dedication to enhancing brands through creative strategies. Even in the face of an international economic downturn.

Moreover, Agbayani P. Pingol II, the head of digital marketing at Security Bank Philippines, emphasized that the diverse range of entries underscored the fact that a successful marketing campaign doesn’t necessarily require backing from a large company or an established ad agency. 

Gazing Ahead

The shortlist took a look into the dynamic and resilient marketing landscape in the Philippines. Creating anticipation within the industry for the upcoming awards ceremony. As we eagerly anticipate the celebration of innovation, resilience, and excellence, the Marketing Excellence Awards Philippines 2023 stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of Filipino marketers. This highly anticipated event not only aims to celebrate the leaders. 

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