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Cathay’s ‘Go miles further’ Campaign: Redefining the Power of Miles

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:27 am

Beyond Air Travel: Known primarily for transforming miles into memorable air journeys, Cathay is embarking on a fresh campaign to challenge and expand consumers’ perceptions.

Cathay’s ‘Go miles further’

Cathay’s ‘Go miles further’ initiative is an ode to the boundless possibilities Asia Miles offers, beyond just flights.

More Than Just A Flight Ticket

Frequent travelers have long associated Asia Miles with their dream destinations. But Cathay’s message is clear: miles are no longer just about air travel. Whether it’s gaining access to exclusive events, scoring tickets to in-demand concerts, or other enticing experiences, the new campaign underscores the versatility of miles.

Standing Out in the Crowd

In a saturated market with myriad rewards programmes, Cathay is doubling down on showcasing the unparalleled value proposition of Asia Miles. It’s not just about earning, but what you can transform those miles into, making every mile earned a step towards an enriched lifestyle.

From Mundane to Marvelous

Cathay’s new TV commercial elegantly captures this transformation. The journey “from water to water” encapsulates how a simple daily activity, like drinking water tracked on Cathay’s app, could snowball into a diver’s dream voyage. It’s a reminder that everyday actions, no matter how trivial, can pave the way for extraordinary rewards.

Visual Affirmations

Building on this narrative, a sequence of powerful images reflects the metamorphosis of routine events into unparalleled experiences. Imagine dining out, not just for the cuisine, but knowing each meal nudges you closer to a musical night out or perhaps another escape to an exotic locale.

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Engagement Redefined

To make this transformation tangible, the “Go miles further” campaign page is armed with digital tools. Tools like the Miles Calculator or the One Day With Miles offer users an immersive dive into the potential of daily expenses, especially with Cathay’s extensive network of over 800 lifestyle partners.

Dynamic Promotions

Cathay is leaving no stone unturned in its promotional drive. Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertisements, tailored to different times of the day, act as gentle nudges, reminding members of the treasures they could accrue on the go. And the engagement doesn’t stop there – a retargeting strategy ensures members continue their journey in the digital sphere.


For years, Cathay members have equated Asia Miles with unparalleled travel experiences. But as Cathay eloquently puts it, the sky isn’t the final frontier; it’s just the beginning. With this campaign, Cathay is not just redefining the value of a mile but also inviting its members to integrate this vision into their daily fabric.

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