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McDonald’s Hong Kong Stirs Up A Buzz With Its Coffee “Retirement” Move

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:27 am

On September 4, 2023, McDonald’s Hong Kong shocked customers by announcing the discontinuation of certain coffee items from its menu. The decision, conveyed through print advertisements, stirred a mix of reactions and disappointment among Hong Kong residents.

Coffee Curtailment

McDonald’s Hong Kong dropped a proverbial coffee bean, heralding the end for two of its beloved coffee items, leaving a city of avid coffee drinkers both curious and disappointed.

Saying Goodbye with A Stir

Making the announcement both digitally and traditionally, the fast-food giant took to Facebook to declare the discontinuation of its ground coffee and roast coffee premium. Pairing the announcement with a poignant caption that their coffee “retires”, they expressed gratitude to their patrons, gaining a wave of reactions with over 9,000 likes and 2,000 shares.

Print Media Prowess

It wasn’t just a digital splash; McDonald’s also etched its announcement on paper, dedicating a full front-page ad in the Headline Daily, signaling the “retirement” of its cherished coffee variants.

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Skeptics Brew

Such a brazen move, paired with a significant advertising push, did raise eyebrows. Sentiment analysis from CARMA revealed a mixed bag: 19.2% negative and a modest 6.8% positive. As Divika Jethmal from CARMA Asia notes, the obvious publicity around the discontinuation has made many wonder if it’s a clever marketing play.

Conversational Stir

In the aftermath of this announcement, McDonald’s became synonymous with terms like “coffee,” “breakfast,” and notably, “retire”. Yet, another sentiment analysis by Meltwater displayed a more neutral populace, with 71.3% of reactions being neutral, indicating perhaps a wait-and-watch approach by many.

Social Feedback

An exploration on Facebook highlighted public dismay over the decision. The coffee variants weren’t just beverages; they were part of HongKongers’ breakfast routines. Yet, amidst the coffee lamentations, some astute netizens pondered if this was merely an advertising gambit.

A Twist in the Tale

As the day drew to a close, McDonald’s unveiled its subsequent move. The space vacated by its coffee products will soon be occupied by its subsidiary, McCafé. Drinks like the Americano, Latte, and White Coffee, previously exclusive to select locales, will soon grace all McDonald’s outlets in Hong Kong. This revelation saw a mix of relief and amusement among netizens, with many appreciating the brand’s unique promotional strategy.

Awaiting Official Word

While speculation is rife, an official statement from McDonald’s is keenly awaited to provide clarity on this intriguing marketing move.

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