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Toppers Pizza Eyes Expansion: Bolsters Leadership Team to Supercharge Growth Strategy

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:27 am

Whitewater, WI – Toppers Pizza, the innovative pizza delivery franchise headquartered in Whitewater, Wisconsin, is gearing up for robust expansion with a bolstered executive team.

The brand known for unique pizza and innovation has promoted Mac Malchow to VP of Development, Matt Martin to VP of Operations, and welcomed Steve Armstrong as Director of Corporate Operations.

CEO Adam Oldenburg elaborates on this strategic move: “As we forecast the roadmap for Toppers Pizza, expansion into new markets is a clear objective. Enhancing our leadership is a deliberate strategy to transform this vision into reality.”

New Promotion Movements

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Mac Malchow

– From pizza delivery to leading development, Malchow embodies growth in the Toppers’ ecosystem. Originally a delivery driver and marketing intern, he scaled the ranks to become the Director of National Marketing. Now, as the Vice President of Development and an owner of five Toppers outlets, Malchow’s deep-rooted affiliation. With the brand promises to be a linchpin in its developmental aspirations.

Matt Martin

– Clocking an impressive 22-year journey with Toppers, Martin’s story is one of perseverance and passion. His dominance from a delivery driver to the newly appointed VP of Operations is emblematic of his dedication. Leadership is something Martin has always been good at, as evidenced by the fact that he has held positions as varied as Franchise Training Leader, Director of Training, and Franchise Operations Director. A native of Wisconsin, Martin’s bond with Toppers goes beyond professional allegiance.

Steve Armstrong

– Joining the Toppers’ brigade with a rich legacy from Panera Bread as their Director of Franchise Operations. Armstrong is a name synonymous with success in the food service arena. Janesville, Wisconsin native with extensive experience in expanding markets, increasing revenue, and fostering talent. As the Director of Corporate Operations, Armstrong is geared to augment the brand’s mission for robust company-owned operations.

With an emphasis on digital-first initiatives and continuous menu improvements, Toppers aims to create a dominant position in the QSR pizza category, and these leadership expansions are in line with those goals. Remarkably, 75%+ of the brand’s sales are driven online. With franchisees registering an average unit volume of $1,100,000+ across the entire network.

About Toppers Pizza

Established in 1991 as an antidote to generic big-box pizza options. Toppers Pizza has consistently championed a fresh perspective on the pizza realm. With its 70+ outlets, Toppers is on an unwavering mission to challenge the pizza industry’s status quo. Their varied menu, tech-savvy approach, and dynamic digital strategy have established the brand as a post-pandemic digital leader. Toppers Pizza invites innovative franchisees to join their journey.

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