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LICERA Group’s CEO, a Two-Time CMO Asia Awardee Invited as Panelist at VisMin Tourism Congress

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:27 am

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES – The LICERA Group, a leader in digital marketing and communication strategy, is pleased to announce its active support for and participation in the first-ever VisMin Tourism Congress and Travel Sale, which will take place on July 13–15, 2023, at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

VisMin Tourism Congress
VisMin Tourism Congress Invitation From the Web

This historic event aims to revive the Visayas and Mindanao tourism industries with the ultimate objective of returning them to their pre-pandemic glories. Additionally, it aims to draw both domestic and foreign tourists who want to take in the distinctive cultural history and natural beauty that these regions have to offer.

Licera Group Awards
ESTRAT360 CMO Asia Awards From the Web

LICERA Group’s Active Role

Ruben Licera, the Chairman and CEO of LICERA Group, will participate in the discussion as a renowned key panelist. Licera, a two-time winner of the prestigious CMO Asia Awards’ Digital Marketer of the Year award and a recognized innovator in his industry on a global scale, will discuss the significant subject of Property Branding in the Age of Social Media.

Participating in the VisMin Tourism Congress demonstrates LICERA Group’s dedication to creating sustainable growth, boosting local tourism, and fostering industry-wide innovations. This confirms our unwavering commitment to highlighting the region’s rich history and stunning sceneries.

ESTRAT360 Digital Marketing Company
ESTRAT360 Digital Marketing Company Team From the Web

Through targeted digital marketing efforts, Licera and his team at ESTRAT 360 have helped businesses expand by 8 and 9 figures over the previous few years. The tourism industry will benefit greatly from their depth of expertise and knowledge, making Licera’s panel discussion a must-attend event for anybody looking to advance their marketing plan.

Licera’s insights into the field of digital marketing, as well as his innovative methods in integrated communications and creative marketing, make him a well-rounded speaker. Participants at the VisMin Tourism Congress can anticipate gaining fresh perspectives on brand development and market expansion in this era that is becoming more digital and social.

VisMin Travel Sale
VisMin Travel Sale Ad From the Web

Along with the congress, the VisMin Travel Sale will also provide a vibrant platform for both enterprises and travel aficionados. This event is a great chance for everyone to learn more about the tourist potential of the Visayas and Mindanao, from budget-friendly getaways to luxurious vacations.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to network with business leaders and gain knowledge. Visit vismintourismcongress.vx-events.com to register today or use the QR code!

About LICERA Group

Founded by internationally awarded CEO Ruben Licera, LICERA Group is a dominant player in the digital marketing and communication strategy landscape. Known for its strategic approach to lead generation and sales, LICERA Group’s ESTRAT 360 has also made significant strides in the field, earning the coveted Marketing Agency of the Year award for helping businesses achieve significant growth.

About Vismin Tourism Congress

The VisMin Tourism Congress is a newly launched tourism conference aimed at promoting sustainable tourism practices as well as highlighting the unique cultural and natural attractions of the Visayas and Mindanao regions. It is also a platform for industry experts to discuss trends and developments in the country’s tourism industry. Alongside it, the VisMin Travel Sale also provides an exciting opportunity for travel enthusiasts and companies to showcase and explore various travel packages.

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