Top Co-working Spaces in General Santos, Philippines

Last Update: Sep 18, 2023 @ 11:02 am
Top Co-working Spaces in General Santos, Philippines

Co-working spaces are the newest form of working environment available for freelancers, entrepreneurs and basically anyone who wants to look for a new place to work in. So if you’re tired working at your own house or having to find an open socket in a cafe, then this is the place for you. Co-working spaces are pretty popular in the western countries like the U.S and U.K. And in Asia, they are rapidly becoming a commonplace.

Here in the Philippines, you’ll likely find some co-working spaces in some of its highly urbanized cities in each island group, like Makati and Manila in Luzon, and Cebu in Visayas. As for Mindanao, we have co-working spaces in Davao, and the newest addition to the co-working space family in the Philippines, Hub 88.

Hub 88

Located at the heart of General Santos, Hub 88 boasts itself as the first co-working space in the city. Founded by Mr. and Ms. Mike Martinez, the space features ergonomic chairs, circular and rectangular tables for their co-working area. They also offer meeting rooms for that important business discussions and conferences with your associates.

They have training halls for your other workers as well. You can conduct presentations here that will promote the collaboration of your coworkers with each other. And if you want some grub to eat while in here, you can bring food beforehand and prepare it here.

They have a couple of amenities that will really tempt you into working here. First, they offer free coffee/tea or water and along with that is a printing station. And that’s just for those walk-in clients. Once you sign up for a 5-day pass, you automatically gain a  huge discount.

That amount will increase until the monthly offers. And the best part of it all, you can easily pull out from the agreement if you’re looking for a better place to stay. Being a member here will grant you a few perks as well like a discount for meeting room uses. You can only have member status if you sign up for their monthly offers.

If you want to move in your team here, then no problem as well. They have a Team/Group Pass that will give you and even better deal along with some discount perks on meeting room usage. The place also holds events that will promote collaboration with the other workers there. If you plan on working here, you can either give them a call first or head directly there.

Other Co-working Spaces

As of currently, there aren’t any new co-working spaces being established in General Santos. However, it still has its share of cafes and other establishments where you can work without having to worry about getting a leasing contract in the face. As the idea for co-working spaces gains more exposure and acceptance, which is what happened back in the U.S, you can expect that Hub 88 won’t be the only co-working space in General Santos City.

Co-working spaces are the new in. When are you going to try them?

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