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4 Ways How Your Small Team Can Make A Big Impact

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:26 am

Are you worried that your team is not big enough to accomplish all your goals, thinking that few people only equates to limited skills?

Quantity is never proportional to quality and that’s why no matter how small your team is, you should never underestimate it. Your members make up your team for a reason so your number should never hold you back from pursuing great things.

Staying small holds no disadvantages because with a small team, you can do a lot.

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Every team begins with why. The “why” describes the team’s mission and provides the core belief for why the team exists. It gives the team a sense of purpose, a sense of mission, and emotional drive, which is especially important during difficult times, and most importantly, it also holds members together and emotionally connects them. You can’t simply state your goals to the entire team and hope that everyone follows suit. Individual connections are what keep everyone on the same page as we move forward.


Smaller teams, as opposed to larger corporations, typically require people to fill multiple roles at the same time. In order to handle the challenges, it requires autonomy. As you watch your members advance in diverse roles, try to keep in touch with them to see what new, higher-level tasks they want to take on. Instead of micromanaging, entrust freedom to your members to try new things because this motivates them to raise the bar even higher.

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One obvious good thing about having a small team is that you can get to know each member on a more personal level. Once you’re able to keep less formal lines of communication open by keeping meetings brief, small, and intimate, you can offer personal encouragement, commendation, and constructive feedback. Great leaders prioritize people, relationships, goals, and results. Progress tracking assists a great leader in keeping his or her team productive and results-oriented.


The quality of team management holds a very significant impact on the team’s performance and the most important thing that great leaders do differently is they coach their members. Take the time to show each individual how things can be done better, and provide encouragement, support, and other resources needed for your members to thrive. Great coaches actively listen, build rapport, ask probing questions, and provide constructive feedback. You must become a good coach if you want to successfully manage a team.

Small teams exceed large ones in many ways. Team members are more likely to form relationships because your team has fewer people. So start managing your team in a way that each member contributes to the great impact the team gives off. #LiveTheGreatLife #RubenLicera #SmallTeamBigImpact

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