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5 Ways To Implement Ideas At Work

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:26 am

Do you have a lot of ideas in your mind but you are having a hard time applying them in real life?

There are so many ideas out there and they seem limitless because not everyone is working to make them happen. People are utterly great at thinking but not doing. To make your ideas count, you have to implement them.

Ideas are easy, it's the implementation that's difficult.

Here are…

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The greater the idea, the thinner the line between exhilaration and worry in business culture. That thrill drives them to act with zeal. However, an emotional reaction may not have the finest outcomes. Be thoughtful and skeptical enough to see the possibilities while also pointing out flaws in the concepts. Shallow thinking may bring the concept to a halt and cost it credibility.


It’s a good idea to outline the main points of the concept, including resources, in a one- or two-page document. Consider working on a proposal for 20, 30, or more hours without executing a trial test. It would be really alarming if an employee spent that much important time on a concept so early in its development. Produce merely a brief plan or outline during the initial thought phase. After the boss gets the go-ahead, save the hard planning for later.


You must examine how much time and energy the idea will require for you to complete from start to end. This fresh idea must compete with other present priorities. It might be large enough to push something else out. Shallow thinking may lead to low expectations from the boss, but the inverse is also a problem. A well-thought-out and interesting proposition may prompt senior management to overreact. High expectations may result in a much larger commitment of labor, money, and resources, as well as a higher risk if the great idea fails to produce great results.


When you present a new idea, you are bringing about change. A shoreline may appear smooth from a distance, but when you go closer, you can see that it’s jagged. Similarly, while fresh ideas may appear smooth from a distance, they can be rather “jagged” in reality. So, to travel the rocky path of effecting change, you must remain adaptable. As though sailing against the wind, you must constantly react to the gusts of feedback. Each gust of wind represents a setback or a criticism but you must keep adjusting your sails and pressing on toward your destination.

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In business, longevity is a metric of success. The most difficult aspect of an invention is determining its ability to endure. Employees who are creative and passionate about their own ideas may be tempted to move on to new ones once previous ones have been launched. However, such behavior jeopardizes the brilliant ideas if the visionary who came up with them moves on to something new. The long-term success of innovation is frequently dependent on the vision and passion of the people who initiated it.

The path to success never stops with thinking and coming up with ideas. You need to keep on working on making these proposals happen. Never deprive your business of the potential success it deserves by preserving ideas on your minds and paper. #LiveTheGreatLife #RubenLicera #MakeIdeasHappen

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