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4 Ways To Know If Your Timing Is Bad

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:26 am

Have you experienced preparing for a competition but no matter how much you try, it seems like luck is still not on your side?

People often say that timing is everything and it surely can be applied in business. There are things that make us say that our timing is right or even perfect but there are also some tip-offs that can help us in determining if our timing is bad.

Timing, persistence, and years of effort will make you seem like an instant success.

Here are… ❌


There is no such thing as perfect timing, but there is a tremendous difference between making a smart move and taking a wise risk, and making a dumb mistake. There are times that you may feel deep down that you aren’t ready for a change yet, but that is precisely the time when you should be pushing yourself. You’ll just injure yourself if you feel deep down that the moment isn’t perfect yet and you’re just attempting to fake it till you make it without proper resources, plan, or commitment.

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If there is no justified effort-risk-reward factor, the time is clearly off. Any objective requires effort, and there is always the possibility of failure and resource loss. You want to look for situations where the risk is low, the work is reasonable, and the reward is substantial. If the ratios are inaccurate, you should either rethink your plan or wait for a better time.


When you act impulsively, the timing is almost always off. You might get lucky now and then, but that isn’t nearly enough to make you truly successful in the long run. If you’ve put no effort into getting the time perfect, there’s a lot of space for improvement in how and when you make your actions.


The last mistake is to act against the market based on incorrect assumptions. The mother of all mishaps is making incorrect assumptions, such as presuming that the time is correct when it isn’t. When you’re trying to accomplish something new and different, you’ll need genuine facts to back up your assumptions and superior insights to time things correctly.

Hope can never pass as a plan or a goal for the perfect timing and proper decision-making. In business, you have to have a plan, you have to strategize every move because luck alone can never bring progress to your doorstep. So start thinking of your decisions, your plans, and your timetable because these determine your next success. #LiveTheGreatLife #RubenLicera #RightTiming

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