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5 Importance of Simplicity In Art

Last Update: Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:26 am

Are you worried that your artwork might be too simple than the others?

Splashing your creation with striking colors, tricky lines, and complex ideas is great as it conveys your own interpretation of art and reflects who you are as an artist. However, settling with subtle elements is just as valuable as the former and shouldn’t be invalidated just because it doesn’t comply with the social standard.

Simplicity is Sophistication

Here are…

5 Importance of Simplicity In Art

1. Pleasing Visuals

Visuals don’t always have to be overwhelming in the eyes of your audience because most of the time, this will only make it hard for them to really appreciate your work since they don’t know where to look at first.


With a simple symbol or a specific color, you can already deliver the topic that you want your audience to grasp. If you want to show them love, use a red color and if you want to portray sadness, use dull colors. You don’t always have to stress over incorporating all colors in one artwork.


Since most people are more used to seeing colorful and loud artwork laying their eyes on your simple creation for the first time will not only capture their attention but will also strike their attention, leading them to fully think about your art.


If your audience can clearly understand your concept, they can easily relate to it in their own personal ways, may it be through the emotions that you’re trying to convey or the experience that you want to portray as their hearts can connect to it instantly.


One of the biggest factors that delay someone’s output is the inevitable occurrence of a mistake, especially when we’re trying to accomplish a complex job that has too many sectors and subtasks to the point that we no longer know where to start.

Always remember that less is more, instead of pressuring yourself to add numerous elements to a single output, rethink the message that you want to convey and if you can deliver it with simplicity that most people can easily understand, go for it and never doubt your instinct!

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