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‘Digital Marketer of the Year” Grateful for God’s Blessings

Last Update: Mar 8, 2023 @ 8:56 am

BROTHER RUBEN LICERA JR., a deacon in the Local Congregation of Balamban, Ecclesiastical District of Carcar City, Cebu, is a multi-awarded entrepreneur, a husband, a father, and above all, an active Iglesia Ni Cristo member. He is the recipient of the Digital Marketer Award of 2021 among other awards, and is the CEO of a marketing company with international clients.

Despite his busy work, family obligations, and Church duties, Brother Ruben is able to find balance. Aiming to help and serve the community, he said “Through my company, I am able to help business owners grow their business and create jobs, thus indirectly helping the families of my employees, among whom are fellow Church members.” Although there were pressures in its initial stages, the company continued to grow. Brother Ruben’s motivation was the will to build something for him and his family that will not hinder them from fulfilling their Church duties.

“The onset of the pandemic was very challenging for me,” Brother Ruben, as he recalled the hindrances he encountered. “It was a time when everything was unclear. Projections were all about fear of Covid-19. For us in the management, who are Iglesia Ni Cristo members, we set daily devotional prayers to ask God’s help during those hard times. We begged for God’s help during those hard times. We begged for God’s guidance to triumph over challenges for us to continue our operations and have the resources to use in serving Him,” he said.

Brother Ruben is also the district vice president of the Buklod organization in Carcar City, Cebu. His wife, Sister Iren, is a choir member and a Buklod district officer, and their two sons are choir members in the Children’s Worship Service. “Knowing how God has blessed us over the years despite our shortcomings and failures, we always see to it that fulfilling our Church duties, among other commandments of God taught by the Church Administration, comes first in mind,” he said. 

Sharing his advice for the brethren, especially those who aspire to start their own business, Brother Ruben said, “Always be grateful for what you have. Fully appreciate the things that God gives you. As for me, I always praise and thank Him for giving me more opportunities within the challenges in my work.” He emphasized that a person can plan in any way he wants, but success will always come from the Almighty Father.

2021 – Digital Marketer of the Year given by the Asian Leadership Awards
2019 – Communications Professional of the Year – Bronze Stevie Award by the International Business Awards given in Vienna, Austria
2018 – Pillar of the Youth Award from the Parliament of the Youth Leaders Association and the National Youth Commission of the Philippines
2014 – Blogger of the Year and Social Media Advocate of the Year by the Globe Media Excellence Awards


This article is first published in PASUGO: God’s Message January 2023 issue.

PASUGO Digital Marketer of the Year Grateful for God's Blessings

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