DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. Here are some of the previous attendees feedback about COACH RUBEN LICERA
Coach Ruben is amazing. i've learn a lot of things from him. he always encourage me to always give my very best. Would Highly Recommend him!
Art Bantolo
Digital Marketing Associate
Coach Ruben is awesome. Very reliable. He really inspires me in different aspects in life. And I really love his passion to teach others who are willing to learn. I salute you coach!
Lara Mae Gele
Visual Creative Developer
He is very fantastic and reliable coach. he teach me enlighten the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and he inspires me on h ow he started his business
Symon Lopez
SEO Specialist
Coach Ruben is the best Digital Marketing Expert. He is professional in Digital Marketing and kind leader and has a great team. I highly recommend Coach Ruben, thank you Coach Ruben and your team!
Gwendell Dagalea
Paid Ads Specialist
Coach Ruben is the best Digital Marketing Consultant. Everything from his helpful tips to his fancy tricks, has helped us our sporting dreams tick. Thanks coach!
Irene Tapales
Virtual Assistant
Aside from having numerous credentials, he is an awesome and very engaging coach.
Marielle Beguña
Digital Marketing Team Lead
Hi Coach Ruben!.Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I will keep in touch with any updates, as I hope that we will be able to do business together at some point in the future. Fighting!
Mary Grace Muit Baraquia
Certified Social Media Specialist
Awesome Coach.Very reliable He taught me the fundamentals in inboud marketing in a way that I can understand it very well. Highly recommended to everyone.
Joshua Regañon
WordPress Developer
I'm really thankful to Coach Ruben. He taught me all the ingredients I need to be an effective Digital Marketing Strategist. He really is a good mentor. Kodus for Coach Ruben Licera.
Jet Gelardino
Digital Marketing Strategist
Coach Ruben is an awesome, resourceful and reliable speaker. A very inspiring and motivational leader. 100 stars for Coach Ruben!
Carlo Aparel
Digital Marketing Professional
A 45 minute conversation with Ruben was able to refine and retarget my business strategy more than months of brainstorming and work on my own. In less than two months I have been able to expand my client base and increase revenue. Thank you Ruben!
Megan Coburn
Mom + Entrepreneur,
Bozeman, Montana, USA
Coach Ruben Licera is an astounding coach i've known. There's so many things I've learned from him, through inner self and different aspects in life.
Ronie Jay Sarte
Video Editor