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How Much Can You Make as a Freelance Online Article Writer?

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online freelance article writerThe next most common question that people often ask me is “How much can you make as a freelance online article writer?”

And most often, I don’t give them the straight answer. The fact is you get paid according to the quality and quantity of output you can deliver to clients consistently.

I am mentioning three things here: quality, quantity and consistency.

It is with quality of work that your per value is raised. If you are at par or above, employers tend to raise the payout for every output you can deliver. Instead of the usual $1.00 that they often pay for an article (for starters), you can get paid as much as USD20.00 or more per 250-word article.

Quantity of work, on the other hand, will determine how much you can earn as a freelance online article writer. If you are a newbie, US$1 per 250-300 word article is understandable. You are just learning the rope of the trade. As soon as you get the hang of writing quality articles, you can write quality articles easily. Mind you, I can write 8 articles a day. Mostly, I accept article writing at USD10 per article before. Now, think of how much I can earn just by writing articles per day?

Consistency is what most online employers are looking. It seals  TRUST between online freelancers and contractors. It is what bonds commitment with each other. A friend who introduced me to this trade 2 years ago is still serving the same employer until now. It is true that there is no employment security in this trade, like any offline jobs. But it is with your consistent freelance record that previous clients will be coming back to you for more projects.

And going back to the question, How much can you possibly earn per year? sent to me this e-newsletter answering the same question about freelancing. To make the answer more authoritative, the popular contracting site seek the  survey result done by Editorial Freelancers Association of the United States. According to this survey, a freelancer in the US can earn up to US$448,000 a year (at Php 43.00 exchange rate, that is around 19 million pesos).

Of course, this income is true for those professional online article freelancers at the top of the echelon.  So why can’t you? After all, the playing field for the online article freelance writers is leveled off long time ago. All you have to do in reaching it is by doing what these top guns are currently doing plus, doing it better or best.

Do you want a brand new house? Do you want to drive  a new BMW or want to take a vacation at a destination of your choice? Freelancing has the potential to deliver what you want to become.

Take Direct mail king Clayton Makepeace. He earns over four million dollars a year from his freelance skills.

Freelancing is a something that you should start venturing. Afterall, there are hundred of thousands of companies out there who want business help to get things done aside form the fact that there are more than 234 million websites that needs your copy writing services. Let’s end the crap of working long hours for a mere salary grade. If you have the will and skill, unlid your cap and take the challenge.

So “How Much Can You Make as a Freelance Online Article Writer?” It will depend on how much you want to make. It will be finally determined on how willing you are to get this.

Benefits of Starting an Online Freelance Writing Career

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online freelance writingWorking as a online freelance writer will give creative freedom and many opportunities while working from the comforts of home at your most available time. You can choose what jobs you want to take, and you will able to earn a living doing almost any type of writing work. I repeat… WRITING. Therefore, if you don’t have any skill in writing, then this type of freelance work is not for you. But if you are interested, that will be another topic that we can open later.

I even started my career online as an SEO writer. Starting a freelance writing career will be a natural choice for you if you are a relatively good writer and take pleasure in writing.

For those who opt to go freelancing via writing, these are the benefit that awaits you:

  • Creative Freedom – Most of the freelance writers online don’t have any journalism background. What they have most is the knack in writing. The most proficient and sought after one are those who have prior experience and reputation in creating effective articles needed by the client. Creative Freedom means, every freelance writer is not limited to a certain dogma or ethic. Anyone writer can write what topic she/he wants to write as long as it is covered in the list of articles needed by the client. There are a lot of topics and opportunity you can write about. It can be a subject that you truly enjoy writing. If you are an effective writer who can meet deadlines, you are guaranteed of work all throughout.
  • Many Possibilities. Freelance writers have the opportunity to write for magazines, newsletters, websites, business communication writing, whitepaper writing and so much more. Some freelance writers make a good living doing imaginative writing, like short story, and literary articles for magazines. Because there are so many different types of companies, firms and individuals that need writers, you have a varied options on how you want to start you freelance writing career.  Just ensure that before doing it online, you have prior experience doing it.
  • Telecommuting. Most freelance writing jobs can be done from your home unlike many freelance fields where the majority of work needs to be done on their sites and offices. You can search for online writing jobs and complete assignments virtually from anywhere in the world as long as you’ve got a good internet connection. As a telecommuter, you can work anytime you want, you can work at midnight or on your lunch break. As a freelance writer you can generate your time when you are most convenient n working.
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