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5 Things you Need to have before you can Start Your Home-based Earn Money Online Business

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We are in the internet age. You must be a hermit or from another planet if you haven’t logon once or at least heard of it.
With all the recent developments of this age, almost 90% of those who are using internet failed to recognize the wonders of internet and the advantage it can give them in developing a home-based business, or earning an ample amount of income from the net for their existing product/services.

Trust me, you can read my story and you’ll be shocked how I have grown from a corporate executive and becoming an Internet Marketing Consultant in less than 5 months with income beyond anyones expectation.

Read Ruben Licera Jr’s personal online marketing story.

Recalling my experience, it took me 5 IMPORTANT THINGS YOU MUST HAVE before you I started my home-based EARN MONEY ONLINE Business:

  • Computer with Internet Connection – Of course, computer is your BASIC TOOL to start working online. With this you can instantly access to different information that you can use in your business, research and tool development.
  • Basic computer knowledge or skills
      – Your PC and internet connection is nothing if you are totally a loser when it comes to basice PC operations. In my case, I just know how to use PC, internet and softwares in it. Just ignore me when it comes to router and modem installation and etc. My point is you don’t need to be an internet master to start with. It is not easy to learn the basics of doing it. Everything can be learned along the way. It may be amusing to know that even a 2 year old kid can use a PC. At three they began to learn browsing or streaming videos via youtube. I take it from my fiancee’s neice experience. It is pretty amazing on how almost anyone can use internet. As a fellow said it, if you can’t identify a computer mouse in 5 seconds, this is not for you. Therefore you must LEARN it.
    • Skills or talent | Products or Services - What do you know? Do you have superb way of doing things? Can you share it with such expertise and ease? if so, you have a very large opportunity awaiting online. SEO article writers, graphic artists, and the likes are in demand months ago. Today, what companies are looking are people who can multi-task (can do two or more things at the same time). For products and services, anything goes as long as its probable market is online. These are topics that I will be discussing in the future. Therefore, I suggest that you subscribe to my blog so that you will be updated as soon as it is available.
    • Experienced Mentor - we need a guide to start our venture. With a mentor, you will be saving a lot of time correcting errors and perfecting methods of EARNING MONEY ONLINE. These “certified” internet marketing mentors/consultant/coach must have a track record of doing things. If not, then you are at a very shaky ground. Don’t trust them even if they are your friends. Trust them if they can show you how it is done and they can explain it to you in the most simple way. If they can do it, you are 60% likely to succeed. The remaining 40% is your effort and consistency.
    • Goal or objective - why do you want to EARN MONEY ONLINE? What is your motivation, reason? What is your goal? This will always keep you on track even at times you are down and in doubt. This will clarify doubts and inject you adrenaline when you need it in keeping up with the pace and requirements of home-based MAKING MONEY ONLINE scheme.

    Let me clarify, all I am listing here is the MUST HAVES. These are the pre-requisites before you can go deeper the online money making mine. This is not a fad. This is a proven information for well-known internet marketing experts.

    Whatever age and status you are right now, you are assured that you will succeed with the will power of doing the smart, tested, efficient of income generation online.

    Make Money from Home Online

    8 Steps to your Free and Legitimate “MAKE MONEY FROM HOME” ONLINE Business

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    Make Money from Home OnlineOkay, to those who sent me your emails via info[at], here are the answers to those questions you’ve thrown in . This is an article that is fully packed with selected information that you need to know to get started with your online marketing business (a.k.a MAKE MONEY FROM HOME ONLINE).

    And accordingly I have organized them according to specific topics to guide you all the way. All you have to do is click the link of the topics and you will be connected to the page where the other contents are continuously discussed:

    1. MYTHS ABOUT WORKING ONLINE AT HOME. With the help of and other online resources, we dig to the truth of which is which about working from home setup. Finally, here is an article that can correct those perceptions.
    2. WHY SHOULD YOU START YOUR “MAKE MONEY FROM HOME” BUSINESS. Facts cannot be distorted. It is either you feel it in and realize or continue to lie to yourself that you won’t make it online. The truth is (I’m giving you a hint) ONLINE MARKETING is a Trillion US Dollars Business. Aside from these I will show here other facts that should convince you why internet marketing is really “IN” these days.
    3. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF “EARN MONEY ONLINE” BUSINESS. Basing from other perceptions and online resources, I have come up with a list that will definitely blow your mind regarding the advantages and disadvantages of doing internet marketing business.
    4. WAYS TO “EARN MONEY ONLINE”. This topic will dwell on 7 ways that people commonly earn online.This is a must read and shouldn’t be ignored.
    5. START YOUR “MAKE MONEY FROM HOME” ONLINE BUSINESS IN FOUR EASY STEPS. Eager to get started? This is the way in. Get the action plans and get ready rolling. After this article, I say, you are pretty much ready to launch your own campaign.

    Throw in some questions as I would love to listen and answer to them one by one. You can get my contact details at my CONTACT DETAILS Page.

    Wishing you prosperity Guys!

    Ways to Earn Money Online

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    Earn Money OnlineThousands have joined and hundreds are piling up everyday to try searching for opportunities online. The fact is I am one of them. Good  thing for me is I had found my small piece of property in the web where I am opening these secrets for free to those who wants to earn.

    As researched and tested by the writer, here are the different ways you can earn money online too:

    • Offer PROFESSIONAL SERVICE (Online and Offline Service) | Virtual Staff. What white collar job are you currently offering? If your present contract does not cover the possibility of you working as a consultant for another company thousand of miles away, then you are in for the job. Companies in Europe, USA and Australia are currently looking for world-class Filipino who are willing to work for them without leaving the Philippines. If you have world-class office management skills like Accounting, Bookeeping, you are in for a job. For It graduates, there are opportunities for them to work as Graphic Artists, Web Designers, Web Administrators and Programmers in the comfort of their homes. They can also opt to work as part of the ever growing SEO niche industry in the Philippines. With proper training and accreditation, graduates can apply for a position as SEO Specialist, Online Promotions Specialists and etc. Try  creating profiles in the following websites and see how much opportunities are open there for skilled Filipino professionals.
    • BLOGGING. according to, Blogging is referred to the design and editing of a blog. A blog, on the other hand, is (a contraction of the term “web log”) a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order., shared the following insights on how any Blogger who maintains blog earns through blogs:
      • Advertising Programs
      • RSS Advertising
      • Donations
      • Non Blogging Writing Opportunities
      • Business Blog Writing Opportunities
      • Blog Network Opportunities
      • Digital Assets
      • Affiliate Programs
      • Sponsorship
      • Merchandising
      • Consulting and Speaking
      • Flipping Blogs (Thoroughly discussed below)
    • INTERNET MARKETING is the process of marketing products and services online. These can take into many forms:
    • GPT (Get Paid To), PTC (Paid To Click), and PTR (Paid To Read) Opportunities. These programs allow its users to earn money by  completing tasks, usually the tasks involve completing surveys, signing up for websites and services, clicking  advertisements, reading emails, surfing websites, playing games and some sites also offer what is known as cash back shopping  which means that you can earn money by doing your online shopping through certain stores. There are many sites on the internet at the moment that pays their users for completing some or all of the above tasks. It is possible to earn upwards of US$400 or £200 a month with GPT sites which are also known as programs. Yes it is true that some.
    • E-COMMERCE. This is where goods are sold directly to consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B). Certain secured platforms are employed to ensure that business is done perfectly.
    • AFFILIATE MARKETING –  is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Examples include rewards sites, where users are rewarded with cash or gifts, for the completion of an offer, and the referral of others to the site. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network, the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer.
    • WEBSITE FLIPPING. Simply said, website flipping is the art of buying domain, improving these domains to become premier domains, and sell them at higher prices. The term comes from the property industry where investors will buy a property, renovate it to add value, and then sell it at a higher price. Website flipping is essentially the same process online. An investor, or investment group, buys an established website, adds value to it and then sells the site at a higher price. With the cost of entry into domain flipping increasing, following the sharply increasing valuations of domain names, website flipping has become more financially accessible to the average investor compared to domain name investment.
    Make Money from Home

    “Make money from home” Online in Four Easy Steps

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    Make Money from HomeMake money from home concept is fast gaining popularity because of the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. Since one is not bound by fixed working 8-hours, they can schedule their work at the time when they feel most productive and convenient to them or as agreed with the company or employer they are working with. Women benefit a lot from this concept of work since they can balance their home and work perfectly, like taking care of their kid while serving as a Virtual Staff.

    Most often, Generation Y people find this situation more productive and lowers stress level. Those who advocates solitude also prefer this setup.

    With the kind of technology we have today, millions of individuals worldwide are considering this option.

    For those who are considering this option today or in the near future, I always suggest this Successful Recipe to Make Money from Home in Easy Four Steps:

    1. READY. The first step in making this a reality is to decide on what type of Internet marketing you want to be involved in. You’ll want to do your research, check out all the possibilities there are and find the right match for you. Once you’ve done this you need to educate yourself of the inner workings of Internet marketing that will pertain to your business so you’re well prepared.

    a. Do Your Homework
    b. Get Educated
    c. Prepare your Finances

    • Setup bank account
    • Get your Paypal Acount

    2. SET.The next step is ensuring that you have what you need to get your business started and keep it running. If your budget is a bit tight these items can be purchased here and there while you’re learning the ropes of Internet marketing. These items can be

    a. Working desk
    b. comfortable office chair
    c. modern pc with

    • Skype
    • Headphone with Microphone
    • Webcam (optional)

    d. reliable Internet service (preferably high speed such as DSL or Cable)

    3. GO. Take the plunge! The great thing about Internet marketing is that many people are operating their Internet marketing business while they’re working a traditional day job. Just think, the motivation to be successful is quite obvious each day while you’re commuting to and from work. Success in Internet Marketing takes work and dedication on your part, but it can be done…it has been done. And you can too.

    a. purchase a notebook. This is where you will log your learnings and account your expenses.
    b. ballpen/pencil. A simple investment and often neglected.
    c. Research. You can always Download Free Internet Marketing eBooks. These tools can provide you additional knowledge as you go along the process. Check my link and I will send you some couple of internet ebooks you can use.

    4. REVIEW. As you have set some goals before you started your online job, you  must see to it that you review all that has happened for the past engaments. It would be best that after 3 months, you  write your SWOT Analysis and compute your total finances. The end goal of this activity is to formulate an action plan that will be used.


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    Online Home-based Professional

    There are so many reasons why you should venture online marketing business. But for this post, I take off the blah, blah and put in specific data that you may want to know. Here are the opportunities you will be missing if you are not online in 2010:

    • The Number of Internet users is 1,966,514,816 (Source: These number is your potential online customer for a product or services that you will be offering online. Just imagine the opportunity that you have. One things for sure, you can not serve all of them. You have to funnel which of those are the potential leads you will have for your business.
    • Total Number of websites: 234 million (Source: With these numbers, SEO and IT professionals will never run out of job. This is why SEO is a blooming industry. Former SEO staff are now on their own hunting their own employers who can pay them directly, less the possible cut if they are employed by an outsourcing company.
    • No. Of DSL Internet users 304,471,379 (Source: The world is going mobile and 2 out of 3 browsers in US alone is searching the web for details. If you are a fast thinker, you will know what I mean. DSL is preparing the world for the Mobile connectivity. People are shifting mobile. And not for long many more online users will use their mobile phones not only for calling, searching, browsing, watching and networking.
    • 500 Million Facebook Users (Source: Facebook). This is projected information in 2010 alone. Just imagine that Facebook grows 300,000 users more per day. These are your additional clients you shouldn’t miss. They may be your friend, but you may be missing them as a possible business leads.
    • You can be your own Boss. Most online marketer are business minded. They want to be their own boss. with Online marketing you will have the opportunity of starting a business on your own, with much lesser social interaction and lesser risk.

    The ball is in your hands. Should you want to miss this opportunity?

    • If you are a business enterprise, are you missing  your customers needs?
    • For individuals, isn’t the numbers worth taking the plunge to have your own business?

    Get in touch with me and I’ll show you how you can START YOUR OWN ONLINE BUSINESS S.M.A.R.T.

    Claim your 30-minute Consultation with Ruben CONTACT RUBEN HERE!