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Four Things that you need to Ask and Know from your Social Media Managers

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With the advent of the social media and its value in raising your online visibility, many netizens had positioned themselves as Social Media Managers. The most common mythical criteria of hiring a social media manager is his frequency online (facebook, twitter, etc.). For me, this reason alone is prone to hiring error.

Should you wish to outsource or hire someone to manage your social media requirements, you should consider asking the following questions:

1. Are they certified? Doing this is not a hit and miss thing. Social Media is more than SEO. Search Engine Optimization is improving your visibility online. This will matter in the search at the beginning. This will give you an edge for your client to see you in the searches. In a time where we value more peer advice and inputs, Social Media will give us the edge. Only those who had prior experience and credentials can sincerely address and connect your target clients needs to you and your technical setups.

2. Are you hiring a Strategist + Specialist vs Specialist Only? It would be best to hire a Strategist + specialist at a price of one. Strategists will ask for your expected output and they will do the necessary steps to achieve it. Strategists are output and performance driven. With them on your team, you will have lesser time in managing them.

4. What is their main competency? SEO, SM or both? Some mistake SEO to Social Media  (SM) and vice versa. The truth is that SM is one of the component of a successful SEO/SEM Campaign. Do they know this? I know of a friend who is pretty active in using Facebook and Twitter just for fun. I doub’t if they have the skills to finally make use of SM in boosting traffic.

3. What is their proposed Social Media Plan? It would be best to ask the contractors and prospects to present their proposal in front of you and ask them questions. For sure, if they are serious “certified internet marketers” they know already how to address your concern. Just by merely checking your website, they can extract the necessary information that they will need to plot and implement. I know that best SEO and SM managers knows how to explain this in a pretty clear fashion. Afterall, this is the basics of all thing that they will be doing: Connect with the prospect clients. If  they can’t explain it to you well, then I doubt if they can do it for your target clients too. If they can do this, therefore, I suggest they are worth considering.

These are just some minor things that you need to look into before hiring any social media manager. Should you wish some help in choosing your Social Media Manager, please feel free to contact me.

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