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Ten Steps To Build Credibility Online

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Building Credibility OnlineI am adopting Brian Gosur‘s article to better relay the message from a certified internet marketing expert’s point of view. You may be from the Philippines, United States, Australia or Timbuktu, one fact remains the same. Offering professional services online will require you credibility.

What is credibility?

Credibility is openly defined by the as “The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief”. It is best described with integrity and honesty as both words creates the persona of credibility.

For me, this is the foundation of your online career. If you are not a credible persona in the web, you are nothing. That is why, if there is some thing that you should be working on for the next three months after learning the Eight Steps to Establish Your Internet Business, it would be building trust and confidence about you in the web.

Without much talk, take note of the TEN STEPS TO BUILD CREDIBILITY ONLINE:

1. Verify that the information on my site is accurate. What information are you giving to your readers? Is it true? Did you made the extra effort of verifying and confirming it? The mere act of passing an unconfirmed message may affect your online standing. You should always be conscious that you are spreading a legitimate message. If you are not sure, then its best to have a third party confirm it first before sharing it to your followers.

2. Show Everyone That You Are Real. This is the common mistake others make. They hide themselves in the clout of a pseudonym, unless it is part of their strategy. In a world where scam is 80% more than the real, people would love to see the real you, your real address, your office location and your lifestyle in your website or in the profiles you are showing online.
3. Be Affiliated with Trusted Experts. If you are working with a team of professionals, be sure to flaunt their accreditation. People value a third party affiliation especially if it is respected. As a common adage goes, “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.”

4. Be concern with whom you Associate and Document it.
Be careful with whom you associate yourself. You can show this to others through videos, social media profile status pictures and the likes. The more you tell everything you know and make it more natural to everyone, the more they will believe you. Keep videos, podcasts and images of your trainings and share it online. Let people see that the leadership and training of your organization is solid and true. Don’t be afraid to show the value of your group.

5. Put Your Contact Information. People had been hiding their contact information for fear of being stalked. As an online internet marketing expert or online professional, a clear and consistent contact information ( e-mail, phone number, or some other way to get in touch with you) will go a long way in establishing your persona. Leave trails where they can follow you.

6. Establish a Professional Looking Website. What image are you portraying? I am a certified internet marketing expert and I am flaunting it normally from the way I present my site, my profile and specially in my website. My website is my online portfolio, therefore I take extra effort in making it the best representation of who I am.

7.  Make your Site user-friendly. Think of your site and how you readers would love to use it. It should be always a work in progress. It should be a simple website they can simply use and relate to…
8. Update Your Website with Quality Content Often. Search engine gives high emphasis to quality and consistent content. Therefore, it is a must that you post content on schedule. But not just another content, it should be of quality.

9. Control your Ads in your website and be transparent. Your website is your alter ego online. Too much ad will kill your reputation. However, keeping your ads at 20% maximum is allowable for me.  Too much ads can kill your reputation. For me, quality content should always be the driving force in maintaining and keeping readers and followers.

10. Avoid Glaring Mistakes. Typographical errors is all natural. As long as you see it, correct it right there and then. However, I will warn you again about broken links. This will hurt your promotional plan. If you have plans of  repairing your site and taking it off, be sure that it will be up in no time. A simple e-mail to your followers informing them of the case will go a long way because they feel that you are valuing them.

Never pray for instant thousand followers, it will start to dwindle. It is best that you will start building your followers and audience by giving them quality content and keeping your integrity and honesty to your target readers. That is credibility is all about.

SEO – LinkBuilding Strategy – Blog Commenting

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This video will show you how to implement BLOG COMMENTING. Please click the Facebook “RECOMMEND” Button, the GOOGLE Plus Button above the video and the “PLAY” Button.

Blog Commenting is one of the known basic strategies for any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign.

Blog Commenting provides the following advantages  to your site:

(1) Back links – when you comment to a clients site you add your site to the registration box. Directly or indirectly, these link provides backlink to your site.

(2) Direct traffic – Commonly, sincere posts gets attention of the blog owner or the reader of the blog post themselves. When they visit your site, this becomes a viable traffic for you.

(3) Exposure to your target audience – When you comment blogs related to your niche or topic, you gave them a pathway to see who you are and what you think. The followers of the blog, where your posted approved comment, will also notice your opinion and view about the topic.

All in all, theese are also the other SEO Linkbuilding Techniques:

1. Blog Commenting
2. Forum Posting
3. Web Directory Submission
4. Social Bookmarking

These strategies are known to be Intermediate SEO Linkbuilding strategies:

1. Article Submission
2. Press Release Submission
3. Micro Blogging
4. Shared Content Site Posting

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